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Families covered: Pigott of Beachampton (Pigot of Bechampton), Pigott of Doddershall, Pigott of Gravenhurst, Pigot of Little Horwood, Pigott of Loughton, Pigott of Stratton, Pigot of Whaddon

Richard Pigot of Ripon then Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire
m1. Alice Finnell (dau/heir of Richard Finnell of Winslow)
1. Robert Pigot of Little Horwood & Whaddon
  m1. Margaret Gifford (dau/heir of John Gifford of Whaddon)
  A. Thomas Pigot or Pigott of Horwood, Whaddon & Doddershall, Buckinghamshire (d 02.1519-20, Serjeant-at-law)
m1. Anne Foster (dau/heir of _ Foster or Forster of Writtle)
  Except as shown, the next few generations are supported by Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566, 'Pygott (of Stratton and Holme)') & Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1634, 'Pygott (of Gravenhurst)'). There is contradiction as to which wife was mother of certain on Thomas's children. 'Pygott (of Stratton and Holme)' shows them as all by Anne Forster but 'Pygott (of Gravenhurst)' shows that Agnes/Anne had some (unnamed) children and then shows Elizabeth Iwardby as moter of William & Francis. We follow 'Pigott of Doddershall'.
  i. William Pigott 'of Little Horwood'
  The following is supported by Visitation (W. Harry Rylands 1909, Buckinghamshire, 1634 with additions, 'Pigott of Little Horwood').
  m1. Mary or Margaret Longvile (dau of Sir John Longvile of Wolverton)
a. Leonard Pigott of Little Horwood
  m. Katherine Ashfield (dau of Richard Ashfield of Hethorpe)
  (1)+ issue - Humphry (dsp), Thomas (dsp), Jane (a 1566), Margaret (a 1566)
  b.+ other issue (d young) - John, Thomas
  m2. ??
  ii. Francis Pigott 'of Whaddon' of Stratton, Bedfordshire
m1. Margery St. John (sister of Oliver, Lord St. John, widow of Henry Gray of Towcester)
  a. John Pigott of Edlesburgh, Buckinghamshire (of Gray's Inn)
  m1. Winifred Sankey (d 1592, dau/heir of Thomas Sankey of Edlesburgh)
  (1) Thomas Pigott
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, Francis, Winifred, Mary, Margery
  (2) Margery Pigott
  m. Oliver Styles of Eaton
  (3) Frances Pigott
  m. Henry Bruges
(4)+ other issue - Henry, Alice (d unm)
  m2. Winifred Dormer (dau of Ambrose Dormer, widow of Sir William Hawtrey of Checkers)
  (6)+ other issue - Catherine, Margaret (b 13.07.1597), Anne (b 01.06.1598)
  b. Benjamin Pigott of Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire (b c1571, d 1606)
  m1. Mary Astry (dau of Raffe Astry of Woodend, widow of Francis Markham of Luton)
  (1)+ issue (d young)
  m2. Anne Wiseman (dau/coheir of Thomas Wiseman of Essex)
  (2) Henry Pigott of Gravenhurst (a 1634)
  (3)+ other issue - Oliver (dsp), daughter
  m3. Bridget Nedham (dau of John Nedham of Wimlie)
  (5) Anne Pigott
  m. Edward Wright
  (6) Judith Pigott
m. Simon Hale of Hexton
  (7)+ other issue - John, Bridgit, Talbot, Mary, Susan
  m2. Eleanor Enderby (dau/heir of John Enderby of Stratton)
  c. Thomas Pigott of Stratton, Sheriff of Bedfordshire
  The following comes from Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1634, 'Pygott (of Stratton)').
  m1. Anne Rich (dau of Richard, Lord Rich, Lord Chancellor)
  (1) Michael Pigott (a 1594)
  m. (1570) Margaret Gill (dau/heir of Richard Gill of Angsdy)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, George, Benjamin, Eustace, Richard, Clement, Anne, Jane, Anne, Dorothy, Margaret
  (2) Dorothy Pigott
  m. Clement Lewes of Erles Barton
  (3)+ other issue (dsp) - Oliver, John, Margery, Frances, Joane, Elizabeth
  m2. Elizabeth Thynn (dau of William Thynn of Erith)
  (4) Lewis Pigott
  m. Catherine Dennis (dau/coheir of Walter Dennis of Ferferd)
  (A) Elizabeth Pigott (b 09.1593)
  (5) John Pigott (d 1592)
  (A)+ issue - John, Francis (d young)
  (6) Anne Pigott
  m. Paul Streighley of Stricson
  (7)+ other issue - Isabell (d young), Frances
  d. Nicholas or John Pigott of Holme, Bedfordshire (dsp)
  m. Margaret Joye (dau of Henry Joye of Bedelow, widow of Thomas Eston of Holme)
  e. Margaret Pigott
  m. William Withers of London
f. Rose Pigott
  m. Robert Golson of London
  g. Wyborowe Pigott
  m. John Copandall of Barnby-iuxta-Boshall
  h.+ other issue - Francis, Robert, others (dsp - Robert, Anthony, George, Francis, Edward)
  iii. Margaret Pigott
  m. Sir Humphrey Ferrers of Tamworth (d 1553-4)
  iv. Isabell Pigott
  m. Anthony Catesby of Whiston
  v. Joan (or Anne?) Pigott
  m. George Bulstrode of Hedgley
  m2. Elizabeth Iwardby (d c1549, dau of John Iwardby (or Eversby) of Quinton Mallett, widow of William Elmes of the Inner Temple)
The following is partly supported by VCH (Buckinghamshire, vol 4, 'Parishes: Quanton with Shipton Lee').
  vi. Thomas Pigott of Doddershall, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (d 1559)
  m. Katherine Longston (dau of Christopher Longston of Abington)
  a. Thomas Pigott of Doddershall (b 1533-4, bur 01.05.1606)
  m. Mary Lane (dau of Sir Ralph Lane of Horton)
  (1) Thomas Pigott (dvp?)
  (2) Sir Christopher Pigott of Doddershall (b c1558, d(spm) 1613, MP)
m. Ursula Pigott (dau/coheir of Valentine Pigott of Loughton) @@ below
  (A) daughter apparently Anne who married ..
  m. John Tipping of Whitfield (Wheatfield)
  m2. (28.05.1602) Dorothy Ingoldsby (dau of Richard Ingoldsby)
  (B) daughter
  (3) Richard Pigott of Doddershall (d 1637)
  m. Jane Kibbell (dau/coheir of Thomas Kibbell (Keble) of Newbotle)
  (A) Sir Richard Pigott of Doddershall (d 1685)
m. Anne Harrington (d 1686, dau of Sir Edward Harrington of Ridlington, Bart)
  (i) Margaret Pigott (a 1634, d young?)
  (B) John Pigott in London had issue
  (i) Thomas Pigott of Doddershall (d(sp?) 1704) nephew of Sir Richard, possibly fits here
  m. Lettice 'of Doddershall' (d 1735)
  VCH reports that, after the above Lettice died, "John Pigott, second son of Robert Pigott of Chetwynd in Shropshire, secured his title in law (to Doddershall). His will was proved in 1751 by his widow Christobella, upon whom he had settled Doddershall Manor for life". It is not clear how a Pigott of Chetwynd could have succeeded to the above Thomas & Lettice unless there had been a private relationship between them (godparent or such) or there was a blood connection through Lettice or an ancestress.
(C) Thomas Pigott in Morsley, Buckinghamshire
  m. Hester Abraham (dau of Richard Abraham)
  (D)+ other issue - Edward, Martyn, Henry, Elizabeth, Anne
  (4) Dorothy Pigott
  m. _ Dacres of Cheshunt
  (5) Frances Pigott
  m1. Thomas Nevill of Holt
  m2. Sir Thomas Blount
  (6) Mary Pigott
  m. Henry Atkins of London (King's physician)
  (7) Elizabeth Pigott
  m. Sir Edward Phillips (Master of the Rolls)
  b.+ other issue - Francis, Robert, Bernard, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Dorothy
  vii. Margery Pigott
  m1. _ Cotton of Cambridgeshire
  m2. Sir Walter Henly of Cranbrook
  m3. _ Marden of Kent
  m4. _ Roberts of Sussex
viii. daughter
  m. _ Vaux of the Court
  ix.+ other issue - Robert of Colwick, Roger
  B.+ other issue
  m2. _ West
m2. Joan or Isabel Darrell (dau of Paul Darrell of Lillingstone Darrell)
2. John Pigot of Bechampton (Beachampton), Buckinghamshire
  m. Isabel Edy (dau/coheir of John Edy of Stony-Stratford)
  A. Robert Pigot of Beachampton (Bechampton)
m. Lucy Sanders (dau/heir of Thomas Sanders or Saunders of Stow)
  i. Thomas Pigott of Beachampton
  m1. Isabell Tresham (dau of Richard Tresham of Newton (Northamptonshire) by dau of Foulk, Lord Woodhall)
  a. Valentine Pigott of Loughton (d 26.04.1595, Serjeant-at-law)
  m1. Anne Andrewes (dau of Sir Thomas Andrewes of Northamptonshire)
  (1) Ursula Pigott
  m. Sir Christopher Pigot of Doddershall (son of Thomas of Doddershall) @@ above
  (2) Mary Pigott (b c1591)
m. Thomas Waterhouse of Whitchurch
  (3) Judith Pigott (b 1592)
  m. _ William Tresham (son of John of Newton son of Richard (brother of Isabell))
  m2. (21.09.1585) Elenor Fortescue (dsp, dau of Sir John Fortescue, Chancellor of the Exchequer)
  b. George Pigott of Beachampton (d 1602)
  m. Elianor Claver (dau of Marmaduke Claver of Buckinghamshire)
  (1) Thomas Pigott, last of Beachampton (a 1609)
  m. _ Throckmorton of Fulbrook
(A)+ issue - Thomas (bpt 07.04.1611), Susan (bpt 13.06.1607)
  c. Edmund Pigott, last of Loughton
  m1. Susan Kindlemarsh (dau of Robert Kindlemarsh or Kindelmershe)
  m2. ??
  m3. Elizabeth Prettiman or Pretyman of Suffolk
  (1) Elizabeth Pigott
  (2) Frances Pigott
  m. Giles Blount
  (3) Priscilla Pigott
  m. William Herbert
  d. Robert Pigott
  m. _ Annesley
  e. Matthew Pigott (d 08.07.1598, 7th or 3rd son)
  m. Margaret
  (1) George Pigot
  (2) Francis Pigot
  m. Ann Penben (dau of Henry Penben of Badgworth)
  (3) Judith Pigot
  m. William Barons of Cumberland
  f. Isabell or Elizabeth Pigott
  m. Guy Salisbury of Haversham (of the Middle Temple)
g. Lucy Pigott
  m. Robert Lee of Yekley
  h. Judith Pigott
  m. Arthur Longvile or Longueville
  i.+ other issue - William (dsp), Arthur, Francis, Clement (of the Middle Temple), Agnes, Margaret
  m2. _ Webb (dau of _ Webb of Stewkley Green)
  ii. Bridget Pigott
  m. Sir Oliver Wallop
  iii. Isabell Pigott
  m. William Austrey of Bedfordshire
  iv. Jane Pigott
  m. Richard Yates or Yate of Langworth
  v. Elizabeth Pigott
m. George Lyngar or Synger
  vi. Alice Pigott
  m. _ Howard of Calais
  vii.+ other issue - Humphrey, William
  B. John Pigot (dsp)
  C. Jane Pigot
  m1/2. George Rotheram of Luton
  It appears that Jane (also) married ...
  m2/1. Thomas Astry of Hitchin (b c1483, d 10.1518)
Mentioned by The Genealogist' (New Series, George Marshall, vol 2 (1878), 'Pigot of Melmorby in Coverdale, and of Clotherham near Ripon, co. York', p296), but not clear which wife was their mother, were ...
3. Emma Pigot (a 1415, 1428)
  m. Henry Gerlington
4. daughter (a 1428)

Main source(s): Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, 'Pigott of Doddershall'), Visitation (W. Harry Rylands 1909, Buckinghamshire, 1634 with additions, 'Pigott of Beachampton', )Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Pigot, of Beachampton and Loughton', p527+) with input/support as reported above
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