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Families covered: Kennedy of Balmaclanachan, Kennedy of Bellimore, Kennedy of Drummellane

John Kennedy of Balmaclanachan (a 1361)
1. ?? Kennedy
  A. ?? Kennedy
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? Kennedy
  a. ?? Kennedy
  (1) ?? Kennedy
  (A) Elizabeth Kennedy of Balmaclanachan (dsp before 16.06.1517)
  (2) Gilbert Kennedy of Balmaclanachan (d Faaside (Pinkie) 1547)
m. Elizabeth Blair
  (A) George Kennedy of Balmaclanachan, Glenmuck, Bellimore, etc. (a 1586)
  m. Janet Kenendy (dau of Patrick Kenendy of Bargalton & Camciscan)
  (i) Gilbert Kennedy of Balmaclanachan (a 1617)
m. Margaret Kennedy (dau of Gilbert Kennedy of Girvanmains)
  (a) son
  (b) David Kennedy of Balmaclanachan (a 1633)
  m. Janet Kennedy (d 1630, dau of David Kennedy in Maxwelston)
  ((1)) David Kennedy of Balmaclanachan (d 30.07.1689)
  m. (1653) Jean Hunter (dau of (Patrick) Hunter of Hunterston)
  ((A)) Robert Kennedy (last?) of Balmaclanachan (a 1722)
The following is supported by 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p259+).
  (ii) George Kennedy of Glenmuck & Bellimore (dsp before 1621)
  m. Elizabeth Muir (d 1621)
  (iii) Oliver Kennedy, later of Glenmuck & Bellimore
  m. Isabel Wallace
  (a) George Kennedy of Bellimore (a 1633, dsp)
  (b) David or John Kennedy of Bellimore
  m. Elizabeth Kennedy (dau of Hugh Kennedy, son of Hugh Kennedy of Girvanmains)
  ((1)) William Kennedy of Dangar
  ((2)) Janet Kennedy possibly of this generation
  m. Hugh Fergussone of Finnart



Fergus Kennedy of Drummellane (a 1415) succeeded by ...
1. Thomas Kennedy of Drummellane (a 1438, 1456) succeeded by ...
  A. Henry Kennedy of Drummellane (a 149, d by 1498)
i. Fergus Kennedy of Drummellane (a 1493, d before 1523)
  a. Patrick Kennedy of Drummellane (a 1519, 1539)
  (1) John Kennedy of Drummellane (a 1564)
  m. Marion Muir (sister of John Muir of Cauldwell)
  (A) Gilbert Kennedy of Drummellane (a 1590)
  (i) Alexander Kennedy of Drummellane (d 1616)
  m. Margaret Kennedy (d 1627)
  (a) Hew Kennedy of Drummellane (a 1647)
  ((1)) Quentin Kennedy of Drummellane (a 1689)
m. Jean Boyd of Pinkill
  ((A)) David Kennedy (a 1688, dvp)
  m1. Mary Kennedy (dau of the Laird of Kilhenzie)
  ((i)) Alexander Kennedy of Drummellane (b c1677, a 1724)
  m. Margaret Boyle (dau of James Boyle of Montgomerieston)
((a)) David Kennedy of Drummellane (a 1760, Captain)
  m. Primrose Kennedy (dau of Hew Kennedy of Bennane)
  (((1))) Quintin Kennedy ("who died abroad")
  (((2))) Primrose Kennedy of Drummellane (a 1775, Captain)
  m. Jacobina McIlraith (dau of William McIlraith of Balclaitchie & Dalreoch)
  (((A))) Quintin Kennedy of Drummellane, Provost of Ayr had issue
  m. Primrose Hamilton (cousin)
  (((B)))+ other issue - William, Helen, Primrose, Mary
  (((3))) Robina Kennedy
  m. ?? ("Laird of Kirkmichael")
  (((4))) Margaret Kennedy
  m. John Hamilton
  ((b)) James Kennedy
  ((c)) Janet Kennedy
m. (12.11.1734) William Paton (minister of Dailly)
  m2. Margaret Craufurd (dau of _ Craufurd of Kerse)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Quintin, Agnes
  ((B)) Dorothy Kennedy
  ((C)) Anna Kennedy
  m. (28.05.1687) James Craufurd of Newark
  ((D)) Janet Kennedy probably of this generation
m. (29.12.1671) William Cathcart of Genoch
  (b) Gilbert Kennedy (d 1621)
  m. _ Dalrymple (dau of John Dalrymple in Clagoche)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Kennedy
  (c)+ other issue - David, John (d 1620), James, Thomas, Quentin, Margaret, Janet
  partner unknown
  (j) Gilbert Kennedy
  (ii) Janet Kennedy
  m. (1582) David Whyteford
  (iii)+ other issue including David of Liffinony (dvp), Isabel
  (B) Walter Kennedy (a 1564)
  (2) James Kennedy

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (most first uploaded to a temporary page on 13.05.20, reviewed & moved here the next day) : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p385) with input/support as reported above
(2) For lower section : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p387+)
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