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Families covered: Chauncy of Edgcote, Chauncy of Tower of Northampton

Baker describes the arms of this family as "Or, three chevrons engrailed Gules" which suggests that no connection was known with the family shown on Chauncy1.
Sir Nicholas Chauncy of Sterwache, Lincolnshire
1. John Chauncy of Tower of Northampton (a temp Richard 3 who r. 1483-1485)
  A. John Chauncy of Tower of Northampton (d by 1523)
m. Joan Merton (dau/heir of Thomas Merton of Northampton by Alice, dau of Sir Thomas Tresham of Rushton)
  i. John Chauncy of Tower of Northampton (d 20.07.1528)
  m. Margaret Risley (dau/coheir of William Risley of Lillingston Lovell son of Robert by dau/coheir of John Hauton of Pitsford)
  a. William Chauncy of Edgcote, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (b c1511, d 06.04.1585)
  m. Joan Bustard (d 07.05.1571, dau of John Bustard of Adderbury)
  (1) Sir Tobias Chauncy of Edgcote (b c1550, d 26.02.1607-8)
m1. Bridget Shelley (d 17.06.1579, dau of John Shelley of Michelgrove)
  (A) Sir William Chauncy of Edgcote, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (b c1572, bur 06.07.1644)
  m1. Dorcas Randyll (dau/heir of Edward Randyll of Chilworth)
  (i) Toby Chauncy of Edgcote (b 18.12.1605, d 22.08.1662)
  m1. (08.11.1629) Anne Stevens (d 30.08.1630, dau of Nicholas Stevens of Morton)
  m2. Bridget Tryst (b c1615, d 28.01.1696-7, dau of Richard Tryst of Maidford)
  (a) Toby Chauncy of Edgcote, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (b 04.04.1643, d 04.03.1724-5, 2nd son)
  m1. Elizabeth Browne (d 23.04.1667, dau/coheir of John Browne of Eydon)
  ((1)) William Chauncy (bur 09.05.1668)
  m2. Joan Paul (bur 31.01.1676-7, dau of John Paul, Bishop of Oxford)
  ((2)) Toby Chauncy of Edgcote (b 02.02.1673-4, d unm 27.03.1733, MP, recorder of Banbury & Daventry)
  ((3)) William Chauncy of Edgcote (bpt 04.01.1676-7, d unm 27.11.1642)
((4))+ other issue - Joan (b 17.12.1674, d infant), Bridget (bpt 04.01.1675-6, d unm 08.02.1730-1)
  (b) Richard Chauncy of London (b 04.11.1652, d 06.05.1734, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Dean (d 02.1701-2)
  ((1)) Toby Chauncy (d infant)
  ((2)) Richard Chauncy of Edgcote (b c1690, d 23.12.1760)
  m. Elizabeth Kelsey (b 1692-3, d 25.04.1762, dau of Henry Kelsey)
  ((A)) William Henry Chauncy of Edgcote (b 1727-8, dsp 22.03.1788)
  m1. Mary Wordsworth (b 1725-6, d 31.05.1779, dau of Josias Wordsworth)
m2. (29.06.1780) Elizabeth Voyce (b c1776, d 18.10.1803, dau of John Voyce of Sudbury)
  ((B)) Anna Maria Chauncy of Edgcote (b c1738, d unm 07.11.1795)
  ((C))+ other issue - Richard (d infant), Toby (d infant), Toby (b 1729-30, dsp 17.05.1773, m. ??), Sarah (d infant), Henrietta Sarah (d infant), Elizabeth (b 1719-20, d unm 11.06.1766)
  ((3)) Toby Chauncy of London (d 13.12.1736)
  m. (1735) Anne Holbech (sister of William Holbech of Farnborough)
  ((A)) Anna Tobia Chauncy (d 11.1783)
  m. (1759) Thomas Richard Carter of London (d 14.05.1795)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Chauncy (bur 27.01.1772)
  m. (Jonathan) Townshend (bur 17.06.1710)
  (c) Bridget Chauncy (b 14.02.1639-40)
  m. William Farrand of London
  (d) Dorcas Chauncy (b 15.01.1647-8, a 1664)
m. Richard Tompson of Horley
  (e)+ other issue - William (bpt 29.11.1638, d infant), Thomas (b 21.04.1686, d unm 31.07.1670), William of London (b 1555-6, dsp bur 05.04.1717), Anne (b 20.03.1640-1, d 21.09.1662), Elizabeth (b 25.11.1649, d 27.05.1690)
  (ii) Elizabeth Chauncy
  m. (01.07.1674) Sir Arthur Gorges of Chelsea
  m2. (25.12.1637) Eleanor (Mrs Howes)
  (B) Erasmus Chauncy of Edgcote (bur 27.11.1634)
  m. Margaret Wake
  (i) Anne Chauncy (bpt 04.04.1617)
  m. Samuel Smith of Little Billing
(ii)+ other issue - William, Wake (b 11.01.1605, dsp bur 09.04.1635), John of Eydon (b 04.04.1610, dsp bur 12.01.1678-9), Bridget (b 18.01.1614-5)
  (C) Bridget Chauncy
  m. John Laugher of Wales
  (D) Priscilla Chauncy (a 1609)
  m. Henry Sandys of Culworth (a 1609)
  (E)+ other issue - Margaret, Joan (d infant), Joan (d infant)
  m2. (1595) Elizabeth Risley (dau of William Risley of Chetwode)
  (H)+ other issue - Creswell, Risley
  b. John Chauncy
  c. Dorothy Chauncy
  m. Edward Gillingham of Norfolk
  d. Alice Chauncy
  m. Francis Hacon of Whitacre
  e. Anne Chauncy
  m1/2. Thomas Catelyn of Raundes
  m2/1. Edmund Brudenell of Raundes

Main source(s): 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Chauncy and Carter of Edgcote', p494+)
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