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Families covered: Jenkes of Wolverton

Elistan Glodred of Ferlexland (Ferlix)
1. Cadwgan
  A. Sisselt
  i. Llewelin
a. Phillip
  (1) David
  (A) Rees
  (i) John
  (a) Roger Cambray
  (b) William or Watkin Cambray of Stretton in-the-Dale
  m. Cicely (dau of Sir Walter Colling or Collins)
  ((1)) Mawde or Elllen Cambray
  m. (1383) John Leighton of Wattlesburgh
  (c) Jenkyn Cambray of Wolverton
  m. Dorothy (dau of Sir Walter Colling or Collins)
  ((1)) John Jenkes of Wolverton - continued below
  m. Alice Bowdler (dau of Stephen Bowdler)



John Jenkes of Wolverton - continued above
m. Alice Bowdler (dau of Stephen Bowdler)
1. Thomas Jenkes
  m. ?? Midleton (dau of John Midleton)
  A. John Jenkes
  i. Rowland Jenkes of Wolverton
m. Mary Moore (dau of Richard Moore (by dau of John Perkes or Perles), son of John Moore by Margery, dau of Richard Cambraye)
  a. John Jenkes of Wolverton
  m. Elizabeth or Jane/Joan Leighton (dau of Edward Leighton of Cotes)
  (1) Thomas Jenkes of Wolverton
m. Joyce Baldwyn (dau of John Baldwyn of Under Hayton)
  (A) George Jenkes of Wolverton
  m. Margaret Lutley (dau of Richard Lutley of family of Bromecroft)
  (i) Francis Jenkes of Wolverton (a 1592, 1623)
  m. Frances Westfalling (dau of Harbert Westfarling or Westfalling, Bishop of Hereford)
  (a)+ issue - Harbert, John, Anne
  (ii)+ other issue - Adam, Jasper, Robert, Thomas, Arthur, Ann
  (B) Elianor Jenkes
  m. Thomas Morton
  (C) Ann Jenkes
  m. Philipp Hall
  (D) Elizabeth Jenkes duplication with ## below?
  m. Edward Marston of Ascott
  (E) Angharat Jenkes
  m. _ Shaw of Braston
  (F) Mary Jenkes
m. John Maston or Marston of Braston
  (E) Edith Jenkes
  m. _ Shepard of Brocton
  (F) Katherin Jenkes
  m. Thomas Jenkyns of Aston
  (i) Thomas Jenkyns or Jenkes
  m. Katherine Moore (dau of Thomas Moore of Winsop)
  (ii)+ other issue - Margery, Elizabeth
  (G)+ other issue - Thomas, John (dsp)
  (2) William Jenkes
m. Elizabeth Adams (dau of William Adams of Clayton or Cleeton)
  (A) Francis Jenkes of Aston
  m. Ann Downes (dau of William Downes)
  (i) Arthur Jenkes
  m. Alice Moore (dau of Thomas Moore of Milichap)
  (a) Thomas Jenkes (b c1598, a 1623)
  m. Dorothy Couper of Litchford
  (b)+ other issue - Francis, John, Margaret, Ann
  (3) Elizabeth Jenkes duplicated with ## above?
  m. Edward Marston
  (4) Margaret Jenkes
  b. Thomas Jenkes
  (1) William Jenkes of Hatton
  (A) Richard Jenkes
  c. Richard Jenkes
  (1) Elizabeth Jenkes
  m. George Acton
  d. William Jenkes
  (1) William Jenkes
  e. Edward Jenkes
  (1) Joane Jenkes
  m. Thomas Hughes of Dudlesbury

Main source(s): Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Jenkes of Wolverton)
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