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Families covered: Tresham of Newton, Tresham of Pilton, Tresham of Rushton, Tresham of Sywell

Thomas Tresham of Sywell
m. _ Rempston
1. Sir William Tresham (attorney general to King Henry V who r. 1413-1422)
  m. Isabel Vaux (dau of William Vaux of Bottisham and Northampton)
A. Sir Thomas Tresham (of Sywell?), later of Rushton (a temp Henry VI who r. 1422-61+1470-1)
  m. Margaret la Zouche (dau of William la Zouche, 5th Lord of Haryngworth)
  i. John Tresham of Liveden and Rushton
  m. Elizabeth or Isabella Harrington (dau/heir of James Harrington of Hornby and Wolfage)
a. Sir Thomas Tresham of Rushton, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (a 1530)
  m. Mary Parr (dau of Willam Parr, Lord of Horton)
  (1) John Tresham (dvp)
  m. Eleanor Catesby (dau of Anthony Catesby of Whiston)
  (A) Sir Thomas Tresham of Rushton, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (dsp)
(B) William Tresham
  (i) Sir Thomas Tresham of Rushton (a 1575)
  m. Muriel Throckmorton (dau of Sir Robert Throckmorton of Coughton)
  (a) Sir Francis Tresham of Rushton
  m. Anne Tufton (dau of Sir John Tufton)
  ((1)) Lucy Tresham
((2)) Elizabeth Tresham (b c1594, d 11.12.1647)
  m. (c1613) Sir George Heneage of Hainton
  (b) Sir Lewis Tresham, 1st Bart of Rushton (d 1639)
  m. Mary Moore (dau of John Moore, alderman of London)
((1)) Sir William Tresham, 2nd Bart of Rushton (dsp 1650-1)
  m. Frances Gage (dau of Sir John Gage, Bart of Firle)
  (c) William Tresham
  m. _ Reed (dau of _ Reed of Cotesbrook)
  (d) Frances Tresham
  m. (before 1598) Edward Stourton, 10th Lord (b c1556, d 07.05.1633)
  (e) Elizabeth Tresham (bur 02.01.1647/8)
  m. (before 06.01.1592/3) William Parker, Lord Monteagle (b c1575, d 01.07.1622)
  (f) Catherine Tresham
  m. Sir John Webb of Odstock (b 1556, d 05.1625)
  (g) Mary Tresham (d 13.10.1664)
  m. (c1606) Thomas Brudenell, 1st Earl of Cardigan (d 16.09.1663)
  (h) Anne Tresham
m. William Fletcher of Sussex (?? sb Thatcher - here?)
  (i) Bridget Tresham
  m. Edward Parham of Somerset
  (C) Muriel or Mary Tresham
  m. William Vaux, 3rd Lord of Harrowden (d 20.08.1595)
  (D) daughter
  m. George Walton
  (2) Isabel Tresham probably of this generation
m. Thomas Catesby of Whiston
  b. Isabel and/or Elizabeth Tresham apparently of this generation
  It is not clear whether Isabel was the same person as Elizabeth or they were sisters. She was / they were mistress(es) and later wife/wives of ...
  m. Sir John Longueville of Wolverton (b 1458, d 1541)
  ii. Isabel Tresham probably of this generation
  m. Sir Henry Vere of Drayton and Addington
  iii. Alice Tresham probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Merton of Northampton
  a. Joan Merton (heir)
  m. John Chauncy of Tower of Northampton (d by 1523)
  B. Henry Tresham of Newton, Northamptonshire
m. Alice Mulsho (dau of Sir Edward Mulsho)
  The following comes from VCH (Northamptonshire, vol 3, Parishes: Pilton).
  i. Richard Tresham
  a. Richard Tresham of Pilton, Newton (d 1533)
  (1) John Tresham of Pilton & Newton (d 1539)
  m. Dorothy Osborne (dau of Moryce Osborne of Kelmarsh) wife of John, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Sir Thomas Tresham of Pilton & Newton (d 1636)
  m. Anne Tate (dau of Bartholomew Tate of Delapre Abbey) wife of Sir Thomas, presumed mother of ...
  (i) Thomas Tresham of Pilton & Newton
  (a) Maurice Tresham of Pilton (a 1671) presumed father of ...
  ((1)) George Tresham of Pilton (d before 05.1684)
  ((A)) Edward Tresham of Pilton (d 1692)
  ((B)) Clemencia Tresham possibly of this generation

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Tresham of Rushton) with input as reported above
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