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Families covered: Johnstone of Johnstone

1. Gilbert (son of John) of Jonistune (a c1200) succeeded by ...
  A. Gilbert of Jonestone (a 1249)
  The succession through these early generations is not clear. Gilbert may or may not have been father or grandfather of ...
  i. Sir John of Johnstone (a 1296)
  ii. Gilbert of Johnstone (a 1296)
  a. ?? of Johnstone
  Gilbert may have been grandfather of ...
  (1) Sir John of Johnstone (d 1420) probably father of ...
  (A) Adam Johnstone of Johnstone and that ilk (d 1454-5)
  m1. ??
  (i) Sir John Johnstone of Johnstone and that ilk (a 02.1493)
  TSP reports that Sir John's wife "has not been satisfactorily ascertained" but BE1883 identifies her as Mary Maxwell, daughter of John 4th Lord. As there is a lack of identification of the spouses over the next few generations and TSP identifies Mary Maxwell as probable wife of one of them (a James) and as the Maxwell records indicate that Mary married a James Johnstone for whom the dates seem a better fit than this generation, we follow TSP and leave this laird's wife as unidentified.
  (a) James Johnstone (dvp before 13.09.1484)
  ((1)) John Johnstone (dsp)
((2)) Adam Johnstone of Johnstone and that ilk (d c08.1509)
  m1. ??
  m2. Marion Scott (a 03.1511)
  Not certain which wife was mother of ...
  ((A)) James Johnstone of Johnstone and that ilk (d 08.1524)
  m. Mary Maxwell (dau of John Maxwell, 4th Lord of Carlaverock)
  ((B)) William Johnstone (a 1519)
  (b) daughter
  m. Archibald Carruthers of Mouswald (d 1484)
  (c) Margaret Johnstone possibly of this generation
m. Sir Robert Hamilton of Fingalton & Preston (d 1489)
  m2/p. Janet Herries
  (d) John Johnstone of Wamphray
  ((1)) John Johnstone (dsp)
  m. (c1513) Katherine Boyle (dau of John Boyle of Wamfray and Risholme)
  m2. Janet Dunbar (probably dau of George Dunbar, 10th Earl of Dunbar)
  (ii) Matthew Johnstone of Pedinaine / Pettinain / Westraw (d 1491)
m. Elizabeth Graham (of Montrose family)
  (iii) Sir Gilbert Johnstone of Elphinstone ancestor of Johnstones of Elphinstone
  m. Agnes Elphinstone (dau of Alexander Elphinstone of that ilk)
  (iv)+ other issue - Patrick (a 1467), Archibald (a 1476), William of Upper Dryffe (d before 1481)
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  (vii) daughter (Elizabeth?)
  m. Andrew Blackadder of Blackadder
  b. Stephen de Johnston 'the Clerk' (a 1370, 1384) "said to have been a brother of the Laird of Johnston, in Annandale", possibly of this generation
  m. Margaret de Garviach (dau of Sir Andrew de Garviach of Caskieben)
  The undermentioned Ben Johnson is believed to descend from this family. How that descent was is not known so the following connection should be viewed as wholly speculative.
  c. ?? Johnston
  (1) ?? Johnston or Johnson
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (A) ?? Johnston or Johnson
  (i) ?? Johnston or Johnson
  The following comes from FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Sylvester', p140).
  (a) ?? Johnson of Annandale, later of Carlisle (a temp Henry VIII who r. 1509-1547)
((1)) ?? Johnson, later in Westminster (d 04.1572 (probably not 1574), cleric)
  m. _ Bickerstaff (dau of Sir Charles Bickerstaff, m2. "a bricklayer")
  ((A)) Sir Henry Johnson
  ((B)) Benjamin Johnson or Jonson (b c11.06.1572, d 06.08.1637, poet & playwright)
  Hunter identifies Benjamin as "poet laureate" but, whilst Wikipedia ("Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom") acknowedges that his provision of a pension may be viewed as giving him an informal status, the official position of Poet Laureate was not created until 1668 (for John Dryden). Some details on Benjamin are taken from Wikipedia ("Ben Jonson").
  m. (1594?) ?? (possibly Ann Lewis)
  ((i))+ issue - Benjamin (b c1596, d 1603), Benjamin (d 1635), Mary (b c05.1593, 11.1593)
  ((C)) daughter
  m. Joshua Sylvester (b 1563, d 28.09.1618)

Main source(s): TSP (Annandale), BE1883 (Johnstone of Annandale)
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