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Families covered: Morley of Beamsley, Morley of Clapham, Morley of Normanby, Morley of Wennington (Winnington)
[This page was initally launched as Morley03. It was moved here when a new Morley03 was introduced to provide a continuation of the early generations shown for the lower section below.]

(1) We do not know whether or not the 2 families shown on this page were connected to each other or whether either or both were descended from the early Lords Morley. The 2 families share this page for convenience.
(2) Foster shows quartered arms for the first family with both "Sable, a leopard's head, caboss'd argent, jessant-de-lis" and "Sable, 3 catherine wheels or" being designated as being for Morley. Foster starts with 3 brothers, being sons of ...
?? Morley
1. Sir Walter Morley
2. John Morley of Normanby, Cleveland (a 1433, 1456, dsp)
3. Nicholas Morley of Normanby (a 1445)
  m. Joan Hedlam (dau of John Hedlam)
  (1) Foster shows Nicholas as father of a John (shown in italics) and then shows Christopher, just below but apparently not connected to John thereby possibly indicating uncertainty on the exact descent to Christopher. The Hertfordshire Visitation starts with Nicholas, brother of John, and shows Nicholas as father of John father of Christopher, indicating no such uncertainty.
(2) Foster shows Nicholas as married to Joan, dau of John Hedlam (with the John shown in italics, suggesting either that there was some uncertainty on his name or that his name may have been added in by the Harleian editor). However, the Hertfordshire Visitation shows Jane, dau of John Headlam, as wife of his son John.
  A. John Morley
i. Christopher Morley of Normanby
  m. Elizabeth Bulmer
  a. Christopher Morley
  m. _ Cleseby (sister of Asculphus Cleseby of Morton)
  (1) Margery Morley
  m. Thomas Dawson of the East Riding
  b. Robert Morley of Normanby & Maltby (youngest son?)
  m1. Isabella Maltby (dau/heir of William Maltby of Thromondby)
  (1) James Morley
  m. Phillis Thornaby (dau of Christopher Thornaby or Thromotby of Thornaby)
  (A) John Morley (b c1574, a 1612)
  m1. Isabel Gower (dau of Nicholas Gower of Thornaby son of Cuthbert son of Thomas of Stonesby)
  (i) Mary Morley
  m. Richard Best of Appleton
  (ii)+ other issue - James (b c1603), Thomas, Maltby, Atherton (b after 1612?), Joan, Phillis, Ann, Mary, Jane
  m2. Anne Pennyman (dau of James Pennyman of Ormesby)
  (xi)+ other issue - Ann, Ellen, Margaret
  (B) Jane Morley
  m. _ Lonsdale
  (C) Phillis Morley
  m. _ Palliser
  (D) Susanna Morley
  (2) Margaret Morley
  m. _ Hall of Worsall
  (A)+ issue - Francis, James, Anne
  m2. Elizabeth Simon (dau of _ Simon of Kirk Levington (Kirkleventon))
  (3) Cuthbert Morley of Normanby
Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1664-5, Morley of Newton upon Ouse) starts with this Cuthbert, identifying him as "of Normanby in co. Ebor." (Yorkshire) and then identifies his son James as "of Normanby in Cleveland". Dugdale adds little information (over the Main Sources identified for this section) other than on Cuthbert's son Robert.
  m1. Ann Thornaby (dau of Christopher Thornaby of Thornaby, sister of Phillis)
  (A) James Morley of Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire (b c1576, a 1635)
  m. Elizabeth Drake (dau of Henry Drake of Surrey)
  (i) Cuthbert Morley
  m. Jane Fairfax (dsp, dau of Thomas, Viscount Fairfax of Ernley)
  (ii) Mary Morley
  m. Jeromy Elways of London (son of the Alderman)
  (iii)+ other issue - James, Henry, Jeromy, Anne, Audrey
(B)+ other issue - Christopher, Thomas, Jane, Margery/Margaret
  m2. Isabel Wilson of Northumberland
  (F) Robert Morley of York (d 1651)
  m. Elizabeth Scorey (dau of Sir John Scorey of Herefordshire)
  (i) James Morley of Newton upon Ouse, Yorkshire (b c1627, a 09.1665)
  m. Cordelia Dodsworth (dau of Thomas Dodsworth, widow of _ Higinbotham)
  (ii)+ other sisue - Cuthbert, Isabell, Anne
  (G) Ellinor Morley probably the Eleanor who married ...
  m. William Lee of Pinchinthorp (d 1650)
  (H)+ other issue - William, Rafe
  (4) Phillis Morley
  m. Christopher Moyser of Richmond
  (5) Elizabeth Morley
  m. John Bachelor of Borobridge
  (6) Anne Morley
  m. William Thomson of Kirklington
  c.+ other issue - James, Francis



Descended from John de Morley of Morley & Wennington (m. Ann Booth of Barton), son of Richard de Morley or Merley of Great & Little Morley (Lancashire) by Margaret de Wennington (dau/heir of Gilbert de Wennington, son of William de Wennington) was the following Francis (who is the first mentioned by Dugdale who shows only Thomas as a son). Dugdale identifies his arms with 2 of the quarters being "sable, a leopard's face, sable, jessant, fleur-de-lis, or".
Francis Morley of Wennington or Winnington, Lancashire
m. Cassandra Lambert (dau of Josias Lambert of Carlton or Calton in Craven, sister of General John, m2. ?? Claxton)
1. Thomas Morley of Wennington (b c1608, d 16.09.1664)
  m1. Dorothy Thorold (dau of Anthony Thorold of Lincolnshire)
  A. Francis Morley (b c1635, d unm)
  m2. Anne Clapham (dau of George Clapham of Beamsley)
  B. Elizabeth Morley
  m. Jonathan Farrar
  C.+ other issue - Josia (d infant), John (d infant), Thomas (d infant), Robert (b c1650, a 09.1664), Dorothy (d infant), Hester, Mary
  m3. Ann Dunch (a 1664, dau of William Dunch of The Hill)
  J. Robert Morley (b c1653, a 09.1664)
2. Josias Morley (b 01.11.1612, d 31.12.1690 in Hornby)
  m. (08.07.1642) Dorothy Thompson
  A.+ "numerous issue"
3. Francis Morley (b 03.08.1614)
  m. Jane Buskell of Capel Side
  A. Josias Morley of Wennington Hall, later of Scale House in Craven had issue
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth
  m2. Anne Atkinson (dau of William Atkinson of West Halton)
  B. Francis Morley of Clapham, Yorkshire (b 03.03.1652, d 1708)
  m. Emmat Byrks of Purseland
  i. John Morley of Beamsley Hall & Clapham
  m. Anne Benson (dau of Thomas Benson of Lancaster)
a. Josias Morley of Beamsley, Giggleswick & Clapham (dsp 1783)
  m. Lydia Whalley (dau/coheir of George Whalley of Winterburne)
  b. Elizabeth Morley
  m. Caleb Readshaw of Richmond
  (1) Caleb Readshaw, later Morley of Beamsley Hall
  m. Alice Mary Chaytor (d 1833, dau of Henry Chaytor of Croft)
  (A) Josias Readshaw Morley of Beamsley Hall & Marrick Park (d 1827) had issue
  m1. Mary Colling
  m2. (sp) Jane Wilson (d 17.02.1869, dau of Rev. _ Wilson of Corbridge)
  (B)+ other issue - John Readshaw, William (d unm), Matthew (d unm), Thomas
  (2) Anne Readshaw
  (3) Jane Readshaw
  m. Thomas Cornforth of Richmond
  c. Margaret Morley
  m. Thomas Wilson (Dean of Carlisle)
  (1) Thomas Wilson, later Morley of Clapham & Ruthmell (vicar of Corbridge)
  m. (09.04.1782) Maria Hughes (dau of W. Hughes of Low Field)
  ii.+ 3 sons and 5 daughters

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Morley of Normanby), Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1572+1634, Morley of Berkhapstead (in Appendix II))
(2) For lower section : BLG1886 (Morley of Marrick Place) with some support/input from Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, Morley of Winnington)
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