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Families covered: Mynors (Miners) of Treago, Rickards of Evenjob

(1) BLG1886 reports that "In the Roll of Battle Abbey, the name of Mynors appears, and Trago is stated to have been in this family's possession since the Conquest."
(2) BLG1886 provides the pedigree from the following John who appears to be the John identified by Robinson as father of Sir Roger "6th in descent" from whom was the Richard who married Joanna, dau of Gwillym ap Thomas. BLG1952 starts with Philip who by Alice was father of that Richard. Noting that BLG1886 shows a different name for that Richard's father, it is presumed that the intervening generations between Sir Roger and that Richard (taken from BLG1886) are no longer viewed as secure so we show them in italics.
John de Miners of Treago, Herefordshire (keeper of St. Briavel Castle and the Forest of Dean, a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)
1. Sir Roger Miners of Treago
  m. Joan Bostock (dau of Sir Lawrence Bostock of family of Cheshire)
  A. Richard Miners of Treago
  m. Margaret Furnival (dau of Sir Gerard de Furnival, niece of Lord Furnival)
  BLG1886 suggests that Richard was alive temp Edward I. Noting that it had already reported that his grandfather was alive in the time of Edward II and that a niece of Lord Furnival would probably have been alive near the end of the 14th century, we presume that this was an error for "temp Edward III" (who r. 1327-1377).
  i. Roger Miners of Treago
  m. Margaret de la Hay (dau of Sir John de la Hay of Wellington)
  a. Philip Miners of Treago
  m. Alice (dau of William ap Jenkin ap Iorworth)
  (1) Paganus Miners of Treago
  m. _ Brett (Dau of John Brett)
  BLG1886 shows the next generation as Jenkin Miners who married Eva, dau of Philip Michell. BLG1952 starts with ...
  (A) Philip Mynors
  m. Alice
  (i) Richard Mynors of Treago, Sheriff of Herefordshire (b c1450, d 03.1528)
BLG1952 shows not only Richard's marriage to Joan but also a second marriage to Sybil Baskerville, leaving it unclear who was the mother of his children. Robinson starts with this generation and, like BLG1886, mentions only his marriage to Joan thereby implying that she was the mother of all of his children. We show that to be the case but note that Sybil may have been the mother of some of the children.
  m1. Joan (dau of William ap Thomas ap Howell ap Gyllough)
  (a) Sir Richard Mynors of Treago & Windley Hill (b c1478, dsp 1536)
  m. (1501) Alice Myll (d 19.01.1540, dau of Sir William Myll of Harescombe, widow of Nicholas Knyveton of Myrcaston)
  (b) Reginald Mynors (d unm)
  (c) Thomas Mynors of Treago (d 04.07.1539)
  m1. Joan Vaughan (dau of Watkin Vaughan of Hergest)
  ((1)) Sir Richard Mynors of Treago (d 1550)
  m. (28.10.1538) Ann Burgh (d 30.09.1592, dau of Thomas Burgh of Guildford)
  ((A)) Richard Mynors of Treago (bur 30.01.1592) - continued below
  m. Catherine Vaughan (d 02.1601, dau of Sir Roger Vaughan of Porthamel)
  m2. Elizabeth Dethick (dau of Thomas Dethick of Newhall)
(d) Eliza Mynors
  m. William Powell of Perthy
  (e) Hannah Mynors
  m. Sir John Wogan
  (f) Jane Mynors
  m. Edward ap William ap Morgan
  (g) Katharine Mynors
  m. John Dabrichcourt of Warwickshire
  (h) Alice Mynors
  m. William Scudamore of Hom Lacy
  m2. Sybil Baskerville (dau of Sir James Baskerville)



Richard Mynors of Treago (bur 30.01.1592) - continued above
m. Catherine Vaughan (d 02.1601, dau of Sir Roger Vaughan of Porthamel)
1. Roger Mynors of Treago (d c1630)
  m. Jane Harley (d 12.1598, dau of John Harley of Brampton)
  A. Rowland Mynors of Treago (bur 04.04.1651)
  m. (c1610) Theodosia Willoughby (bur 07.11.1630, dau of Sir Percival Willoughby of Middleton)
  i. Robert Mynors of Treago (b 1616, bur 23.08.1672)
  m. (02.02.1649) Elizabeth Oswald (dau of James Oswald of St. Weonard's)
  a. Crompton Mynors of Treago (bpt 26.12.1650, d 1687)
  m. (03.03.1678) Ann Reed (dau of Richard Reed of Lugwardine)
  (1) Theodosia Mynors (bpt 03.12.1679, d infant)
  b. Robert Mynors (bpt12.04.1654, d 1684?)
  m. Elizabeth Adams (dau of William Adams of Monmouth)
  (1) Robert Mynors of Treago, Sheriff of Herefordshire (b 1692, d 10.06.1742)
  m. Thomasina Gouge (dau of Thomas Gouge of London)
  (A) Robert Mynors, later Gouge of Treago (bpt 04.10.1721, dsp 07.02.1765)
  m. Mary Parry (dau of Thomas Parry of Arkeston (by Mary Mynors), she m2. Charles Morgan of Ruperra)
  (B) Thomasina Mynors
  (2) Theodosia Mynors
  m. (1719) John Hunt of St. Peter's, Hereford
  (3) Mary Mynors
  m. Thomas Parry of Arkeston
  (4)+ other issue - Willoughby, Elizabeth
  c. Percival Mynors of Wellington (b 1657)
  m. Teresa Town
  (1) Elizabeth Mynors (b 1682)
  m. Robert Ravenhill (b 1684)
d. George Mynors (b 1662) had issue
  m. _ Cam
  e. Theodosia Mynors (bpt 13.04.1652, d 06.12.1700)
  m1. (16.06.1670) Roger Boulcott of Hereford (a 07.1681)
  (1) Theodosia Boulcott (d 1724)
  m. (16.07.1698) Peter Rickards of Evenjob (b 1669, d 16.07.1729)
  (A) Peter Rickards of Evenjob (b 1716, d 1780)
  m. (30.09.1751) Catherine Witherston (d 1793, dau of Edward Witherston) @@ below
  (i) Peter Rickards of Evenjob, later Mynors of Treago (b 15.03.1754, d 04.08.1794)
  m. (1787) Meliora Powell (d 12.10.1829, dau of Rev. John Powell of Penland & Clyro Courts by Philippa, dau of Thomas (sb Humphrey) Baskerville of Aberdw Court)
(a) Peter Rickards Mynors of Treago & Evancoyd, Sheriff of Radnorshire (b 27.11.1787, d 20.01.1866) had issue
  m. (20.02.1817) Mary Elizabeth Halliday (b 09.05.1795, d 29.04.1882, dau of Edmund Trowbridge Halliday of Chapel Cleeve)
  (b) Thomas Baskerville Mynors, later Baskerville, Sheriff of Wiltshire (b 09.04.1790, d 09.09.1864) had issue
  m1. Ann Hancock (dsp 06.1832, dau of John Hancock)
  m2. Eliza Mary Guise (dau of Rev. Powell Colchester Guise, son of Sir John, Bart)
(c) Meliora Rickards Mynors (b 01.01.1789, d 11.11.1854)
  m. (12.01.1815) Hugh Hovell Farmar of Dunsinane (d 1828)
  (2)+ other issue - Robert of Wotton (dsp 22.03.1700), Thomas (dsp 01.04.1702), Elizabeth
  m2. Richard Witherston of the Lodge, Burghill
  (3) Edward Witherston, Sheriff of Herefordshire (a 1720)
  m. Ann Barrett of Jamaica
  (A) Catherine Witherston (d 1793)
  m. (30.09.1751) Peter Rickards of Evenjob (b 1716, d 1780) @@ above
  (B)+ other issue
  (4)+ other issue (bpt/bur 1683) - Bohun, Mynors
  f. Elizabeth Mynors (b 1656)
  m. Adam Wiggins
  g. Mary Mynors
  m. George Green (alderman of Hereford)
  h. Margaret Mynors
  m1. William Green
  m2. Thomas Traunter
  i. Eleanor Mynors
  m. Robert Gibbons
  j. Dorothy Mynors
  m. Thomas Hickson
  ii. Margaret Mynors (bpt 25.07.1620)
  m. Thomas Bignal of London
  iii.+ other issue - Francs (bpt 09.11.1619), Willoughby (bpt 09.02.1625, bur 04.06.1671), Edward (bpt 08.06.1630, bur 01.05.1631)
  B.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 14.09.1560), Jane
2. Richard Mynors of Pengarson Green had issue
  m. Margaret Gilbert (dau of Nicholas Gilbert of Llancillo)
3. Jane Mynors
  m. John Prosser of co. Brecon
4. Anne Mynors
  m. Watkin Vaughan of Llanrothal
5.+ other issue - William (dsp), Thomas (dsp), Henry, George of Nonsuch

Main source(s): BLG1952&1866 (Mynors of Treago), Robinson (Hereford, 'Mynors of Treago')
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