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Families covered: Holt of Brampton, Holt of Enfield, Holt of Holt, Holt (Newton) of Newton, Holt of Wimbaldesley
[We are not aware of any connection between the families shown below. They share the page for our convenience.]

Peter Holt, later of Brampton
m. Margery Hotot (dau/heir of John Hotot, son/heir of Sir John of Brampton)
1. Peter Holt
  m. Alice
  A. Sir John Holt (a 1387, justice of the Common Pleas)
  m. Alice
  i. Sir John Bolt (d 02.01.1418)
  a.+ issue - Hugh (d 01.05.1420), Richard (d 1428, clerk)
2. Margery Holt, heiress of Brampton, Rowell, etc. ("heir of Holt, Hotot, and Gifford")
  m. Simon de Norwich of Bringhurst (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)



BLG1862 reports that "The Holts of Tottenham and Enfield are a branch of the Holts of Grislehurst, Lancashire, where they have resided and possessed large landed property for centuries." It identifies their arms as "Arg., on a bend, engrailed, sa., three fleurs-de-lis, of the first".
John Holt 'of Enfield' (b c1759, d 1795, to Tottenham from Grantham, Lincolnshire)
m. Hannah Elizabeth Glover (dau of William Glover of Reigate by dau of Lord Santry)
1. William Holt of Enfield b c1761, d 1835)
  m1. Sarah Rose (d 1811, dau of J. Rose of London)
  A. William Holt of Enfield and Redbank had issue
  m1. _ Hamerton (dau of Charles Hamerton, alderman)
  m2. (sp?) Harriet (d 1828, widow of Thomas Browning of Enfield)
  B. George Palmer Holt (d 1837) had issue
  m. _ Wharton
  C. Joseph Holt had issue
  m. _ Humphries
  D. Henry Holt (b c1796, dsp 1826)
  E. Sarah Holt
  m. C. Harris
  m2. Jane Cock (dau of William Cock of Kendal)
2.+ 2 sons & 3 daughters



Richard de Cersun of Newton
1. Simon de Newton of Newton, Wimbaldsley & Sutton
  A. Richard de Newton or Holt of Holt (a 1247)
  i. John de Holt (a 1297)
  m. Emma de Hatton (a 1272)
  a. John de Holt of Newton, Sutton, Wimbaldesley & Curtisholme (d before 1317)
  m. Johanna (a 1317, m2. Thomas de Dunstaple)
  (1) Richard de Holt (a 1312, 1346)
  (A) William de Holt (a 1351, 1389)
  m. Johanna
  (i) William de Holt (d by 1423)
  m. Johanna (d by 1440)
  (a) Thomas de Holt (d by 1440)
  ((1)) Sir Edward Holt (a 1440)
((A)) William Holt, last (?) of Wimbaldesley (d by 1495)
  (2) Agnes de Holt
  m. John de Haselwell
  b. Christiana de Holt
  m. Richard de Croxton
  c+ other issue - William, Roger, Beatrix in Holme (m. ??), Mabell
  B. Matthew de Newton of Darnefort in Newton had issue
  C. Nicholas de Newton
  D. Alice de Newton
  m. William de Waverton
  E. Amicia de Newton
  m. Robert de Croxton

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