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Families covered: O'Mahony Mergagh of Desmond, O'Mahony of Kinealmeaky

BLGI1912 reports that "It appears from old Irish records and from MSS, that (the following) KEAN, 12th Lord of Kinealmeaky in direct descent, and also of Iniskean, so called from him, (was) 24th in direct descent from Olioll Olum, King of Munster in the 3rd century". O'Hart provides alternative ancestries back to such ancient & mythical times which we hope to show in due course. For the moment we start with the first mentioned by BLGI1912 who was the following Kean.
[To facilitate future work on earlier generations, we note that O'Hart provides 3 different overlapping pedigrees for the O'Mahony family. #1 connects back to earlier pedigrees and after a few generations shows Felim with generations then down to Braon father of Cian father of Mathghabhuin (a 1014) father of Broadceann who "first assumed the sirname" (sic). #2 starts with that Felim and provides a slightly different descent to Mathghabhuin son of Cian son of Maolmoradh son of Bran. #3 starts with Maolmoradh (a 1014, '"King of Munster in 965") son of Bran and father of Cian father (by "Sadhbh, dau. of Brian Boroimhe by his third wife, Gormliath") of Mahon "a quo O'Mahony".]
Kean of Kinealmeaky & Iniskean (d Clontarf 1014)
m. Sabha (dau of Brian Boroimhe, King of Munster)
1. Mahony (Mahon, Mathghabhuin or Maolmoradh) of Kinealmeaky (a 1014, "from whom this family derive their name of O'Mahony")
  A. Brodchon (Brodceann) O'Mahony of Kinealmeaky
  (1) BLGI1912 moves from Brodchon to the undermentioned Dermod 'More', identified as 8th in descent from this Brodchon.
(2) BIFR1976 reports that "The Mahonys claim descent from Mahony, Lord of Kinealmeaky, whose son Brodchon O'Mahony "was the first to bear the surname". BIFR1976 then starts its pedigree with Dermod O'Mahony (a 1231, father of Dermod More), identifying the father Dermod as "believed to be 7th in descent from Brodchon O'Mahony. BIFR1976 therefore supports BLG1912 but adds one extra generation before Dermod More.
(3) The next few generations come from O'Hart with differences between the 3 pedigrees being highlighted. We show them in italics to support the suggestion that they be viewed with caution.
  i. Cumara reported by O'Hart #1 + #2, omitted by #3
  a. Donoch reported by O'Hart #1 + #2
  Possibly the Dermod, brother of Donough of Muscry, given by O'Hart #3.
  (1) Cian reported by O'Hart #1 + #2, possibly the Conor given by #3?
  (A) Donoch reported by O'Hart #1 + #2
Possibly the Dermod (a 1311), husband of a dau of Donal Caomb MacCarthy Reagh, given by O'Hart #3.
  (i) Dermod reported by O'Hart #1 + #2
  Possibly the Donogh of Iveagh given by #3, with generations switched?
  (a) Teige generation omitted by O'Hart #1, given by O'Hart #2
  ((1)) Dermod O'Mahony of Ive-Each, Corberry (a 1321?) the first named by BIFR1976
  O'Hart #1 shows the father of Dermod Mor in #1 as Donoch son of Teige; in #2 as Donoch of Rathdreon son of Teige, and in #3 as Conor, son of Donogh of Iveagh.
  ((A)) Dermod 'Mor' O'Mahony of Kinealmeaky & Rathlean the first of the continuous pedigree given by BLGI1912
  ((i)) Finin (Finghin or Florence) O'Mahony
  ((ii)) Donnell O'Mahony of Ross Broin
  ((iii)) Dermod (Dermot) O'Mahony in Desmond (a 1335, 3rd son) - continued below
  ((B)) Teigh brother of Dermod Mor, mentioned by O'Hart #2
  (b) Maccraith brother of Teige, mentioned by O'Hart #2



Dermod (Dermot) O'Mahony in Desmond (a 1335) - continued above
1. John (Sean or Shane) O'Mahony Mergagh (a 1384)
  m. Shela (dau of Aodh (Hugh) O'Connell, Chief of that name)
  A. Dermod O'Mahony Mergagh of Desmond (a 1442)
  m. Sabina O'Sullivan (dau of O'Sullivan Mor of Dunkerron by Margaret, dau of Finin McCarthy)
  i. Conor O'Mahony Mergagh of Desmond (a 1477)
  m. Mary O'Donoghue (dau of Geoffrey O'Donoghue of Glenflesk by Elinor, dau of Donald McCarthy)
  a. Tiegue O'Mahony Mergagh of Desmond (a 1536)
  m. Honora (dau of Dermod O'Sullivan Beare of Dunboy by Eleanor Fitzgerald, dau of Gerald, 8th Earl of Kildare)
  (1) Sean Mahony of Dunloe Castle, Killarney, co. Kerry
  (2) Fineen (or Finin) Mahony, Sheriff of co. Desmond (a 1565, 5th son)
  m. Bridget O'Donoghue (dau of Geoffrey O'Donoghue)
  (3) Donogh Mahony (7th or 8th son)
  (4)+ other issue - Dermod, Conor, Donal (had issue), Maolmuadh, Eoghan

Main source(s): BIFR1976 ('Mahony') with input/support from BLGI1912 ('Mahony of Kilmorna') and as reported above from 'Irish Pedigrees' (John O'Hart, 5th edition, vol 1 (1892), p233+)
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