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Families covered: O'Mahony (various early)

As noted on the continuation page, O'Hart provides 3 different overlapping pedigrees for the O'Mahony family. The following comes from the 3rd pedigree.
Finin (Finghin or Florence) O'Mahony (a c1335?)
1. Donal O'Mahony
  A. Dermod Ronsaghe O'Mahony
  i. Finin O'Mahony
  a. Donal O'Mahony
  (1) Dermod O'Mahony
  (A) Finin O'Mahony of Rosbrin
  m. ?? (dau of O'Donoghue Mor)
  (i) Donal O'Mahony
  (a) Conor O'Mahony
  Contradictory punctuation, numbering & phraseology make it unclear whether Conor was father of Donal father of Teige or brother of Donal & Teige or brother of Donal who was father of Teige.
  (ii) daughter
  m. Conor MacCormac O'Driscoll
  (B) Conor Kittog O'Mahony of Ardinterran
  m. _ O'Dowd
  (i) Conor Fionn O'Mahony (d 1513)
  m. Ellen (base dau of Donal MacFinin MacCarthy Reagh)
  (a) Connor Fionn Oge O'Mahony
  m. Ellen O'Mahony (dau of _ O'Mahony of Carbery)
  ((1)) Connor O'Mahony (a 1583) ancestor of the O'Mahony's Fionn
  O'Hart reports that this branch of the O'Mahonys possesed many lands though some of them were later dispossessed.
  ((2)) daughter
  p. Sir Eoghan O'Sullivan
  ((3))+ other issue - Dermond, Maurice, Finin
  (b) Dermond O'Mahony (dsp)
  (c) Finin O'Mahony of Crogan
  ((1)) Donal O'Mahony (a 1600)
  (d) Donal Bhade O'Mahony
  m. _ O'Mahony (dau of _ O'Mahony of Carbery)
  ((1)) Conor Bhade O'Mahony
  m1._ O'Mahony (dau of _ O'Mahony of Carbery)
  ((A)) Conor O'Mahony
  m2. _ MacSwiney (dau of Edmond MacSwiney)
  (e) Joanna O'Mahony
  m1. Conor MacFinin O'Driscoll
  m2. O'Mahony Dubh of Carbery
  (ii) Finin Caol O'Mahony
  (a) Donal O'Mahony
  ((1)) Conor O'Mahony
  (iii) David O'Mahony
  (a) Conor O'Mahony
  ((1)) Finin O'Mahony
  (iv) Dermod O'Mahony
  (v) daughter
  m. Owen (son of Maolmuire MacSwiney)
  (C) Donogh Mor O'Mahony of Dunmanus
  (i) Teige O'Mahony
  (a) Donogh O'Mahony
  ((1)) Donal O'Mahony
  (D) Donal O'Mahony of Dunbeacon "whose issue has been extinct" (sic)
  ii. Maolmoradh O'Mahony

Main source(s): 'Irish Pedigrees' (John O'Hart, 5th edition, vol 1 (1892), p235+)
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