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Families covered: Catesby of Ashby St. Leger, Catesby of Althorp, Catesby of Catesby, Catesby of Coventry, Catesby of Ecton, Catesby of Lapworth, Catesby of Seaton, Catesby of Whiston

Philipp de Catesby
1. William de Catesby of Catesby, Ashby and Basford
  A. Philipp de Catesby of Catesby (dsp)
  B. Simon de Catesby
  i. Randulph de Catesby
  a. Simon de Catesby of Coventry
(1) Randulph de Catesby of Coventry (dsp)
  (2) Reignold de Catesby of Coventry
  (A) John Catesby of Fleckenhoe
  m. Isabell (dau of Henry of Ladbrooke)
  (i) William Catesby of Ludbrooke and Coventry, Sheriff of Warwickshire (a 1371)
  m. Joane (dau of William Rodburne alias Arden)
  (a) John Catesby 'of Ladbroke' (d by 1405)
  m. Emme Cranford (dau/heir of Robert Cranford of Ashby St. Leger)
  ((1)) John Catesby of Ashby St. Leger - continued below
  m. Rose Montford (dau of William Montford of Lapworth)
((2)) Robert Catesby of Newenham
  ((A)) Nicholas Catesby
  ((i)) Roger Catesby of Newenham
  (b) Alice Catesby possibly fits here
  m. Thomas Ladbrook (Lodbrook)
  (B) Reinold de Catesby of Coventry
  (i) Elias de Catesby of Coventry (dsp)
  C. William de Catesby
  i. Robert de Catesby of Ashby = Richard de Ashby of South Croxton & Quenby, Leicestershire (d 1304)
  m. Alice Camvill
  Visitation (Warwickshire) shows this generation as "Robt. Catesby surnamed of Ashby because he dwelt there" who by Alice Camvill was father of William father of William "a quo Ashby in Com. Leicest.", i.e. identifying him as ancestor of Ashby families in Leicestershire. The first mentioned by Commoners (vol IV, Ashby of Quenby) starts with Richard de Ashby of South Croxton & Quenby, Leicestershire (d 1304, m. Alice) father of William father of William. We provisionally presume Robert to be that Richard.



John Catesby of Ashby St. Leger - continued above
m. Rose Montford (dau of William Montford of Lapworth)
1. John Catesby of Althorpe
2. William Catesby
  m1. Philippa Bishopson (dau of William Bishopson of Castelton)
A. William Catesby of Ashby and Lapworth
  m. Margaret Zouch (dau of William, Lord Zouch, identified by some web sites as 6th Lord of Haryingworth)
  i. George Catesby of Lapworth 'of Ledgers Ashby' (d 29.11.1505)
  m. Elizabeth Empson (dau of Richard Empson)
a. Sir Richard Catesby of Lapworth and Ashby Legers (d 1553)
  m1. Dorothy Spencer (dau of John Spencer)
  (1) William Catesby of Lapworth
  m. Katherine Willington (dau of William Willington)
(A) Sir William Catesby of Lapworth & Ashby Legers (d 1598)
  m. Anne Throgmorton (dau of Sir Robert Throgmorton)
  (i) Robert Catesby (b 1572-3, d 08.11.1605, leader of the gunpowder plot)
  Some details on Robert come from Wikipedia.
  m. (1593) Katherin Leigh (dau of Sir Thomas Leigh of Stoneleigh Abbey)
(a)+ issue - William (dsp), Robert
  (ii) Anne Catesby probably the Anne who married ...
  m. Sir Henry Browne of Kiddington
  (iii)+ other issue - 2 sons (dvpsp), Elizabeth
  (2) George Catesby
  m. _ Powell (dau of William Powell of Whitchurch)
  (3) Elizabeth Catesby
  m1. John Owen of Wotton
  m2. John Prestolfe
(4) Jane Catesby
  m1. Robert (not William) Gainsford of Cashalton (not Castleton)
  m2. Edmund (not Edward) Marvin (son of Sir John of Somerset)
  m2. Elizabeth Astall (dau of William Astall of Non Eaton)
  (5) Edmond Catesby (4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Porter (dau of Anthony Porter)
(A) William Catesby of Bromehall
  (6) Edward Catesby 'of Lapworth Hall'
  m. Elizabeth Whorwood (dau of Owen Whorwood)
  (A) Elizabeth Catesby (d 12.04.1619)
  m. Edward Boughton of Lawford (d 09.08.1625)
(7)+ other issue - Richard, John
  b. Elizabeth Catesby
  m. Fitz Jeffrie of Clopton
  c. Jane Catesby
  m. Thomas Brackbridge of Kingsbury
  d. daughter
  m. William Nehum of Nottinghamshire
  ii. Elizabeth Catesby possibly of this family, of this generation, see just below
  m. Roger Wake (d 1503)
  B. Elizabeth Catesby possible confusion with Elizabeth just above?
  m1. Robert Wake
  Elizabeth may have been the sister of a Sir William of Ashby who (also) married (as his 1st wife) ...
  m2. John Tyringham of Tyringham (d 1484)
  C. Anne Catesby
  m. Robert Wyttlebury
  m2. Joan Barre (dau of Thomas Barre)
  D. John Catesby of Althorp
  i. Thomas Catesby of Hinton
  a. Robert Catesby
  E. Thomas Catesby
  i. Simond Catesby
a. John Catesby
3. Edmund Catesby
  A. Sir John Catesby (judge)
  i. Sir Humphrey Catesby of Whiston
  a. Anthony Catesby of Whiston
  m. Isabell Pigot (dau of Thomas Pigot of Whaddon) probably wife of Anthony, possibly mother of ...
  (1) Thomas Catesby of Whiston
  m. Isabell Tresham (dau of Sir Thomas Tresham)
  (A) Thomas Catesby of Whiston (d 30.05.1591-2)
m. Jane Norton (dau of Richard Norton of Somerset)
  (i) George Catesby of Ecton and Whiston (b 23.10.1575, d 1645)
  m1. Bridget Bedell (dau of Sir John Bedell of Hamerton)
  (a) Clifton Catesby of Ecton and Whiston (bpt 08.02.1606-7, d c1644)
  m. Mary or Margaret (bur 09.05.1662)
((1)) Thomas Catesby of Ecton and Whiston (bpt 27.11.1632, d 20.02.1698-9)
  m. (1665) Margaret Samwell (bpt 06.10.1640, d 12.01.1726-7, dau of Richard Samwell of Upton, son of Sir Richard, sister of Sir Thomas of Gayton & Upton)
  ((A)) Mary Catesby (b by 1666, bur 09.11.1734)
  m. (1685-6) Henry Paget, 1st Earl of Uxbridge (b c1663, d 30.08.1743)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Catesby (bpt 23.05.1673)
  m. Ralph Freeman of Aspeden (a 1712)
  ((C))+ other issue - George (bpt 19.11.1671, d young), Frances (d 04.12.1675-6), daughter (d young)
  ((2)) Bridget Catesby (bpt 01.02.1626-7, d 19.12.1680-1)
  m. John Palmer of Ecton (archdeacon of Northampton)
  ((3)) Margaret Catesby (d 19.11.1685)
  m. (16.04.1666) Thomas Rushworth (bur 09.03.1714-5, vicar of Guilsborough)
  ((4)) Mary Catesby
  m. (28.09.1654) Henry Beale of Bedfordshire (son of Bartholomew of Walton)
  ((5)) Abigail Catesby (bpt 15.06.1639)
  m. (c01.1662-3) Roger Stouteville of Brinckley
  ((6))+ other issue - George (d 30.07.1659), John (bpt 08.12.1631), William (d unm bur 31.08.1659), Anthony (bpt 27.12.1633, bur 14.09.1654), Anne (bpt 25.08.1637, bur 09.08.1640), Elizabeth (bpt 04.01.1640-1)
  (b) Mary Catesby (bpt 17.05.1599)
  m. (14.07.1625) Thomas Say (bpt 11.05.1600, d after 1665, minister at Whiston, son of Augustine of Doddington)
  (c) Maude Catesby (bpt 27.04.1600)
  m. (04.09.1621) William Churchman (a 1642, minister)
(d) Susanna Catesby
  m. (26.12.1633) William Gostick of Bedfordshire
  (e)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 24.07.1608), Zouch (bpt 18.09.1609), Bridget (bpt 17.07.1601), Hanna (bpt 03.09.1601), Frances (bpt 12.11.1605)
  m2. (27.06.1639) Margery Stevens of Hardwick
  (ii) Katherine Catesby (bpt 23.06.1577)
  (2) Eleanor Catesby probably of this generation
  m. John Tresham, younger of Rushton (dvp)
(3) Dorothy Catesby (d 30.09.1613) possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William Dormer of Eythorp and Wing (and Ascot) (d 17.05.1575)
  (4) Mary Catesby possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Christopher Yelverton of Easton Mauduit (d 1607, Speaker)
  (5) Wyborow or Wiburga Catesby (d 1553) probably of this generation
  m1. Richard Jenour of Dunmow (d 1542)
  m2. Richard Weston of Skreens in Roxwell (d 06.07.1572)
  b. Mary Catesby possibly of this generation
m. Thomas Tyringham of Tyringham (d 28.09.1526)
  ii. Eusebius Catesby of Seaton
  m. Anne Seiton (dau of Everard Seiton)
  a. Edmond Catesby
  m. Ann Hasilrigge (dau of Thomas Hasilrigge)
  (1) Michael Catesby of Seaton
  m. Anne Obbene (dau of Jacob Obbene)
  (A) Richard Catesby
4. Margaret Catesby (d 1487) possibly of this generation
  m1. Richard Longueville of Little Billing
  m2. Richard Harwedon of Harrowden & Plumpton (dsp 1479)

Main source(s): Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Catesby) with input from Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681, Catesby of Ecton and Whiston)
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