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Families covered: Kinnaird of Culbin, Kinnaird of Glenlatroch, Kinnaird of Salterhill

We must confess that we have not yet delved into all of the depths of the family web site identified below and so may have missed some information therein which might help clear up some of the confusion referred to below regarding the marriages & children of the Walter who d 1673. It is also possible that, where one of the lairds (other than that Walter) married more than once, the site may suggest (somewhere) that the attribution of chidren differs from the attribution shown in the family tree followed by us on this page.
Walter Kinnaird of Culbin (a 1540)
m1. Marjory Dunbar
m2. Margaret Murray
1. Alexander Kinnaird of Culbin (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  m. Barbara Tulloch
A. Walter Kinnaird of Culbin (b 1546, d c1625)
  m. (1571) Elizabeth Innes (d c1630)
  i. Alexander Kinnaird of Culbin (b c1573, d 1630)
  m. Anna Dunbar
  a. Walter Kinnaird of Culbin (d 24.10.1673)
  The family web site identified as a Main Source for this page includes some contradictions as to the attribution of Walter's children children between his wives. Having tried to be consistent having regard to the reported marriage & birth dates, we suspect that this is because Walter is reported to have married twice again before his 2nd wife died. We suggest that at least some of those dates should be viewed with caution and consider it not unlikely that at least one of his 4 reported marriages may in fact have been informal liaisons.
  m1. (14.04.1626) Magdalen Dunbar
  m2. (20.08.1629) Grizelle Brodie (d c1640 ??)
  (1) Thomas Kinnaird of Culbin (b 1630, d 13.07.1687)
  m. (02.05.1653) Anna Elphinstone (a 1682)
  (A) Alexander Kinnaird of Culbin (b 04.1655, d c1698)
  m1. (25.09.1677) Anna Rose or Ross of Clava
(i) Elizabeth Kinnaird (b 19.08.1684)
  m. (12.11.17006) Hugh Rose
  (a) Jean Rose
  m. George Watson
  ((1)) James Watson
  m. Isabella Ramsay
  ((A)) Hugh Watson (b 1789)
  (ii)+ other issue - William (d c1698 in Darien), Alexander (b 30.09.1680, d c1743), Robert (b 15.12.1685, d c1698 in Darien), Anna (b/d 1683)
  m2. (16947) Mary Forbes (a 1723, widow of Hugh Rose)
  (vi)+ other issue - Thomas (b 17.10.1695, d 1746), Alexander (b c1697, d c1743)
  (B) Margaret Kinnaird (d 1680)
  (C) Jean Kinnaird
  m. (27.11.1681) John Clunes
  (D) Helen Kinnaird
  m. (1685) David Cumming
  (2) John Kinnaird of Montcoffer (b c1633, d c1669)
  m1. (01.12.1650) Margaret Key
  m2. (17.01.1664) Violet Abercrombie (b c1646, d c1676)
  (A) Walter Kinnaird of Montcoffer (b 24.03.1667, 2nd son)
  m. (30.08.1697) Agnes Forbes
  (i) Roderick Kinnaird
  m1. (20.04.1732) Mary Noughton
  m2. (1748) Margaret Roy
  (B) Helen Kinnaird (b 10.04.1666)
  m. (08.08.1685) Robert Cumming
  (C)+ other issue - Alexander (b 16.02.1665), John (b 1668, d 1684)
  (3) James Kinnaird
  (4) Jean Kinnaird
  m. (14.11.1652) John Rose of Braidley
  (5) Bessie Kinnaird (d 1687)
  m. (1673) Thomas Tulloch of Logie
  m3. (1632?) Marjorie Erskine
  m4. (11.1634?) Helen Forbes (a 1682)
  (6) Isabella Kinnaird (b c1640, a 1708)
  m. Walter Innes of Blackhills
  (7)+ other issue - Martha/Margaret (b 05.01.1635, d 1635), Helen (b 27.03.1639, d 09.06.1639)
  ii. James Kinnaird of Whitewreath
  m. (1604) Jean Harvie
  a. Walter Kinnaird
  iii. Walter Kinnaird of Rait
  m. Agnes McIntosh
  a. James Kinnaird
  iv. William Kinnaird of Cassieford
  m. (1642) Margaret Spens
  partner unknown
  a. Roger Kinnaird
  v. Thomas Kinnaird
  vi. John Kinnaird of Hemspriggs (d c1647)
  m. Jean Falconer
  a. Jean Kinnaird
  m. (1655) Alexander Innes
  b.+ other issue
  vii. Janet Kinnaird
  m. William Dunbar of Braco
2. Patrick Kinnaird of Little Drainie or Salterhill (d 1577, 2nd son)
  m1. Elizabeth Gordon
  m2. Elizabeth Innes
  A. John Kinnaird of Salterhill
  m. Jean Innes
  i. Patrick Kinnaird of Glenlatroch & Wester Alves
  m1. Kate Grant
  m2. Ursula Tulloch
  a. Robert Kinnaird of Glenlatroch
  m. Annas Innes
  ii. Isobel Kinnaird
  m. (1602) Alexander Dunbar
3.+ other issue - George of Laik (d 1567), James

Main source(s): the family web site at www.kinnaird.net (which may be helpful to anyone searching Kinnaird families), in particular the tree identified as being taken from "The Culbin Sands - Fact and Ficton" by Sinclair Ros
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