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Families covered: Hunt of Barradon, Hunt of Lindon, Hunt of Longnor, Hunt of Stoke Daubeny

This page was reviewed on 24.03.20 using Earwalker's work. That led us to completely redo the upper section that had previously relied on Visitation (Rutland, 1618, 'Hunt'). That Visitation identifies the Nicholas who is shown below as m. Isabella Shephard as son (by Alice, dau of John Roos) of John le Hunt of Stoke (a 1367, brother of Turgitus who was father of Theobald by a dau of Sir John Wake) son (by a dau of John Bellers) of Henry (a 1317 & 1346, brother of William, rector of Ashley, who married a dau of Sir John Braybrook) son (by Alice, dau of John Vessy) of Turgitus (a 1327, brother of Thomas who married a dau of Sir Humfrey Stafford) son (by Mathildis, dau/heir of John Ridol of Ramesthorpe & Ashley) of Gilbert 'the Forester' of Stoke son of Sir Theobald of Stoke son of William of Stoke son of John son of Turgitus. Earwalker shows as follows.
Roger Le Venator (a temp John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Robert Le Venator
  A. Robert Le Venator (a 1279, 1298)
  i. William Venator aka Le Hunt or Hunt (a 1334)
  a. William Le Hunt or Hunt (a 1350)
  (1) William Hunt of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire (a 1378)
  (A) William Cartred-Hunt of Uttoxeter
  (i) Margaret Hunt (a 1423)
  m. John Myners of Uttoxeter
  B. Richard Le Venator
  i. Adam Venator aka Le Hunt or Hunt (a 1334)
  a. Thomas Le Hunt of Stoke Dawberry (Daubeny), Northamptonshire (a 1330)
  (1) Nicholas Le Hunt of Stoke Dawberry (Daubeny)
  This is the Nicholas for whom Visitation (Rutland, 1619) provides a very different ancestry. Visitation shows Nicholas as brother of Walter and father of William & Thomas by Joane, dau of John Hethersett. Earwalker identifies their mother as ...
  m. Isabella Shephard (dau of John Shephard of Wisharslow)
(A) William Hunt (dsp)
  (B) Thomas Hunt or Le Hunt (a 1430)
  Visitation shows that Thomas m1. Allice, dau of _ Hunte of Pipe, m2. _ Leigh, mother of John. Earwalker does not name any wife.
  m. _ Leigh?
  (i) John Hunt of Stoke Dawberry (Daubeny) (a 1462)
  Visitation identifies John's wife as Mawde, dau of Henry Dethick. Earwalker identifies her as ...
  m. Matilda Dedische (dau of Henry Dedische)
  (a) William Hunt (d 1486) - continued below
  m. Ann Scarborow (dau of John Scarborow)
  (C) Nicholas Hunt
  (i) Edmund Hunt ancestor of Hunts of Norfolk & Hunts in Ireland
  m. _ Potter (dau/heir of Joseph Potter)
  C. daughter
  m. John de Bramshall (son/heir of John)



William Hunt (d 1486) - continued above
m. Ann Scarborow (dau of John Scarborow)
1. Robert Hunt of Stokedaubeny (Stoke Daubeny) (d 1505)
  m. Bertingolda (Derverguld or Baringold) Digby (dau of Sir Everard Digby of Drystock)
  A. Thomas Hunt (a 1509)
  Earwalker shows some uncertainty on the next generation, querying if Thomas's elder son was named Richard and noting that the younger son George's wife (a Studley?) was not named in a registered pedigree. George is then shown as father of John, Richard and George. However, that Richard is shown in BLG1952 ('Hunt of Boreatton') as son of Thomas of Gouldstone (the first generation mentioned). Provisionally, we show that Thomas as a younger brother of (Richard and) George but note that there is uncertainty here.
  i. Richard (?) Hunt of Salop
  a. Richard Hunt of Longnor, Salop (a 1547)
  Earwalker notes that one source identifies Richard's wife as Aliceia Gardiner but confirms that she was ...
  m. Catherine Grosvenor (dau of Sir Thomas Grosvenor of East Boat)
  (1) Richard Hunt of Longnor (b c1559, a 1623)
  m. Margaret Buck of Lincolnshire (sister of Sir George Buck, Master of the Revells)
(A) Richard Hunt (b 1589, dvp 30.12.1623)
  m. Margaret Tucker (dau of _ Tucker by Mary Tucker of London)
  (i) Richard Hunt of Longnor (b 1614,a 1663, dsp)
  m. Jane Handford (dau of John Handford of Wollas Hall)
  (ii)+ other issue - James (d young), Edward (d young) - Elizabeth (b c1615, a 1623)
  (B) Anthony Hunt o'f Longnor' (b 1591, d 08.1663)
  m1. Dorothy Hanford (dau of John Hanford of Woolas (Woollas) Hall)
  (i) Edward Hunt of Morton, Shropshire (b 1623)
  m1. Mary Trevor (dau/coheir of Arthur Trevor of Pentre-Kindrick)
  (a)+ issue ("extinct in the reign of Queen Anne")
  m2. Margaret Kynaston (dau of Edward Kynaston of Okly)
  m2. Mary Kynaston (dau of Arthur Kynaston of Salop, widow of Francis Albany of Fern Hill)
  (C) John Hunt (d unm)
  (2) Alice Hunt
  m. _ Gardiner
  (3) Elizabeth Hunt
  m. Thomas Wilding
  (4) Jane Hunt
m. _ Ruffell (Russell?)
  (5)+ other issue - Edward of Longnor (a 1623), Thomas, Roger, John (d c1625)
  b. Roger Hunt 'of Longnor' of London (a temp Edward 6 who r. 1547-1553)
  (1) Elizabeth Hunt
  m. Robert Owen of Woodhouse
  (2)+ other issue - Anthony, Hunt
  ii. George Hunt
m. _ Studley?
  iii. Thomas Hunt of Gouldstone possibly of this generation
  m. Elizabeth or Anne Gouldstone (dau of Humphrey Gouldstone of Gouldstone)
  B. John Hunt of Stoke Daubeny & Lindon (Linden), Rutland (a 1585)
  m. Amie Cave (dau of Sir Thomas Cave of Stamford)
  i. Remige Hunt of Lindon (a 1585, 1618)
  m. Elizabeth Reynes (dau of Robert Reynes of Stamford)
  a. Thomas Hunt of Lindon (a 1618)
  m. Anne Hasellrigg (d 06.1634, dau of Edward Hasellrigg of Thedingworth)
  (1)+ issue - Edward, Thomas, John, Lucy
  b.+ other issue - Francis, John, Amye, Bridgett, Anne, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Mary
  ii. John Hunt of Newton (Leicestershire) & Gaydon (Staffordshire) (a 1585)
  m. Mary Lusher (dau of Nicholas Lusher of Sholand)
  a.+ issue - John (b c1583), Robert (b by 1585), Bryan
  iii. Thomas Hunt
  iv. Francis Hunt of Barradon, Rutland (d c1650)
  m. Dorothy Durant (dau of Rowland Durant of Barradon)
  a. John Hunt of Barradon (b c1584, d c1662)
  m1. Mary Wolseley (d c1655, dau of Thomas Wolseley of Wolseley)
  (1) Ellen Hunt
  m1. _ Smith
  m2. William Mason of London
(2) Dorothy Hunt
  m. Richard Herondine of Morcot
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - John, Richard
  m2. Elizabeth Wollaston (d c1681, dau of Richard Wollaston of Trescot)
  (5) William Hunt of Barrrowden (d c1678, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m. Anne Dale (dau of Charles Dale of Tixover)
  (A)+ issue (a 1681) - Winifred (b c1676), Mary (b c1677)
  (7) Catherine Hunt
  m. William Walter of Barroden
  (8) Elizabeth Hunt
  m. Andrew Campion of Wakerley
(9) Magdalen Hunt
  m. Richard Durmor of Barradon
  (10)+ other issue - Edward in Shropshire (b c1635, a 1681) , David of Barroden (b c1648, a 1681)
  b.+ other issue - Charles, Francis, Durant of Barradon (had issue), Thomas, Edward, James, Mary
  v. Susan Hunt
  m. Richard Francis of Tickenhall
  vi. Gertrude Hunt
  m1. Henry Sacheverell of Risby
  Visitation (Rutland, 1618) identifies Gertrude's 2nd husband as Thomas Lacy of Leicestershire but Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583) & Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Lany of Catfield) name him ...
  m2. Thomas Lany of Cratfield (b 1551)
  vii. Dorothy Hunt
  m. Sir Nicholas Lusher of Sherland or Shollande
  vii. Margaret Hunt
  m. Andrew Reynes of Daventhorpe and/or Barrowe (son of Robert)
  C. son ancestor of Hunts of Gayton, Staffordshire

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'The history of the church and parish of St. Mary-on-the-Hill' (J.P. Earwalker (edited by Rupert Morris, 1898), 'Hunt', p282)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Rutland, 1618, 'Hunt'), Visitation (Rutland, 1681-2, 'Hunt of Barowden'), Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583, 'Hunt of Gaydon') with just a little input from 'The history of the church and parish of St. Mary-on-the-Hill' (J.P. Earwalker (edited by Rupert Morris, 1898), 'Hunt', p283)
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