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Families covered: Gibson of Durie, Gibson of Keirhill, Gibson of Pentland, Gibson-Craig of Riccarton, Gibson-Carmichael of Skirling

Thomas Gibson in Fife (a temp James IV who r. 1488-1513)
1. George Gibson of Harlaw
  A. George Gibson
  m. Elizabeth Cranston
  i. John Gibson (dvp)
  ii. George Gibson of Goldingstons (a 1549) - continued below
  m. Mary or Elizabeth Airth
2. William Gibson (Dean of Restalrig, Senator of the College of Justice)



George Gibson of Goldingstons (a 1549) - continued above
m. Elizabeth or Mary Airth
1. Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie (d 10.06.1644, Lord President of the Court of Session as 'Lord Durie')
  m. (14.01.1596) Margaret Craig (dau of Sir Thomas Craig of Riccarton)
A. Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie (d 06.1656, Lord of Session as 'Lord Durie')
  m. (1625) Cecilia Fotheringhame (d c1657, dau of Thomas Fotheringhame of Powrie)
  i. Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie (b c1629, d 06.08.1661)
  m. (10.06.1651) Marjory Murray (d 10.08.1667, dau of Andrew Murray, 1st Lord Balvaird)
  a. Anne Gibson (d 1720)
  m. John Murray of Polmaise & Touchadam (b 1649)
  b.+ other issue - daughter (d c1662?), daughter (b c1662?)
  ii. John Gibson of Balhousie then Durie (d 1669)
  m. (26.03.1663) Elizabeth Aytoun (dau of Sir John Aytoun of that ilk, widow of Craighall)
  a. Alexander Gibson of Durie (dsp 30.01.1699)
  m. _ Murray (dau of John Murray of Polmaise and Touchadam)
  b. Ann Gibson probably of this generation
  m. George Patullo of Balhouffie (d 1699)
iii.+ other issue (dsp) - George, Archibald (d 26.05.1670)
  B. Sir John Gibson of Pentland and Addistone
  m1. Jean Hay (dau of Alexander Hay of Kennet)
  i. Sir Alexander Gibson of Pentland (d 1693)
  m. Helen Fleming (dau of Sir James Fleming of Rathobyres)
  a. Sir John Gibson of Pentland (d 13.05.1704)
  m. (03.11.1687) Elizabeth Craig (dau of Lewis Craig of Riccarton)
(1) Sir Alexander Gibson of Pentland, 3rd Bart (d 15.04.1774)
  The baronetcy was inherited from his cousin.
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton of Pencaitland)
  (A) Margaret Gibson ("only child")
  m. William Murray of Touchadam and Polmaise
  (2) John Gibson in London
  (A) Sir John Gibson of Pentland, 4th Bart (d 29.03.1781)
  m. (1775) Henrietta Watson (d 08.03.1830, dau of James Watson of Saughton)
  (i) Helen Gibson of Pentland (b 12.05.1775)
  m1. Dewar Masterton (dsp)
  m2. John Barr (dsp, Captain)
  m3. David Anderson (Major General)
  Their son inherited Pentland and assumed the name Gibsone.
(B) Sir Robert Gibson of Pentland, 5th Bart (dsp before 1803 in America)
  Described in BLG1952 (Seton of Mounie) as daughter of Sir Alexander Gibson, Bart of Pentland, but probably his sister was ...
  (3) Anne Gibson
  m. George Seton of Mounie
  b. Alexander Gibson of Durie (d 01.03.1729)
  m1. Elizabeth Foulis (dau of Sir John Foulis of Ravelston)
  (1) John Gibson of Durie (d 18.01.1767)
  m. Helen Carmichael (d 02.06.1787, dau of Hon. Wiliam Carmichael of Skirling)
(A) Alexander Gibson of Durie (d 13.05.1785)
  m. (19.10.1770) Margaret Bruce Dundas (d 22.12.1774, dau of Thomas Dundas of Fingask)
  (i) Sir John Gibson, later Gibson-Carmichael of Skirling, 6th Bart (b 24.04.1773, d 05.11.1803)
  m. (15.10.1799) Janet Hyndford Elliot (d 23.08.1825, dau of Cornelius Elliott of Wolflee)
  (a) Eleanor Margaret Gibson-Carmichael (dsp 05.12.1883)
  m. (1828) Alexander Begbie (d 18.06.1860)
  (ii) Sir Thomas Gibson, later Gibson-Carmichael of Skirling, 7th Bart (b 21.12.1774, d 13.10.1849) had issue
  m1. (07.02.1806) Janet Dundas (d 07.06.1814, dau of Maj. Gen. Thomas Dundas of Fingask)
  m2. (08.06.1816) Anne Napier (d 07.12.1862, dau of Francis Napier, 8th Lord)
  (iii) Margaret Gibson (b 06.10.1771, d unm 08.03.1779)
  (B) William Gibson (d 05.05.1807)
  m. Mary Ceclia Balfour (dau of James Balfour of Pilrig)
  (i) Sir James Gibson, later Gibson-Craig, 1st Bart of Riccarton (b 11.10.1765, d 06.03.1850, 2nd son)
  m. (14.09.1796) Anne Thomson (d 24.05.1837, dau of James Thomson of Edinburgh)
  (a) Sir William Gibson, later Gibson-Craig, 2nd Bart of Riccarton (b 02.08.1797, d 12.03.1878) had issue
  m. (29.08.1840) Elizabeth Sarah Vivian (d 15.12.1895, dau of John Henry Vivian of Singleton)
  (b) James Thomson Gibson (b 12.03.1799, dsp 18.07.1886)
  m. (23.11.1841) Jane Grant (d 25.04.1863, dau of Sir John P. Grant)
  (c) Mary Cecilia Gibson (d 15.11.1889)
  m. (04.10.1824) William Kaye (d 04.11.1864)
  (d) Anne Gibson (d 08.09.1869)
  m. (23.04.1828) John Hay Mackenzie of Newhall and Cromartie (d 09.07.1849)
  (e) Helen Gibson (d 11.03.1869)
  m. (22.09.1834) Bigge Andrews
  (f) Jemima Campbell Gibson (b c1808, d 25.03.1898)
  m. (09.07.1861) Rev. Henry Fisher
  (g)+ other issue - Margaret Christian (d 26.07.1871), Cecilia Helen (b c1804, d unm 25.022.1894), Joanna (b c1806, d 27.03.1894)
  (ii) William Gibson in Ceylon
  m. Margaret Sharpe of Madras
  (a)+ 2 daughters
(iii) Lewis Gibson of Ceylon (b 20.01.1773, d 26.08.1845, 6th son) had issue
  m. (20.12.1806) Caroline Layard (d 04.01.1827, dau of Charles Peter Layard, Dean of Bristol)
  (iv) Andrew Mitchell Gibson (b 25.06.1784, d 01.02.1852, 9th son) had issue
  m. (02.12.1818) Barbara Thomson (d 30.05.1830, dau of Capt. Robert Thomson)
  (v) Cecilia Gibson
  m. (1807) John Thomson
(vi)+ other issue - John of Dantzic (b 21.04.1763, dsp), Alexander of Dantzic (dsp 08.01.1836), Archibald of Edinburgh (dsp), Thomas (d 1803), Henry
  (C) Margaret ('Peggy') Gibson
  m. (29.01.1768) Alexander Gibson-Wright of Cliftonhall and Kersie (d 08.11.1819) @@ below
  (D) Elizabeth ('Betty') Gibson
  m. (1770) David Hunter of Blackness
  (E)+ other issue - John (d 1767), James (d young), Thomas (b 1754, d 1838, Lt. Colonel)
  (2) Thomas Gibson (d 1786)
  m. Jean Dalzell (dau of Col. Thomas Dalzell, son of Sir John, Bart of Glenae)
  (A) Isabel Gibson (d unm c1796)
  (3) Archibald Gibson in Dantzic, Baron of Prussia
  (A) Alexander Gibson in Dantzic, Baron of Prussia (b c1729, d 18.10.1811)
  m2. Elizabeth Stewart (widow of Thomas Hamilton of Little Preston and Fala)
(4)+ 1 son and 2 daughters
  c. Thomas Gibson
  m. _ Wright, heiress of Cliftonhall
  (1) Alexander Gibson-Wright of Cliftonhall and Kersie (d 08.11.1819)
  m. (29.01.1768) Margaret Gibson (dau of John Gibson of Durie) @@ above
  (A) Helen Gibson-Wright
  m. (30.04.1786) Sir Alexander Charles Maitland, 2nd Bart (b 21.08.1755, d 07.02.1848)
  (B) Anne Gibson-Wright
  m. (29.08.1800) Alexander Gibson Hunter of Blackness
  (C) Margaret Gibson-Wright (d unm 16.03.1795)
  d. James Gibson, Governor of Courtrai (Lt. General)
  (1)+ 3 daughters
  m2. (10.02.1738) Elizabeth Gibson (d 07.08.1757, dau of Sir Alexander Gibson of Pentland)
  e. Elizabeth Gibson (d 07.08.1757) probably of this generation
  m. (10.02.1738) William Murray of Polmaise & Touchadam (b 1679, d 1758)
ii. George Gibson of Auchmutie (dsp)
  iii. Sir John Gibson of Portsmouth (b c1637, d 24.10.1717)
  a. Anna Maria Gibson
  m. Robert Dalziel (General)
  b.+ other issue - Francis, James, Susan (b c1678, d unm 10.03.1758)
  m2. ?? (widow of Sir James Fleming)
  m3. Elizabeth Thomson (dau of Sir Thomas Thomson, 1st Bart of Duddingston)
iv. Sir Thomas Gibson, 1st Bart of Keirhill (d 1713)
  m. (11.06.1701) Jean Marjoribanks (d 13.02.1704, dau of Edward Marjoribanks of Hallyards)
  a. Sir Edward Gibson, 2nd Bart of Keirhill (bur 02.06.1727)
  The baronetcy passed to his cousin above.
  m. Barbara Maitland (d 19.06.1782, dau of Hon. Alexander Maitland)
  (1) Janet Gibson (d 04.01.1776)
  m. James Bruce (Captain)
  Possibly of this generation but unknown by which marriage was ...
  v. Anna Gibson
  m. Thomas Hay of Herminstone (d 1697)
  C. George Gibson of Balhouffle (d 08.09.1669)
  i. Margaret Gibson
  m. (1665) Andrew Bruce (minister of Carnbee, later of Pittenweem)
  D. (Margaret) Gibson
  m1. Thomas Fothringham, 10th of Pourie (d 03.1638)
  m2. (04.1654, sp) William, Master of Gray (bpt 21.07.1621, d 08.1660)
  m3. (?) Sir David Auchmuty of that ilk (d 1669) ## see here ##
  E. Elizabeth Gibson probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Murray of Touchadam & Polmaise (d c1655)
  F. Jean Gibson probably of this generation
  m. (mcrt 15.06.1640) George Preston of Whitehill, Preston and Craigmillar
  G. Helen Gibson possibly of this generation
  m. _ Baillie
2. Archibald Gibson (cleric)

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 11.04.05) : BP1934 (Gibson-Craig-Carmichael)
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