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Families covered: Hopkins of Llanfinhangel, Hopkins of London

MGH does not connect the following section to the main section below but we assume that the families were connected and indulge ourselves in showing the following not least because Llanfihangel and other places mentioned below are not far from where the site's proprietor lived at the time this page was created.
Howell Hopkin of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern (d c1600)
m. Cybell (m1. _ Howell)
1. John Howell
  A. Howell John Howell
2. Hopkyn Howell
3. Catherine Howell
  m. Hopkin Richards
  A. William Hopkyn Richards



?? Hopkin of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern, Monmouthshire
1. John Hopkin of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern (d before 16.10.1684)
  m. Elizabeth of Llangattock Vibon Avel (bur 09.02.697)
  A. Onias Hopkins of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern (bur 15.03.1722)
  m. Anne
  i. John Hopkins of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern (b 18.10.1685, d 09.11.1749)
  m. Mary Prichard (bur 23.01.1726, dau of William Prichard of the Graig)
  a. William Hopkins of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern (bpt 09.07.1714, dsp 18.04.1751)
  m. Elizabeth (b 1721-2, dsp 26.04.1812)
  b. Sir John Hopkins 'of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern', Lord Mayor of London (bpt 21.07.1716, d 14.10.1796)
  m. Anne Simkins (b 1727-8, d 05.09.1806, dau/heir of Charles Simkins of Avebury)
  (1) William Hopkins of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern & London (bpt 13.11.1751, bur 29.03.1833)
  m1. (10.07.1778) Mary Lewis (dau of RIchard Lewis of London)
  (A) John William Hopkins of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern (bpt 29.10.1782, bur 17.02.1852)
  m. (27.09.1843, sp) Hannah Heard (dau of William Heard, m2. _ McCoan)
  (B) David Hopkins (bur 03.02.1842, Vicar of Bucknell, 3rd son?) had issue
  m. (14.12.1824) Ann Cockell
  (C)+ other issue- Richard Lewis (b 1801-2?, bur 18.07.1825), Elizabeth (bpt 27.05.1778, bur 10.06.1863), Mary Anne (bpt 05.06.1779, bur 02.03.1859), Sarah (bpt 25.01.1781, bur 22.04.1857)
  m2. (sp) Mary Crowther (bur 16.02.1836, dau of Philip Wyatt Crowther)
  (2) Charles Hopkins (b 24.04.1761, dsp 20.02.1834)
  (3) Mary Anne Hopkins (b 22.09.1753, d 24.03.1801)
  m. (21.09.1771) Christopher Taddy of London (bur 30.01.1824)
  (4) Elizabeth Hopkins (b 24.08.1755, bur 27.04.1830)
  m. (19.06.1793) Joseph Bradney of Bradney & Ham (b 1738-9, bur 22.07.1817)
  (5) Amelia Hopkins (b 09.12.1757, dsp bur 14.03.1835)
  m. Thomas Hopkins of Newland @@ below
  c.+ other issue - James (bpt 02.06.1717), Thomas (bpt 06.12.1722, bur 16.07.1724), Richard (bpt 27.10.1723, bur 16.07.1724), David (bpt 27.11.1724)
  ii. Nicholas Hopkins of Llantillo Pertholy (b 03.01.1688, bur 05.05.1764)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS4 vol 5 (1914), 'Hopkins Family', p183+).
  m. Anne (b 1686-7, d 25.08.1777, possibly dau of Benet Delahay of Alle-yr-ynys)
  a. Nicholas Hopkins of Llantilio Pertholey (bpt 17.12.1727, bur 24.03.1765)
  m. Margaret
  (1)+ issue - David (bpt 31.05.1754, d unm), Margaret (bpt 04.12.1755), Anne (bpt 01.12.1757), Mary (bpt 23.10.1760)
  b. David Hopklins of Tre-Landon, Clodock (bpt 04.12.1730, d before 31.12.1795)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1808)
  (1) Elizabveth Hopkins
  m. David Gwillim of Longtown
  (2) Mary Hopkins
  m. Charles Williams of Abergavenny (cordwainer)
  (3) Ann Hopkins
  m. John Roberts of Ewyas Harold
  (4) Sarah Hopkins
  m. Dennis Cheese of Walterston
  (5) Rachel Hopkins
  m. Thomas Williams of Lanelly
  (6)+ other issue - John of London (bpt 21.02.1760, a 1796), David (b 1767-8, d unm 04.08.1793), Nicholas of London then Cwm-Bychell (a 1796), Margaret (b 1769, d 1770)
  c. Mary Hopkins (bpt 11.10.1720)
  m. _ Taylor
  d. Anne Hopkins (bpt 28.10.1722)
  m. Philip Price (b 1734-5, d 06.04.1786, Vicar of Walterston)
  e. Elizabeth Hopkins (bpt 16.11.1726)
  iii.+ other issue - David of Llangattock Llingoes (b 26.12.1692, bur 29.11.1771), Elizabeth (b 03.01.1689, bur 20.04.1713), Anne (bpt 29.12.1695, bur 05.09.1709)
  B. William Hopkins (b 07.06.1659, bur 04.11.1708, Rector of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern)
  m. (09.09.1692) Sarah Probyn (bpt 27.05.1672, bur 07.09.1710, dau of William Probyn of Newland, sister/coheir of Sir Edmund)
  i. John Hopkins, later Probyn of Newland (bpt 03.02.1703, bur 25.03.1773, of Lincoln's Inn)
  m. Ann Howell (b c1712, d 18.11.1784, dau/heir of John Howell of Lincoln's Inn)
  ii. William Hopkins of London (bpt 25.01.1704, d 12.04.1763, 3rd son)
  m1. Sarah Williams (b c1700, d 14.02.1749, dau of Walter Williams of Dingestow)
  a. Thomas Hopkins of Newland (b 28.11.1739)
  m. Amelia Hopkins (dap, dau of Sir John Hopkins) @@ above
  m2. (1753) Elizabeth
  iii.+ other issue - William (bpt 11.02.1695, bur 30.08.1698), Edmund (bpt 29.11.1706), Elizabeth (bpt 13.02.1693, d unm bur 09.03.1759), Mary (bpt 09.02.1697), Sarah (bpt 12.02.1699)
  C. John Hopkins of Llanfihangel Roggiet (d c05.1680)
  m. Anne
  D. Anne Hopkins
  m. Samuel Lewis (bur 20.02.1709)
  E. daughter
  m. Adam Thomas of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern (d before 26.04.1699)
  F. Rachel Hopkins
  m. James Powell of Llangattock Vibon Avel
  G.+ other issue - James, Elizabeth of Llantillo Crossenny (d unm bur 20.04.1713), Jane (d 18.05.1722)
2. Henry Hopkins (a 1684)

Main source(s): MGH (NS2, vol 3 (1890), 'Hopkins of Llanfinhangel Ystern Llewern, Monmouthshire', p260+)
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