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Families covered: Murdoch of Glasgow
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John Murdoch of Glasgow (burgess)
1. Patrick Murdoch of Glasgow (b 1627, eldest son)
  m. Margaret Gemmill (dau of Peter Gemmill of Glasgow (son of Rev. Peter of Mearns) by Marion, dau of George Morison of Prestonpans (of the family of Prestongrange?))
A. Peter Murdoch, Provost of Glasgow (b 28.01.1670, d 15.12.1761)
  m1. (1696) Mary Luke (dau of John Luke of Claythorn)
  i. Peter Murdoch of Glagow (bpt 21.09.1704, d 21.02.1734)
  m. (14.08.1732) Margaret Stewart (b 05.07.1706, d 20.06.1794, dau of Sir Archibald Stewart of Blackhall, Bart, by Mary Douglas)
  a. Peter Murdoch of Glasgow (b 11.03.1734, d 11.05.1817)
  m. (03.08.1760) Isabella Campbell (d 09.07.1802, dau of James Campbell by Mary Murdoch) @@ below
  (1) James Murdoch (b 04.05.1762, d 14.10.1841)
  m. (14.04.1794) Frances Colquhoun ('Fanny') Wallace (b 01.06.1767, d 18.04.1862, dau of John Wallace of Kelly by Janet Colquhoun)
  (A) Peter Murdoch of Langbank (b 1795) had issue
  m. Barclay Brown (dau of George Brown of Capilrig)
  (B) James Murdoch (b 15.11.1805, d 08.08.1872, 3rd son)
  m. (01.06.1837 in Tasmania) Robina Galbraith (b 09.1808, d 1897, dau of George Galbraith by Janet, dau of James Anderson)
  (C) Janet ColquhounMurdoch (b 18.02.1796, d 16.05.1878)
  m. (26.04.1831) Andrew Young (of Edinburgh?) (b 1790, d 05.07.1853, son of David)
  (D) Frances Maxwell Murdoch (b 04.09.1799, d 25.01.1880)
  m. (10.06.1828) William Crichton (d 08.08.1872)
  (E) Isabella Murdoch (b 25.11.1802)
  m. (10.12.1842) George Kirkpatrick Young of Glendoune (b 01.03.1796, d 07.04.1874, son of John by Ann, dau of George Brown)
  (F) Margaret Murdoch (b 10.07.1804, d 10.08.1880)
  m. (13.07.1841) Alexander Cathcart of Knockdolian & Genoch (b 01.03.1800, dsp, son of John of Genoch & Knockdolian by Ann, dau of Alexander Gordon of Rockville)
  (G) Anna Wallace Murdoch (b 29.03.1810, d 29.07.1852)
  m. (22.04.1835) George Galbraith (b 05.1801, d 28.10.1837, son of George by Janet Anderson)
  (H)+ other issue - John Wallace (b 05.03.1798), Robert Wallace (b 20.12.1808, d 10.01.1841), Thomas William (b 13.03.1813, d 05.1853 in Melbourne), Mary Lillias (b 18.08.1811, d 1823)
(2) Margaret Murdoch (b 12.10.1763)
  m. (01.1783) James Stirling
  (3) Lilias Murdoch (b 22.12.1772, d 04.05.1810)
  m. (19.09.1791) George Munro
  (4)+ other issue - Peter (b 18.06.1761, dvp 03.06.1786), John (b 08.04.1767, d 10.1781), Andrew (b 11.03.1775, d 02.12.1788), Mary (b 06.07.1765, d 06.05.1848), Janet (b 07.12.1768), Isabella (b 15.11.1770, d 1841)
  ii. John Murdoch of Rosebank, Provost of Glasgow (b 28.01.1709, d 15.12.1761)
  m1. (13.09.1732) Margaret Lang (d 27.10.1734, dau of William Lang of Glasgow)
  a. Margaret Murdoch (b 10.06.1733)
  m. (16.04.1753) Sir Thomas Miller, 1st Bart of Glenlee (b 03.11.1717, d 27.09.1789, President of the Court of Session, m2. Anne, dau of John Lockhart of Castlehill)
b. Ann Murdoch (b 20.10.1734, dsps 1754)
  m. (30.12.1753) John Wallace of Kelly (b 18.09.1716, d 1805)
  m2. (12.06.1737) Margaret Bogle (bpt 25.02.1715, d 04.04.1794, dau of John Bogle of Hamilton Farm by Janet Miller)
  iii. Janet Murdoch
  m. Andrew Cochrane of Brighouse, Provost of Glasgow (b c1693, d 09.07.1777)
  iv. Margaret Murdoch
  m. Rev. John Logan of New Kilpatrick
  v. Martha Murdoch
  m. Archibald Buchanan of Auchentorlie (d 1761)
m2. (07.04.1712) Anna Alexander (dau of John Alexander of Glasgow (& sister of Robert of Blackhouse) by Janet, dau of William (probably not Alexander) Cunninghame of Craigends)
  vi. Mary Murdoch (bpt 11.01.1713, d 11.1755)
  m. (15.11.1741) William Craufurd of Balshagray & Scotstoun (b 14.08.1713, son of Mathew of Balshagray & Scotstoun by Esther, dau of William Fletcher of New Cranston)
  B. Zacharias (Zacrie) Murdoch
  m. Elizabeth Rodger (dau of Robert Rodger, Provost of Glasgow)
  i. Mary Murdoch (bpt 30.03.1710)
  m. James Campbell of Glasgow
  a. Isabella Campbell (d 09.07.1802)
  m. (03.08.1760) Peter Murdoch of Glasgow @@ above
  b.+ other issue - James (b 09.04.1739), Zacharias (b 04.10.1740)
ii.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 30.12.1712), John (bpt 23.01.1751), Zacharias (bpt 20.06.1717, d young?), Zacharias (bpt 15.08.1725), Margaret (bpt 29.12.1706, d young?), Jean (bpt 05.08.1708), Elizabeth (bpt 04.09.1711), Margaret (bpt 10.11.1719), Agnes (bpt 04.06.1721), Anna (bpt 08.07.1722)
  C.+ other issue ("a very large family")
The undermentioned Provost George is thought to have been connected to the above family but the exact connection is unknown. The following is shown merely as a speculative suggestion aimed at ensuring that he is mentioned on this page.
2. ?? Murdoch
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? Murdoch
  i. George Murdoch, Provost of Glasgow (b 1715, d 1795-6)
  m. Margaret Leitch (dau of Andrew Leitch of Kilmardinny)
  According to a web site, George had 3 wives but had children only by the (unnamed) first one. We do not know which wife Margaret Leitch was.
  a. daughter
  m. John Bogle of Hamilton Farm (b c1679, d 1752)
  b. Margaret Murdoch
  m. George Yuille of Darleith
  c.+ other issue including James (in Madeira), George (in Grenada)

Main source(s): information kindly provided by a contributor (JB, 06.04.07) partly supported by the article on Rosebank in 'The Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry' (2nd edition, published for private circulation by James Maclehose in 1878)
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