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Families covered: Marton of Capernwray, Marton of Himsworth, Marton of Marton

BLG1886 reports that the following family "claims Norman descent". Foster's 'Pedigree' starts with ...
Paganus, lord of Marton (in Lancashire)
1. Peter de Marton of Marton (a 1154)
  A. William de Marton of Marton
  i. Sir Simon de Marton of Marton (a 1206)
  m. Joan D'Eincourt (d 1230-1, dau/coheir of William D'Eincourt of Hanworth)
  a. Sir Philip de Marton of Marton (a 1270)
  b. William de Marton of Marton
  m. Margery (m2. William de Kirkby of Kirkby, m3. William de Wanerville of Himsworth)
  (1) Peter de Marton of Marton
  (A) William de Marton of Marton (d 1304-5)
  m. Isabell de Riddall (dau/coheir of Patrick de Riddall of Ashwell & Flaxton)
(i) William de Marton of Marton (b c1277)
  (a) Peter de Marton (dsp) mentioned in Visitation
  (b) Simon de Marton of Marton
  ((1)) William de Marton of Marton (a 1389, 1402)
  In the Visitation, Foster shows William's wife as Isabel with 'dau/coheir of _ Wandervile of Himsworth' added in italics. That appears to contradict what Foster shows in the Pedigree, which we follow (below).
((A)) Alexander de Marton of Marton (dsp)
  m. Alice de Caterall (dau of Alan de Caterall)
  ((B)) William de Marton of Marton
  ((i)) Thomas Marton of Marton-in-Craven
  m. Agnes
  ((a)) George Marton
  (((1))) Thomas Marton (a 1535?)
  (((A)))+ issue (dsp) - Peter, Alexander
  ((b)) Lyonell Marton - continued below
  m. Jennett Preston
  (ii) Simon de Marton of Himsworth (a 11.1369)
m. Margery Wanerville (dau/coheir of Sir Adam de Wanerville of Himsworth)
  (a) Roger Marton of Himsworth
  ((1)) Robert Marton of Himsworth (dsp)
  m. Isabella Frankys (dau of Robert Frankys of Warnfield)
  ((2)) William Marton of Himsworth (a 1473, dsp)
  m. Joan
  The following connections are somewhat speculative. CTG (vol 6, pp124-125) provides the following, showing Sir Simon de Marton of Marton as father of (a) William (d before 1287, m1. Ysabella m2. Preciosa) with William & Ysabella being parents of the following William (not mentioned by Foster, the above Peter not being mentioned by CTG) and (b) the undermentioned Simon (not mentioned by Foster).
  (2) William de Marton (a 1287)
  m. Preciosa Marton (d before 1308, dau/heir of Simon de Marton) @@ below
  (A) Henry de Marton (d 1319?)
  (i) Thomas de Marton (d 1342?)
  m. Christiana (a 1342)
  (a) Thomas de Marton (d 1415?, 3rd son)
  m1. Matilda (a 1351)
  ((1)) Henry de Marton (a 1415)
  ((A)) Lionell de Marton
  ((2)) Thomas de Marton (d 1415?)
  ((A)) William de Marton (a 1414)
  ((B)) Henry de Marton (d 1433?)
m. Isabella
  ((i)) Alice de Marton
  m2. Agnes (a 1415, sister of Orald)
  (b)+ other issue (a 1342, dsp) - Adam, Henry
  (ii) Galfrid de Marton
  b. Simon de Marton of Elslack
  m. Johanna Darell (dau of Ralph Darell of Elslack (son of Radulph (de Arrell) of Elslack), sister/heir of William of Elslack & Alan)
  (1) Preciosa de Marton
  m. William de Marton (a 1287) @@ above
  (2) Christiana de Marton



Lyonell Marton - continued above
m. Jennett Preston (dau/coheir of Henry Preston of Airton-in-Craven)
1. Henry Marton 'of Marton'
  m. Alice Proctor (dau of John Proctor of Crommoke or Cranmock)
  A. Lancelot Marton of Marton (2nd son)
  m1. Isabel Lister (dau of Thomas Lister (not Lisher) of Westby)
  i. Christopher Marton of Marton (a 1585) the first mentioned by BLG1886
  m. Margaret Green (dau of Richard Green of Newby)
  a. Lancelot Marton, last of Marton (2nd son)
  m. Susan (dau of William Sigiswick or Sedgwick of London)
  (1) William Marton (3rd son) not mentioned by Visitation (b after 1585?)
  (A) William Marton
  (i) Oliver Marton of Capernwray, Lancashire (b 1668, recorder of Lancaster, steward of Lonsdale, 2nd son)
  m1. Grace Serle (dsp)
m2. Jane Wilson (dau of Roger Wilson of Casterton)
  (a) Edward Marton of Capernwray (dsp, steward of Lonsdale)
  (b) Oliver Marton, later of Capernwray (d 1794, vicar of Lancaster, 4th son)
  m. Priscilla Anne Edwards (dau/heir of Admiral _ Edwards)
  ((1)) Oliver Marton of Capernwray
  ((2)) George Richard Marton, Sheriff of Lancaster (d 1834, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Anne Pocklington (dau of Colonel _ Pocklington, sister of Sir Robert of Chelsworth House)
  ((A)) George Marton of Capernwray Hall & Borwick Hall, Sheriff (d 24.11.1867, MP) had issue
  m. (11.1833) Lucy Sarah Dallas (dau of Lord Chief Justice Sir Robert Dallas)
  (c) Mary Marton
  m. Rigby Molyneux, Sheriff of Lancaster (a 1749)
  (d)+ other issue - George (dsp), William (dsp), Agnes, Jane
  (2)+ other issue - George (b c1583), Julyan (a 1585)
  b. Mary Marton
  m. Thomas Morland of Westmorland
  c. Elizabeth Marton
  m. John Whittacre of High Whittacre
  d.+ other issue - Gregory/George (a 1601, dsp), William, Thomas, John, Francis, Alice, Dorothy, Isabel, Jane/Anne
  ii. Jennett Marton
  m. Joseph Lownde of Lovershall (Lowde of Loberhall)
  iii. Alice Marton
m. Anthony Howson of Horton in Ribblesdale
  iv. Margaret Marton
  m. Henry Garforth of Kildwick
  v. Lucy Marton
  m. Alexander Nowell of Clytheroe
  vi. Thomasyn Marton
  m. Thomas (or William?) Mallum or Malham of Elslake
  vii. Elizabeth Marton mentioned in Visitation, not 'the Pedigree'
  m. Thomas Dowbiggin of Bentham
  viii. Anne Marton mentioned in Visitation, not 'the Pedigree'
  m. Nicholas Parker of Gargrave ## probably here ##
  ix. Hellen Marton mentioned in Visitation, not 'the Pedigree'
  m. John Whittacres of Mereclough
  x.+ other issue - Lyonell, Henry, Isabell (dsp)
  m2. Alice Duckett
  B. Jennett Marton
  m. _ Worsley of Preston in Wensleydale
  C. Alison Marton
  m. Christopher Nesfield of Flasby
  D.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Lyonell, William, Christopher

Main source(s): ''Pedigree of Marton of Capernwray' within 'Pedigrees of the County Families of England' (vol 1 - Lancashire, Joseph Foster, 1873) with some support/input from Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5, 'Marton of Marton'), BLG1886 (Marton of Capernwray)
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