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Families covered: Kenrick of Bewdley, Kenwrick of King's Sutton, Kenrick of Wrexham

We are not aware of any connection between the families shown below. They share the page for our convenience.
John (possibly Edward?) Kenrick of Wrexham (minister)
m. _ Hamilton (dau of Rev. Archibald Hamilton of Kaustoffen (Scotland) (by dau of Capt. Wynne of Wynn Hall), widow of _ Taylor of Ruabon)
1. John Kenrick of Wynn Hall in Ruabon, Denbighshire
  m. _ Quarrel of Llanfyllan
  A. John Kenrick of Wrexham
  m. Sarah Savage (dau of Samuel Savage)
  The following comes from FMG (vol 1, MS155, 'Savage-Keay', p362).
  i. Martha Kenrick
  m. George Lewis of Wrexham (surgeon)
  ii.+ other issue - Samuel, William, Edward, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Lydia
  ix.+ other issue (d unm) - John, Richard, Dorothy, Anne
B. Timothy Kenrick of Exeter (b 26.01.1759, d 22.08.1804, minister, 3rd son)
  m1. Mary Waymouth (d 1794, dau of John Waymouth of Exeter by dau/heir of Rev. George Brett of Liskard)
  i. John Kenrick of York (b 1788, a 1824, minister)
  m. (13.08.1821) Letitia Wellbeloved (dau of Charles Wellbeloved of York)
  ii. George Kenrick of Maidstone then Hull then Clifton (a 1836, minister of Hampstead) had issue (1 dau)
  m1. Mary Hodgson (dau of Richard Hodgson of Doncaster)
  m2. (11.10.1822, sp) Margaret Bowring (d 09.1824, dau of Charles Bowring of Exeter)
  m3. (05.1848, sp) _ Walters
  iii. Samuel Kenrick of Birmingham (dsp?)
  m. Mary Anne Kenrick (dau of Archibald Kenrick) @@ below
  iv. Lucy Kenrick
  m. (1831) Timothy Smith of Ickneild House
  v. Mary Kenrick
  m. Thomas Reid of London
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Belsham (dau of Rev. James Belsham)
  C. Archibald Kenrick
  m1. Rebecca Smith of Hayhall
  i. Archibald Kenrick of West Bromwich (ironmonger)
  m. Ann Paget of Leicester
  ii. George Kenrick of Vartig, Monmouthshire (d 12.1848)
  m1. Eliza Bowman (dau of J.E. Bowman)
m2. (c09.1848) _ Stevenson
  iii. Timothy Kenrick of West Bromwich
  m. (02.1837) _ Paget (dau of Thomas Paget of Fryers Causeway)
  iv. Rebecca Kenrick
  v. Mary Anne Kenrick
  m. Samuel Kenrick (cousin) @@ above
  m2. (sp) Mary Eddowes (dau of Joshua Eddowes of Shrewsbury)
  D. Sarah Kenrick
  m. Ralph Eddowes of Chester & Philadelphia
  E. Martha Kenrick
  m. James Parry of Liverpool
  F.+ other issue (d unm) - James of Wrexham, Mary
2. Samuel Kenrick of Bewdley (banker)
  m. _ Smith (dau of Rev. _ Smith of Mayboll)
  A. Mary Kenrick (d unm)
3. Edward Kenrick of Bewdley (tobacconist, younger son?)
  A. daughter
  m. _ Hickman of Berkshire
  B. daughter
  m. _ Hayward of London
4.+ other issue - Archibald of Wrexham (surgeon), William (d unm), dau (d unm)



Robert Kenwrick of Eccleston House, Lancashire
m. Ellen Hide (dau of Robert Hide of Urmeston)
1. Robert Kenwrick of King's Sutton, Northamptonshire (d 20.02.1616-7)
  m. Elizabeth Hales (dau of William (not John) Hales of Tenterden, sister of Sir Edward of Woodchurch, Bart)
  A. Richard Kenwrick (bpt 10.08.1601, bur 18.06.1674)
  m. Ursula Hunt (bur 28.10.1669, dau of Raphael Hunt of Stoke Green)
  Visitation shows that Richard & Ursula had many children, spread over many years, with only a few children shown as children of their son Robert. Because of this, and because of the duplication of names, it appears that he showed several children as siblings rather than as children of the following Robert. We have presumed to separate them as follows although there is some uncertainty on some of them.
  i. Robert Kenwrick of King's Sutton (bpt 10.10.1629, d 05.10.1689)
  m. Elizabeth Tounshend (bur 28.11.1694, dau/coheir of George Tounshend of London)
  a. George Kenwrick (b 14.05.1658, d 03.06.1716, 2nd son?)
m. Hannah (bur 25.03.1714)
  (1) George Kenwrick, last of Surron (bur 13.08.1736)
  m. Elizabeth Paynton (b c1707, d 25.10.1770, dau of Shreeve Paynton of Banbury, m2. John Botry of Marston St. Lawrence (d 23.12.1728), m3. Joseph Sharrock (b 1709-10, d 31.07.1773)) ## see here ##
  (A) Elizabeth Kenwrick (bpt 03.11.1733)
  m. Corbett Whitton
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 28.08.1732, d 11.01.1765), Hannah (bpt 08.09.1735, bur 12.09.1735)
  (2) Katharine Kenwrick
  m. (28.05.1735) John Jennings
  (3) Elizabeth Kenwrick (bpt 02.05.1695)
  m. John Lovell of Sutton
  (4)+ other issue - Robert (d unm 04.03.1734-5), William (bur 24.06.1672), Hannah (bpt 29.06.1697, bur 23.11.1711), Ursula
  b. Robert Kenwrick (bpt 08.01.1660-1, a 1681, 3rd son)
  m. (10.12.1685) Elizabeth Bruce
  c. John Kenwrick (bpt 28.02.1670-1, bur 10.11.1727, 6th son)
  m. (03.12.1698) Milicent Bradock of Daventry (bur 21.04.1723)
  (1) Sarah Kenwrick (bpt 22.11.1700)
  m. (01.10.1724) John Wood of Daventry
  (2)+ other issue - Edward (bpt 03.07.1710), Richard (bpt 09.01.1717-8, bur 23.02.1723-4), Elizabeth (bpt 26.05.1713, bur 23.10.1714?), Elizabeth (bpt 13.08.1715)
  d. Sarah Kenwrick (b 24.07.1654, d 13.01.1707-8)
  m. George Dalby of Sandford
  e. Catherine Kenwrick (bpt 15.08.1666)
  m. (02.12.1690) Robert Cookes of Evesham (b c1668)
  f.+ issue - Charles (b 12.07.1653, bur 23.08.1653), Richard (bpt 18.09.1659, bur 29.12.1681), Edward (bpt 17.09.1663, a 1681), Thomas (bpt 30.12.1664, a 1681), William (bpt 31.10.1669), Alexander (bpt 03.12.1672), Raphael (bpt 02.07.1662, bur 18.11.1662), Elizabeth (bpt 08.01.1660-1?), Penelope (bpt 30.10.1655), Ursula (b 16.02.1656-7), Elizabeth (b 05.04.1668, bur 18.08.1681), Elizabeth (bpt 08.01.1660-1, bur 26.02.1660-1)
  ii. Raphael Kenwrick of London (bpt 06.05.1632, dsp)
  m. Anne Wright of Norfolk
  iii.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 03.10.1634, d unm), Sarah (bur 29.06.1645), Elizabeth (bpt 19.06.1636, bur 27.07.1642), Ursula (bpt 30.01.1638-9, bur 01.07.1645), Hannah (bpt 17.01.1640-1, bur 15.07.1645)
B. William Kenwrick of Boughton Blease (bpt 27.11.1614, a 1663, 7th son)
  The following comes from CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p457).
  m1. Anne Wilkinson (dau of John Wilkinson of Denham)
  i. William Kenwrick
  m2. Martha Hemden (dau/heir of Stephen Hamden of Rochester, widow of Samuel Hales of Davington)
  ii. William Kenwrick
  iii. Elizabeth Kenwrick
  m. _ Grantham (Captain)
iv. Ann Kenwrick
  m. (1674) Henry Aldersey of Maidstone & Biddenden (b 1650)
  C. Elizabeth Kenwrick
  m. _ Warcup of Yorkshire
  D. Mary Kenwrick (bpt 20.02/3.1602-3)
  m. William Withers of London
  E. Catherine Kenwrick (bpt 10.10.1605)
  m. (02.08.1643) John Ward (son of the serjeant-at-law)
  F. Ellen Kenwrick (bpt 01.10.1606)
  m. Richard Kent of Brackley
  G. Mercy Kenwrick (bpt 20.10.1610)
  m. Stephen Grey (Gey) of London
  H.+ other issue - Robert of Burton Dasset in Warwickshire (bpt 02.1603-4, had issue), John (bpt 28.02.1607-8, d young), Edward of London (bpt 27.06.1612, dsp), Beotius (bpt 11.08.1613), John (bpt 03.11.1616, bur 24.01.1616-7), Anne (bpt 08.10.1609, d young)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 23.01.16) : FMG (vol 1, MS86-87, 'Kenrick', p185+)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 31.03.17) : Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681 with additions, 'Kenwrick of King's Sutton)
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