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Families covered: Marett (Maret) of La Haule

'Armorial' (p275) reports that "This family is probably of Norman, certainly of French, origin, and is not, as is sometimes supposed, a branch of the English family of Marriott, although the name and arms of both are somewhat analogous. It has been settled in (Jersey) from a very remote period; for, in 1295 ..." . 'Armorial' (p275) starts with Martin probably father of Richard probably father of Laurens. BLG1952 is more certain with the relationships and starts a generation earlier, indicating that the family had been researched further after 1859.
Leonard Maret
m. Perronelle Herault (dau of John Herault)
1. Martin Maret (b 1460)
  A. Richard Maret of S. John (a 1544, fouageur)
  i. Laurens Maret (b c1540)
  m. Pauline Hamon (dau of Peter Hamon)
  a. Peter Maret
  (1) John Maret
  m. (1612) Jane Gruchy (dau of Francis Gruchy of S. Trinity)
  (A) Francis Maret
  (i) Peter Maret
  (B)+ other issue - John, Luke, son
  b. Vincent Maret of S. Martin (deacon of S. John)
  m. Servaise Romeril (dau/heir of Clement Romeril)
  (1) Elias Maret (b 1594, d 1665, deacon of S. Martin)
  m. Mary Horman
  (A) Vincent Maret (b 1614)
m. Katherine Bree
  (i)+ issue - Elias, John, Vincent, Philip, Augustin, Elias, Peter, Catherine
  (B) Elias Maret (b 1621 or 1624)
  m. Susan Dumaresq (dau/heir of Elias Dumaresq of La Haule)
(i) Peter Maret of La Haule (b 1647)
  m. Margaret La Cloche (dau of John La CLoche (jurat))
  (a) Edward Marett of La Haule (jurat, 2nd son)
m. Mary Lempriere (dau of John Lempriere)
  ((1)) Philip Marett of La Haule (b 1744, 2nd son)
  m. Ann Valpy-dit-Janvrin (dau of Brelade Valpy-dit-Janvrin)
  ((A)) Philip Marett of La Haule (b 1798, Colonel RJM) had issue
  m. Mary Janvrin (dau of John Janvrin)
  ((B)) Ann Marett
  m. Daniel Janvrin
  ((2)) Ann Marett
  m. _ De Gruchy
  ((3))+ other issue - Edward (d young), Elizabeth, Esther, Mary
  (b) Douce Marett
  m. Benjamin Marett @@ below
(c)+ other issue - Peter, Philip (a 1759, to Boston, Massachusetts), John Theophilus, Margaret, Ann, Susan
  (ii) George Maret
  m. Jane Cotibi
  (a) Peter Marett of Grouville
  m. (1710) Elizabeth Payn (dau of John Payn) ## see here ##
  ((1)) Peter Marett (b 1711, d 1764, denunciator)
  m. Elizabeth (granddau of Daniel Messervy (advocate))
  ((A)) Francis Marett (d young)
  ((B)) Mary Marett (d 1784)
  m. John Williams (Dr.)
  ((2))+ other issue - George (b 1714, d toung), Philip (b 1718), George (b 1728), Elizabeh (b 1723)
  (b) George Marett
  m. Rachel Poingdestre
((1)) Jane Marett
  m. John Alexandre
  (c) Benjamin Marett (dsp)
  m. Douce Marett (dasu of Peter Marett) @@ above
  (iii) Philip Marett (d c1729)
  m. Jane De Carteret (dau of Francis De Carteret of Vincheles de Haut)
(a) Francis Marett (b 1697, d 1762)
  m. Ann Tapin (dau of Daniel Tapin, niece of John Seale of Samares)
  ((1)) Philip Marett 'of Avranche' (b 1744, d 1791, 4th son)
  m1. Mary Mauger (dau of Peter Mauger (senior))
  ((A)) Philip Marett (b 1773) had issue
  m. Ann (sb Mary?) Mauger (dau/heir of Peter Mauger (jurat))
  ((B)) Francis Marett (b 1776, Deputy Vicomte of Jersey) had issue
  m. Jane Bonton
  ((C)) Peter Daniel Marett (b 1778, d 1838, Major) had issue
  m1. Frances Adams Forbes
m2. Mary Ann Pipon (d 1851, dau/coheir of Thomas Pipon (jurat, Lt. Bailly of Jersey))
  ((D)) Mary Marett (b 1771)
  m. John Winter (b 1810!, d 1852)
  ((E))+ other issue - Daniel (b 1779, had issue in Newfoundland), George, Ann
  m2. Jane De Carteret Remon (dau of Edward Remon)
  ((H)) Edward Marett (b 1784, 'Colonel RJM') had issue
m. Mary Bertram (sister of Admiral Charles Bertram)
  ((I)) Jane Marett
  ((2)) Jane Elizabeth Marett
  m. Charles Hilgrove
  ((3)) Ann Marett
  m. Philip Payn
  ((4)) Mary Marett
  m. Peter Mauger (jurat)
  ((5))+ other issue - Francis, Philip, John Francis, Daniel
(b)+ other issue - Jane, Mary, Sarah
  (iv) Edward Maret (d 1730)
  m. Elizabeth Seale (dau of John Seale)
  (a) Amice Marrett (jurat)
  m. Margaret Le Gallais
  ((1)) Jane Marett
  m. Thomas Le Breton of La Hague
  ((2)) Margaret Marett
  m. William Patriarche
(b)+ other issue - Peter, John, Edward
  (C) Servaise Maret
  m. Thomas Le Caumais
  (D) Pauline Maret
  m. John Perchard of La Vallee
  (E) Mary Maret
  m. John Perchard of La Ville Bree
  (2)+ other issu - Laurens, Sara
  c. Thomasse Maret
  m. John Le Breton
  d. Andria Maret
  m. Collas Hamon

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Marett; Branches of S. Helier, La Haule and Avranche', p275+), BLG1952 ('Marett of La Halle')
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