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Families covered: Moony (O'Moony) of Corraculin, Moony (Enraght-Moony) of The Doon, Moony (O'Moony) of Esker Castle

BLGI1912 reports that "Rossa Failghe, eldest son of Caethair Mor, monarch of Ireland A.D. 120-122, had six sons, the eldest of whom was ancestor of O'Connor Faly, Chief of Iar Failghe, or Offaley, and the third son, Aeneas Durm, was ancestor of O'Moony, whose territory lay in the modern Barony of Garrycastle in the King's Co." Reportedly a descendant of Aeneas was ...
Teig of Esker Castle
1. Owen
  A. Rory O'Moony of Esker Castle & The Doon (a 1556)
  i. Owen O'Moony of Esker Castle
  a. John O'Moony of Esker Castle
  (1) Owen O'Moony of Esker Castle, Corracullin, The Doon, etc. (d 1640)
  (A) Edmund O'Moony 'of Esker Castle' (d unm 1643)
  (B) John O'Moony or Moony of Corracullin (d 1649)
  m. Mary Carroll
  (i) Owen Moony of Esker Castle, The Doon, etc. (b 1647, d 24.04.1716)
  m. (c1668) Eliza Flattery (dau of Hugh Flattery of Streamstown)
  (a) Owen Moony of The Doon, King's Co. (b 1673, d 20.04.1755)
  m. (1700) Mary Coghlan (dau of John Coghlan, niece of Francis Coghlan of Kilcolgan)
  ((1)) John Moony (dsp 03.1759)
((2)) Edmund Moony (dsp)
  m. Anne Riles
  ((3)) Matilda Moony
  m. James Enraght of Ballyclare, King's Co. (b 1684, d 1756)
((A)) Francis Enraght, later Enraght-Moony of The Doon (b 1744, d 1802)
  m. Helen Mulock (b c1741, d 21.10.1815, dau of Robert Mulock of Bellair)
  ((i)) Robert James Enraght-Moony of The Doon, Sheriff of King's Co. (d 22.06.1842)
  m. (06.1794) Isabella Drought (d 16.10.1836, dau of John Drought of Whigsborough)
  ((a)) Francis Moony Enraght-Moony of The Doon, Sheriff (b 1795, d 23.02.1857) had issue
  m. (22.12.1829) Catherine Foot (d 19.10.1870, dau of Lundy Foot of The Rower & Orlagh)
  ((b)) Susannah Elizabeth Enraght-Moony (d 28.06.1843)
  m. (19.03.1833) Lundy Dickinson (Cmdr RN)
((c)) Eleanor Mary Anne Enraght-Moony
  m1. John Whitly Frazer
  m2. (24.01.1844) Charles Dillon Fry (d 20.10.1885)
  ((d)) Matilda Frances Enraght-Moony (d 23.09.1838)
  m. (12.01.1836) Simon Charles Foot (d 03.06.1885, rector & vicar of Knocktoper, son of Lundy of Rosbercon Castle & The Rower)
((e))+ other issue - Isabella Georgina (d young), Sarah Isabella (d 18.11.1838)
  ((ii)) Mary Anne Enraght-Moony
  m1. Rev. _ Hamilton
  m2. Henry Malone (d 1843)
  ((B)) Owen Enraght of Banagher (d 1808) had issue
  (b) William Moony of Lackagh (d unm by 1764)
  (c) Mary Moony (b 1682, d 04.1752)
  m. (1710) John Moony of Lackagh (d 04.1752, son of Captain Edmund (who d 20.12.1689))
  ((1)) Owen Moony 'of Lackagh' of The Doon, Sheriff (d 07.05.1879)
  m. (06.1757) Jane Holmes (dau of Robert Holmes of Perfield)
  ((A)) Isabella Moony
  m. (09.1783) William Carroll, later Carroll-Moony, of New Lawn (co. Tipperary), Sheriff of King's Co. (a 1790)
  (d) Alice Moony
  m. Anthony Molloy of Gladuss
  (e) Honora Moony
  m. Charles Molloy
  (C) Matthew Moony (Captain)
  (D) Margery Moony
  m. Charles O'Melaghlin ("representative of the ancient Kings of Meath")

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Enraght-Moony), BLGI1912 (Moony of The Doon)
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