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Families covered: Murray of Arngask, Murray of Balvaird, Murray of Binn, Murray of Drumcairn, Murray of Letter Bannachty, Murray of Little Ardit, Murray of Mansfield, Murray of Stormont

Sir Andrew Murray of Balvaird (a 1527)
m. (before 03.02.1498-9) Margaret Barclay (dau/heir of James Barclay of Balvaird, son of James Barclay of Kippo)
1. Sir David Murray of Balvaird and Arngask (d 1550)
  m. (before 23.07.1524) Janet Lindsay (dau of Patrick Lindsay of Kirkforthar, 4th Lord of the Byres)
  A. Sir Andrew Murray of Balvaird and Arngask (d before 23.07.1573)
  m1. Margaret Ross (dau of John Ross of Craigie)
  m2. (28.09.1542) Jonet Graham (d 08.1547, dau of William Graham, 2nd Earl of Montrose)
i. Sir Andrew Murray of Balvaird and Arngask (d 13.11.1590)
  m. (mcrt 23.07.1573) Margaret Crichton (dau of John Crichton of Strathurd)
  a. Sir Andrew Murray of Balvaird and Arngask (dsp 12.1624)
  m. (mcrt 18/9.04.1600) Katherine Menteith (dau of Sir William Menteith of Kers)
  b. Anna Murray (d 26.04.1639)
  m. Sir Mungo Murray of Drumcairn, 2nd Viscount Stormont (dspl before 11.03.1642)
  c. Margaret Murray (d 08.1620)
  m. (17.10.1598) William Myreton of Cambo
ii. Sir David Murray of Gospertie (Gospetry), later of Balvaird, Lord of Scone, 1st Viscount of Stormont (dsp 27.08.1631)
  The viscountcy passed to his kinsman, and husband of his niece, Mungo Murray, a younger son of the Tullibardine line.
  m. (mcrt 02.1604) Elizabeth Beaton (d 21.01.1658, dau of James Beaton of Creich)
  iii. Robert Murray, Archdeacon of Dunkeld (d before 02.04.1617)
  partner unknown
  a. David Murray of the Middletoun of Balbagies
  iv. Sir Patrick Murray of Binn
  m. (01.07.1598) Isobel Brown (dau of John Brown of Fordell)
a. Catherine Murray (d young)
  partner unknown
  b. Margaret Murray
  m. William Spens
  v. Elizabeth Murray
  m. (mcrt 01.09.1572) David Balfour, younger of Balledmont
  B. William Murray of Letter Bannachty (d 06.03.1588-9)
  m. (1564) Barbara Pitcairn (d before 30.07.1613, dau of David Pitcairn of that ilk and of Forthar)
  i. David Murray of Letter Bannachty, Balgony, Kippo and Binn (d before 29.11.1627)
  m. Agnes Moncreiffe (dau of Sir William Moncreiffe of that ilk)
a. Gilbert Murray of Binn,etc (a 02.1645)
  b. Andrew Murray, 1st Lord Balvaird (b c1597, d 24.09.1644)
  m. (mcrt 30.04.1628) Elizabeth Carnegie (dau of David Carnegie, 1st Earl of Southesk)
  (1) David Murray, 2nd Lord Balvaird, 4th Viscount Stormont (d 14.07.1668)
  David inherited the viscountcy by virtue of the entail obtained by his kinsman, the 1st Viscount (above). The previous Viscount had been James Murray, 2nd Earl of Annandale.
  m. (09.08.1659) Jean Carnegie (d 03.1671, dau of James Carnegie, 2nd Earl of Southesk)
  (A) David Murray, 5th Viscount Stormont (d 19.11.1731)
  m. (mcrt 31.01.1688) Marjory Scott (d 08.04.1746, dau of David Scott of Scotstarvet)
(i) David Murray, 6th Viscount Stormont (b c1690, d 23.07.1748)
  m. (20.01.1726) Anne Stewart (d 10.07.1735, dau of John Stewart of Innernytie)
  (a) David Murray, 7th Viscount Stormont, 2nd Earl of Mansfield (b 09.10.1727, d 01.09.1796)
  David inherited the earldom from his uncle William (below).
  m1. (16.08.1759) Henrietta Frederica (d 16.03.1766, dau of Henry, Count of Bunau)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Mary Murray (b 18.05.1760, d 01.06.1825)
  m. (10.12.1785) George Finch-Hatton of Eastwell Park (b 30.06.1747, d 17.02.1823)
  ((2)) Henrietta Anne Murray (b 16.10.1763, d infant)
  m2. (05.05.1776) Louisa Cathcart, Countess of Mansfield (b 01.07.1758, d 11.07.1843, dau of Charles Schaw Cathcart, 9th Lord)
  ((3)) David William Murray, 3rd Earl of Mansfield (b 07.03.1777, d 11.02.1840) had issue
  m. (16.09.1797) Frederica Markham (b c1774, d 29.04.1860, dau of William Markham, Archbishop of York)
  ((4)) George Murray (b 08.04.1780, d unm 30.09.1848, Lt. General)
  ((5)) Charles Murray (b 22.08.1781, d 17.09.1859) had issue
m. (24.09.1802) Elizabeth Law (dau of Rev. Robert Law)
  ((6)) Sir Henry Murray (b 16.08.1782, d 29.07.1860, Lt. General) had issue
  m. (28.06.1810) Emily de Visme (d 23.11.1873, dau of Gerard de Visme)
  ((7)) Caroline Murray (b 14.12.1789, d unm 21.01.1867)
(b)+ other issue (d unm) - James (dvp), Anne (d before 08.07.1817), Marjory (d 19.04.1799)
  (ii) James Murray (b c1690, dsp 08.1770, MP)
  James was appointed 'Earl of Dunbar' by James Stuart, 'the Old Pretender'.
  (iii) John Murray (d young)
  (iv) William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield (b 02.03.1705, d 20.03.1793)
  m. (20.09.1738) Elizabeth Finch (b c1705, d 10.04.1784, dau of Daniel Finch, Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham)
  The earldom passed to his nephew David, Viscount Stormont (above).
  (v) Catherine Murray (d unm 25.11.1754)
  (vi) Marjory Murray
  m. John Hay of Cromlix (Colonel)
  (vii) Amelia Murray (d 08.02.1774)
  m. (mcrt 22/28.04.1720) Sir Alexander Lindsay, Bart of Evelick (d 06.05.1762)
  (viii)+ other issue (dsp) - Charles, Robert, Margaret (b c1702, d 18.04.1785), Jean (d unm 10.08.1758), Nicola Helen (d 07.11.1777), Mary (d unm)
  (B) Catherine Murray (d 01.1726)
  m. (mcrt 08.08.1687) William Keith, 2nd Earl of Kintore (d 05.12.1718)
(C) Amelia Murray
  (2) Sir Andrew Murray of Murrayshall and Inchmurray (d 12.1705)
  m1. (17.09.1657) Anna Menteith
  (A) Andrew Murray of Murrayshall
  (i) Janet Murray
  m. Patrick Graham
  Their descendants include the Murray-Grahams of Murrayshall.
  m2. (mcrt 07.04.1671) Rebecca Cheap (dau of James Cheap of Rossie)
  (A) James Murray of Inchmurray (d 12.1732)
  (B) William Murray of Inchmurray (d 1742)
  m. (1705) Alison Cheap
  (i) Rebecca Murray
  m. George Shaw in Perth
  (C) Catherine Murray
  m. James Balnavis of Kirkland, later of Glencarse
(D) Barbara Murray
  (3) James Murray (d 1682)
  m. Helen Stewart
  (A) Jean Murray
  m. (mcrt 30.09.1697) Robert Carmichael of Balmblae (d 05.03.1722)
  (4) Sir John Murray of Drumcairn, later Binn, etc (d c1704)
  m. (01.01.1673) Katherine Murray (dau of William Murray of Drumcairn) @@ below
(A) John Murray of Drumcairn and Binn (dsp 02.1739)
  (B) Elizabeth Murray (bpt 19.12.1676)
  m. (sp) Francis Stewart, 7th Earl of Moray (b c1674, d 13.05.1739)
  (C) Catherine Murray (bpt 22.04.1679)
  (5) Marjory Murray (d 10.08.1667)
  m. (d 10.06.1651) Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie (b c1629, d 06.08.1661)
  (6) Barbara Murray
  m. (mcrt 22.01.1664) Patrick Gray, 8th Lord (d 01.1711)
  (7)+ other issue - William (bur 08.02.1685), Katherine
c. William Murray of Drumcairn, later Binn, etc (d before 25.08.1663)
  m. (mcrt 18.06.1636) Elizabeth Balfour (dau of Sir Michael Balfour of Denmilne)
  (1) Andrew Murray of Binn (d unm 1677)
  (2) Jean Murray (d 07.1711)
  m. (29.12.1657) John Rigge (minister)
  (3) Katherine Murray
  m. Sir John Murray of Drumcairn (d c1704) @@ above
  (4) Marjory Murray
  d. Catherine Murray
  m. John Arnot of Freirton
e. Isobel Murray
  m. Sir John Brown of Fordell
  f.+ other issue - David, Christian (a 1633)
  ii. Andrew Murray (a 1613)
  iii. Margaret Murray (a 1629)
  m. (mcrt 04/19.11.1581) Alexander Balcanquhal, younger of that ilk
  iv. Elizabeth Murray (d before 1614)
  m. (mcrt 29.11.1576) Alexander Tosheach of Monivaird)
  v. Bethia Murray (a 1632)
  m. (after 18.07.1582) William Murray of Ochtertyre (d 1647)
  vi. Christian Murray (d before 1613)
  m. (mcrt 06.07.1591) Henry Kinross of Camushinnie
C. David Murray of Little Ardit (d before 20.07.1602)
  m. Margaret Kirkcaldy
  i. William Murray of Little Ardit (a 12.1633, minister)
  m1. Janet Moncreiff (d 08.1623)
  a. Janet Murray (dsp before 1625)
  b. Margaret Murray
  m. Arthur Myretoun of Pitollie
  m2. (c09.1623)
  ii. Janet Murray
  m. (mcrt 19/20.07.1602) John Stretton (minister at Foulis)
  iii. Marion Murray
  m. John Chrystison in Dysart (d before 06.09.1611)
2. John Murray of Pittillock
3. Margaret Murray --
  m. (c1526) William Moncreiffe of that ilk, 10th of Moncreiffe (d 15.12.1579) --

Main source(s): TSP (Stormont), BP1934 (Mansfield)
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