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Families covered: Meadows of Botesdale, Meadows of Codenham, Medows (Pierrepont) of Conholt Park, Meadows of Henley, Medowe of Martlesham, Meadows of Norwich, Medowe of Rushmere, Meadows (Meadowe) of Witnesham Hall, Meadows of Witnesham Manor, Pierrepont Earl Manvers

John Medowe of Martlesham (d 1531)
m. Margaret
1. William Medowe of Rushmere (d 1542)
  m. Isabel
  A. William Medowe of Rushmere and Martlesham (d 1580)
  m. Margaret called Agnes by FMG
  i. William Medowe of Witnesham Hall (b c1549/59?, d 19.01.1637)
  m. (14.09.1589) Grissell Mynter (d 1639, dau of John Mynter of Witnesham Hall)
  a. Daniel Medowe of Witnesham Hall (d 28.11.1675)
  m. (16.01.1625) Amy Brame (d 12.1676, dau of John Brame of Campsea or Camsey Ash)
  (1) Daniel Meadowe or Meadows (of Brisset and) tWitnesham Hall (b 06.1630, d 10.1670)
  m. (18.02.1653) Joyce Rivers (bur 03.12.1670, dau of Rev. Edmund Rivers of Great Bricett)
  (A) Daniel Meadows of Witnesham (b 1654, d 25.09.1684)
  m. Debora (a 1718, m2. _ Gibson of Stonham)
  (i)+ issue (dvp) - David (bur 31.05.1684), Debora (bur 15.11.1680)
  (B) John Meadowe or Meadows of Witnesham (b 1655, d 03.1715)
  m. Bridget Proctor (b c1655, d 24.01.1737)
  (i) John Meadows of Witnesham (d 1750)
  m. Margaret Buxton of Tibbenham (d 1750)
  (a) Elizabeth Meadows (d 1729)
m. John Williams
  (ii) Daniel Meadowe or Meadows of Botesdale, later of Witnesham Hall (b 1681, d 14.01.1771)
  m. (27.12.1750) Frances Thorneloe (b 1696, d 1758, dau of Francis Thorneloe or Thornton of Redgrave)
  (a) John Meadows of Botesdale 'of Wortham' (b 1725-6, dvp 14.04.1763)
  m. (27.12.1750) Frances Brewster (b c1727, d 07.1807, dau of Humphrey Brewster of Wrentham Hall)
  ((1)) Philip Meadows of Botesdale, later of Witnesham Hall (b 1752, d 16.10.1824)
  m. (02.10.1776) Catherine Rust (d 13.08.1840, dau of Robert Rust of Wortham)
  ((A)) Philip Meadows of Witnesham Hall (b 1777, d 18.12.1837, rector of Great Bealings) had issue
  m. (1803) Elizabeth Graves (d 29.04.1853, dau of Rev. Morgan (Richard?) Graves)
  ((B)) Daniel Rust Meadows had issue
  m. Emma Catt
  ((2)) Daniel Meadows of Wrentham (b 1755, d unm 1779, Captain)
  ((3)) Frances Meadows
  m. Morgan Parry
  ((4)) Lucinda Meadows
  m. James Fisher of London
  (b) Lucy Meadows (b 1730, d 07.04.1786)
  m. William Kirby of Witnesham (b 1719, d 25.09.1791)
  (iii) Elizabeth Meadows
  m. Thomas Buxton of Syleham (rector of Thorpe, son of John)
  (C) John Meadows (b 1662, dsp 1677)
  (2) Mary Meadows
  m. Jacob Caley
  (3) Amy Meadows
  m. Robert Brownrigg
  b. Thomas Meadows of Codenham & Pipes in Tudenham FMG suggests that Thomas was "probably eldest son"
  m1. Elizabeth Lea (dau of John Lea of Codenham, relict of Barnaby Blomfield)
  (1) Thomas Meadows of Codenham (b 1624)
  m. Margaret Fiske (dau of William Fiske)
  (A) Thomas Meadows (b 1654)
  m. Anne (d 13.12.1686)
  (i) Ann Meadows (b 1667-8, d 15.07.1708)
  (2) Ann Meadows
  m. John Mayor of Reydon
  (3)+ other issue - William, Maria, Elizabeth
m2. (sp) Alice Hinch
  c. Ralph Meadows of Henley (b 1600, d before 03.01.1679)
  m. Mary
  (1) William Meadows 'of Henley Hall' (d by 1711)
  m. Mary Rant
  (A) John Meadows of Parking & Swilland, Suffolk (b 1668, d 1747)
  m. Mary Vaughan (d 1760)
  (i) John Meadows of Needham & Henley Hall (d 1769)
  m. Mary Brooke (d 1770)
  (a) John Meadows, later Theobald (d 1790)
  m. Elizabeth Morgan
  ((1)) John Meadows Theobald of Claydon (b 1748-9, d 05.1930)
  m. Mary Smell
  ((2)) George Meadows or Theobald
  m. Charlotte Korby (dau of William Kirby)
  ((3)) Sarah Meadows or Theobald
  m. James Moore of Badley
  ((4)) Elizabeth Meadows or Theobald
  m. Joseph Rodwell
  (b) George Meadows
  (c) Frances Meadows
  m1. John Taylor
m2. Thomas Mobbs
  (d) Mary Meadows
  m. George Morgan
  (e) Martha Meadows
  m. John Pizzy
  (2) Mary Meadows (b 1629) probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Thomas Keble of Old Newton (a 1664)
(3)+ other issue - Ralph (bpt 1628), Elizabeth
  ii. Daniel Medowe or Meadows of Chattisham Hall (b 1577, d 1651) FMG says he d 07.09.1659
  FMG reports that Daniel's wife was Elizabeth, dau of John Lee. BP1934 identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Smith (bur 28.12.1678, dau of Robert Smith of Wickham Market)
  BP1934 provides the line of Sir Philip. FMG provides the other descents.
  a. Daniel Meadows of Saxmundham (bpt 22.12.1618, d by 1676)
  m. Mary Brooks of Ipswich
  (1)+ issue - John (b 24.08.1653, a 1676), Robert (b 02.07.1654, a 1676), Mary, Elizabeth
  b. John Meadows of Witnesham Manor (b 07.04.1622, d 1696, rector of Ousden)
  m1. (sp) ??
  m2. Sarah Fairfax
  (1) John Meadows of Witnesham Manor (d before 14.04.1757)
  m. Sarah Chaplin (b 1675, d 24.12.1732, dau of Robert Chaplin)
  (A) Sarah Meadows of Witnesham Manor (d unm 1778)
  (B) Hannah Meadows
  m. Thomas Fuller of Audley End, Essex
  (C) Mary Meadows (b 06.1714, d 18.02.1802)
  m. Samuel Wood of Framlingham
  (2) Daniel Meadows of Norwich (b 11.05.1678, d 27.01.1739, weaver)
  m1. Judith Frost (b 1678, d 24.06.1719, sister of Edmund)
  (A) Daniel Meadows of Ipswish (b 1707, d 04.10.1744)
  m. Margaret Eade of London (m2. Charles Marsh of Norwich)
  (i) John Meadows (b 30.06.1743, d 1778, Captain)
  m. Ann Romer of Berwick-on-Tweed
  (a)+ issue - Daniel (b 01.08.1773, d 08.1795), John Romer (b 28.02.1775), Phlip (b 1776, d 1811), Windham (b 1778, d 1797)
  (ii) Sarah Meadows
  (B) John Meadows of Norwich (b 07.10.1709, dsp)
m. Honria Wigget (d 1784, sister of Paul)
  (C) Letitia Meadows
  m. Samuel Wigget of Norwich
(D)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1716, dsp 1733), Philip (d infant), Thomas (d infant), Daniel (bpt 16.01.1705, d infant), Judith (d infant),
  m2. Sarah Pynour ?
  (3) Philip Meadows, Sheriff then Mayor of Norwich (b 17.07.1679, d 11.02.1752)
  m. Margaret Hall (b 28.01.1691, d 22.02.1765, dau of John Hall of Norwich by Margaret Lumbe)
  (A) Philip Meadows 'of Diss' (b 28.06.1719, d 29.05.1783)
  m. Abigail Monsir (d 14.03.1772, dau of John Monsir of Watisfield)
  (B) Margaret Meadows (b 13.05.1718, d 19.02.1781)
  m. Richard Taylor of Norwich
  (C) Sarah Meadows (b 02.1725, d 26.11.1800)
  m. David Martineau
  (D)+ other issue (d infant) - John, Sarah (b 1721), Mary
(4) Sarah Meadows (d 07.01.1732)
  m. Kervin Wright of Debenham (d 24.12.1741)
  (5) Rebecca Meadows (b 1689-90, d 11.06.1713)
  m. Edmund Frost of Hunstanton (d 03.01.1742)
  (6)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (d 19.06.1733), Mary (b 1692-3, d 15.03.1716)
  m3. (sp) Ann (Mrs Rant of Swaffham Priory)
  c. Sir Philip Medows (bpt 04.01.1625, d 16.09.1718, Ambassador, 5th son)
  m. Constance Lucy (dau of Francis Lucy, brother of Sir Thomas of Charlecote)
(1) Sir Philip Medows (d 03.12.1757)
  m. Dorothy Boscawen (sister of 1st Viscount Falmouth)
  (A) Sydney Medows (dsp 1792)
  m. Jemima Montagu (dau of Hon. Charles Montagu)
  (B) Philip Medows (3rd son)
  m. (1734) Frances Pierrepont (dau of William Pierrepont, 'Earl of Kingston' then 'Marquess of Dorchester')
(i) Evelny Philip Medows of Conholt (b 03.12.1736, dsp 04.07.1826)
  m1. Margaret Cramond (dau of Capt. William Cramond of family of Auldbar)
  m2. (25.05.1811) Harriot Maria Norie (dau of James Norie of London)
  (ii) Charles Medows, later Pierrepont, 1st Earl Manvers (b 14.11.1737, d 17.06.1816)
  m. (1774) Anne Orton Mills (b 14.09.1756, d 24.08.1832, dau of William Mills of Richmond)
  (a) Evelyn Henry Prederick Pierrepont (b 1775, dvp 1801)
  (b) Charles Herbert Pierrepont, 2nd Earl Manvers (b 11.08.1778, d 27.10.1860) had issue
  m. (23.08.1804) Mary Laetitia Eyre (d 07.09.1860, dau of Anthony Hardolph Eyre of Grove)
  (c) Henry Manvers Pierrepont of Conholt Park (b 18.03.1780, d 10.11.1851) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (1818) Sophia Cecil (d 1823, dau of Henry Cecil, 1st Marquess of Exeter)
  (d) Philip Syndey Pierrepont of Evenley Hall (b 13.06.1786, dsp 15.02.1864)
  m. (19.08.1810) Georgiana Browne (d 14.10.1872, dau of Herbert Gwynne Browne of Imley Park)
  (e) Frances Augusta Pierrepont
  m1. (20.10.1802) William Bentinck (d 21.02.1813, Admiral)
  m2. (30.07.1821) Henry William Stephens
(iii) William Medows, Governor of Madras (b 31.01.1739, dsp 1813, General)
  m. (1770) Frances Augusta Hammerton (dau of Robert Hammerton of Hammerton)
  (iv) Edward Medows (d 1813, Captain RN)
  m. (1785) Mary Brodie (dau of John Brodie)
  (v) Frances Medows (d 1770)
  m. (03.09.1768) Alexander Campbell of Stackpole (Colonel)
  (C) Constance Medows
  m. James Pulse of Standen
  (i) Mary Pulse (d 15.01.1805) probably of this generation
  m. Edward Scroggs of West Hanney
  (D) Anne Medows (d 1761)
  m. (14.07.1743) Thomas Ramsden (bpt 22.07.1709, dsp before 1791)
  (E) Elizabeth Medows
  m. Richard Bulstrode of Hounslow
  (F) Frances Medows
  m. Robert Weston
  (G)+ other issue - Edward, Mary (d unm)
  d. Margaret Meadows
  m1. John Lenning of Chatisham
  m2. Solomon Orris of Chatisham
  e.+ other issue - William, Thomas (b 1623), Robert (b 1629), Elizabeth (b 1634, bur 1636)
2.+ 3 sons

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Meadows of Witnesham Hall), BP1934 (Manvers), FMG (vol 3, Meadows-Fuller-Wood-Wright-Frost)
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