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Families covered: Marsh of Dorking, Marshe of Dunstable, Marshe of Leighton Buzzard, Marsh of Wigan

Cockayne starts with Peter, brother of Roger, whom we show as sons of ...
(John?) Marsh of Wigan
1. Peter Marsh of Wigan, Lancashire (d before 12.04.1604, alderman)
  m. (before 1580) Ellen (bur 03.01.1606/7, dau of Peter Marsh of Wigan)
  A. Roger Marsh of London (b by 1580?, d before 06.11.1646)
  m. (by 1620) ??
  i. Lawrence Marsh of Highgate (Middlesex) then Dorking, Surrey (b 06.08.1620, bur 14.07.1665)
  m1. (02.02.1647/8) Anne Johns (dsps)
  m2. (28.03.1655) Elizabeth Colborne (bur 29.11.1671, dau of James Colborne of Brentwood, sister of Rev. William of Navendon)
a. Lawrence Marsh of Dorking (d unm bur 23.04.1710)
  b. John Marsh of London (bpt 03.01.1658/9, d 03.12.1730, 3rd son)
  m. (12.11.1683) Mary Hascall (a 1731, dau of William Hascall or Haskoll of Salisbury by Joane)
  (1) Thomas Marsh of London (bpt 12.11.1702, bur 11.02.1747/8, youngest son)
  m. (06.03.1728/9) Martha Gerard (b 20.10.1707, d 19.02.1773, dau/heir of John Gerard of London by Martha, dau of Charles Cracroft of Louth, sister of Thomas)
  (A) Martha Marsh (b 06.06.1741, d 19.02.1795)
  m. (18.08.1761) Patience Thomas Adams of Bushey Grove (b 17.08.1736, d 02.05.1793, son of James of New Jenkins by Mary, sister of Ralph de Laol Spicer of New Jenkins)
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas (b 30.03.1733, d before 28.12.1742), John (b 12.01.1737/8, bur 26.12.1742), Martha (b 03.02.1729/30, d before 28.12.1742)
  (2) Elizabeth Marsh (bpt 13.10.1686, bur 15.10.1733)
  m. (26.09.1717) Nathaniel Cove of London (b c1692, d 17.01.1762)
  (3) Mary Marsh (bpt 18.12.1688, bur 16.11.1742)
  m. (25.08.1720) Joseph Scott of London (bpt 20/30.01.1690/1, d before 13.12.1779)
  (4)+ other issue - Lawrence of London (b 22.07.1685, dvp unm bur 29.10.1713), John (b 02.10.1692, bur 11.11.1697), John (b 10.04.1699, d young before 01.1714/5?), William (bpt 10.04.1701, a 09.1724), Annacilla (bpt 22.08.1695, bur 13.09.1695), Sarah (a 1728)
  c.+ other issue - James (b 05.08.1657, a 1672), William (bpt 30.07.1660, a 10.1671)
  B.+ other issue - Peter (bpt 13.04.1586, bur 06.08.1625, Mayor of Wigan), Edward (bpt 30.11.1590)
2. Roger Marsh of Wigan (d 1603-4)



William Marshe of Dunstable, Bedfordshire (d 19.01.1651)
m. Elizabeth Bedford (a 03.1651/2, dau of Thomas Bedford of Dunstable)
1. John Marshe of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire (bpt 18.11.1617, d 26.06.1700)
  m. (by 1656) Blandina Iremonger (bpt 18.11.1617, dau of Humphrey Iremonger of Ampthill)
  A. John Marshe of Leighton Buzzard (b c1657, dsp 06.12.1706, 2nd son)
m. Elizabeth Theed (dau of Thomas Theed of Linchlade)
  B. Mary Marshe (bpt 11.01.1665/6, dsp 21.10.1720)
  m. (after 1700) Thomas Lockington (d by 10.1720)
  C.+ other issue - Daniel (bpt 01.12.1656, bur 17.02.1656/7), Daniel (b 18.08.1661, bur 09.11.1661), Blandina (bpt 22.12.1663, d unm 28.12.1741), Elizabeth (bpt 22.12.1664, bur 03.04.1666)
2. Francis Marshe (b 1624, d 28.06.1682, 4th son)
  m. (by 1652) Rebecca Briggs (b 1629-30, d 29.05.1685, dau of John Briggs of Dunstable)
  A. John Marshe (bpt 03.02.1653/4, dsp 04.05.1700)
  m. Dorothea Wolseley (dau of Sir Charles Wolseley of Wolseley Hall, Bart)
  B. Elizabeth Marshe (b c1653, a 1700)
  m. (c10.1671) Thomas Powell of London (a 1700)
  i. Elizabeth Powell (b c1677, d 02.11.1711)
  m. John Dickenson of London
  a. Marshe Dickenson of London & Dunstable, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (b 24.06.1703, d 06.02.1765, MP, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Mary Cleeve
  b.+ other issue
  C.+ other issue (d unm) - Daniel of Dunstable (b c1652, d 20.06.1712, of Furnival's Inn), Jane (bpt 23.05.1656, d 30.08.1730)
3. Elizabeth Marshe (bpt 05.09.1613, d 09.09.1694)
  m. (03.01.1639/40) Thomas Chew of Djunstable (b c1614, d 20.11.1687)
4.+ other issue - Daniel (bur 26.07.1638), William (a 06.1638), Anne (a 06.1638), Jane (bpt 02.09.1610, d before 06.1638?)



Charles Marsh (b 1710, d 01.06.1748, Lt. Colonel)
m. Alice (d 09.11.1781)
1. Sir Charles Marsh (b c1735, d 20.08.1805, Colonel)
  m. (c1765) Catherine Case (b c1745, d 17.09.1824, dau of Samuel Case of Bath (b c1672, d 10.03.1778) by Mary)
  A. William Marsh of Beckenham, Kent (b 20.07.1775, d 24.08.1864, cleric, 3rd son) had issue
  m1. (27.11.1807) Maria Chowne Tilson (b 24.04.1776, d 24.07.1833, dau of John Tilson of Watlington Park by Maria, dau of Rev. Henry Lushington of Eastbourne & sister of Sir Stephen, 1st Bart)
  m2. (21.04.1840) Louisa Cadogan (b 01.09.1787, dsp 12.08.1843, dau of Charles Sloane Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan, by Mary Churchill)
  m3. (03.03.1848, sp) Louisa Horatia Powys (d 07.08.1871, dau of Thomas Powyts, 1st Baron Lilford, by Mary Mann)
  B. Henry Stephen Marsh of Hatherden in Andover, Hamphshire (bpt 27.12.1780, dsp 19.08.1855)
  m. (c1798) Charlotte (b c1774, d 12.02.1855, widow of _ Stone)
  C. Mary Maria Matilda Marsh (bpt 27.05.1770, d 19.11.1814)
  m. (c1796) William Bolton of the Mead (Captain RN)
  D.+ other issue - Charles Eyre Adolphus (b c01.1767, a 1808), Bartholomew (b c1768, a 1808)
2.+ other issue - William (b 1746, d 01.1763), daughters (a 11.1764)

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