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Families covered: Norwich of Brampton, Norwich of Byfield

Simon de Norwich
m. Margaret, heiress of Brampton (heir of Holt Hetol Gifford)
1. ?? de Norwich
A. Simon de Norwich
  m. Alice Christian (dau of Richard Christian of Harborough)
  i. Simon Norwich (posthumous, cousin/heir of Sir Richard Holt)
  m. Isabel Tunstall (dau of Richard Tunstall)
  BEB1841, which provides the above, skips to Sir John, 1st Bart, describing him as "sixth in lineal descent" from Simon. Visitation starts with the following John whom we presume to be son of Simon & Isabel. This makes the 1st Bart 7th in descent from Simon.
a. John Norwich (d 01.03.1503/4)
  m. Catherine Hastings (dau of Sir Ralph Hastings)
  (1) Simon Norwich (d 18.10.1548)
  m. Margaret Tyrrell
  (A) John Norwich
  m1. Anna Cobham
  (i) Simon Norwich of Brampton (d 23.04.1588)
  m1. Grace Griffen (dau of Edward Griffen, Attorney General)
  (a) Sir Charles Norwich of Brampton (d 04.05.1605) - continued below
  m. Anna Watson (bur 03.07.1636, dau of Edward Watson of Rokingham)
  (b) Elena Norwich
  m1. Humprey Marriot
  m2. _ Middleton
  (c)+ other issue - John (bur 14.02.1599), Lucretia
  m2. Brigitta Smith (dau of Roger Smith of Oakham)
  (e) Ascanius Norwich of Brigstock (b c1580, d 14.05.1681)
  m1. (c04.1616) Susan Manley (dau of Edmund Manley of Northampton)
  m2. (16.12.1628) Anne Ouseley
  (ii) Edward Norwich
  m2. Alicia Frowe
  (iii) Ralph Norwich
  (B) Simon Norwich of Wilbarston, Northamptonshire
  m. Johanna Dennet (dau of John Dennet of Wedlingburgh)
  (i) William Norwich of Byfield (a 1629)
  m. Lucy Brigstock (dau of _ Brigstock of Glendon)
  (a)+ issue - Simon (bpt 13.03.1602-3, Richard (bpt 08.01.1606-7), William (dsp)
  (ii) Simon Norwich (a 1629)
  (iii) Libeus Norwich of Byfield (d before 10.06.1629)
  m. Susanna Enson (dau of John Enson of Islington)
  (C)+ other issue - Peter, Henry



Sir Charles Norwich of Brampton (d 04.05.1605) - continued above
m. Anna Watson (bur 03.07.1636, dau of Edward Watson of Rokingham, she m2. Sir William ap Rice or Aprice)
1. Sir Simon Norwich of Brampton (bpt 20.08.1594, bur 10.02.1624-5)
  m1. Anna Willoughby (dau of William Willoughby of Marlow)
A. Sir John Norwich, 1st Bart of Brampton (b 14.09.1612, d 10.1661)
  m1. Anna Smith (dau of Sir Roger Smith of Edmondthorp)
  i. Sir Roger Norwich, 2nd Bart of Brampton (b 14.09.1636, d 23.09.1691)
m. Catherine Fermor (d 19.05.1681, dau of Sir Hatton Fermor of Easton, widow of Sir John Shuckburgh)
  a. Sir Erasmus Norwich, 3rd Bart of Brampton (b 05.07.1668, bur 27.08.1720)
  m1. Annabella Savage (dsp 31.01.1702-3, dau of Thomas Savage, 3rd Earl Rivers)
  m2. (c04.1704) Jane Adams (bur 23.04.1720, dau of William Adams of Sprowston, son of Sir William, Bart)
  (1) Sir William Norwich, 4th Bart of Brampton (b 24.10.1711, d unm bur 24.12.1741)
  (2) Arabella Catherine Norwich (b 02.08.1708, bur 04.02.1797)
  m. (1738) Henry Barwell of Marston Trussell (bur 30.041763)
  (3) Annabella Norwich (b 19.08.1709, d unm 1741)
  The Visitation's Harleian Editor suggests that Annabella d unm 1741 but this appears to be the Annabella (b c1710, d 18.09.1780) who married ...
  m. Richard Turvile of North Kilworth (b 1709-10, d 12.04.1777)
  (4) Jane Norwich (b 30.11.1712)
  m. _ Nicholls of Hiltoft
  (5)+ other issue - Erasmus (b/d 02.02.1705-6), Erasmus (b 04.12.1706, bur 18.04.1720), Roger (b 02.01.1713-4, bur 28.06.1704)
  b. Catherine Norwich (b 14.10.1665)
  m. Edward Lloyd of Edgworth (captain, cupbearer to King William
c. Mary Norwich (b 09.11.1666)
  m1. (31.08.1701) Edward Conyers of Blaston (d 15.10.1701)
  m2. John Hicks of Trewittick
  d. Arabella Norwich (b 07.11.1669)
  m. (24.02.1691-2) Thomas Smith of Brampton or Trowlswoth
  e.+ other issue - Anna (b 13.03.1663-4, d 17.05.1664), Elizabeth (b 22.03.1672, d 15.05.1681)
  ii. Erasmus Norwich of London (b c1640, 4th son) had issue
  m. (c04.1676) Sarah Lewis of London
  iii. Anne Norwich (b 1633/4, bur 27.05.1720)
  m. George Tresham of Pilton
iv. Mary Norwich (bpt 02.07.1635)
  m. (14.03.1653-4) Walter Kirkham of Finshead Abbey
  v. Elizabeth (or Judith?) Norwich (bpt 05.08.1641)
  m. Thomas Atkins of Hadham
  vi.+ other issue - John (b 1637, d c1661), Charles (bpt 01.08.1639, a 1681), Simon of London (bpt 29.09.1647, d in Ireland), Henry (bpt 16.05.1649), Judith (b 14.09.1641, d 08.10.1659)
  m2. Mary Atkins (dau of Sir Henry (not Thomas) Atkins of Cheshunt)
  Mary is identified by Visitation as dau of Thomas, father of Sir Richard, Bart., but within a note adds that "G.E.C. Peerage" shows her as dau of Sir Henry Atkins of Cheshunt by Annabella, dau of John Hawkins of Chiddingstone. Noting that the father of Sir Richard, Bart of Clapham, was Henry not Thomas, we follow the latter which is supported by BEB1841.
  xi.+ other issue - Joseph (bpt 18.07.1655, a 10.1674), Arabella, Rebeccah (b 17.07.1656)
  m2. Anna Moore (bur 03.02.1622, dau of _ Moore of Windsor)
  B.+ other issue - Simon (bpt 03.09.1620, bur 04.09.1620), Catherine (bpt 20.05.1619, bur 01.06.1623)
  m3. (c12.1623) Elizabeth Burdett (dau of Francis Burdett of Barthwaite)

Main source(s): BEB1841 ('Norwich of Brampton'), Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681, 'Norwich of Brampton by Dingley')
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