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Families covered: Wordsworth of Brookehouse, Wordsworth of Horbury, Wordsworth of Monk Bretton, Wordsworth of New Lathes (Laithes), Wordsworth of Swathe (Swaithe) Hall, Wordsworth of Wadworth (Wordsworth), Wordsworth of Walton, Wordsworth of Water Hall

It is noted that on Wadsworth1 there are 2 Wadsworth families which may be connected to this one.
Isaac Wordsworth of Brookehouse in Langside (yeoman)
m. Mary Appleyard (dau of Gilbert Appleyard, niece of Richard of Over Longley)
1. Isaac Wordsworth of Brookehouse (b 1645, bur 22.06.1732)
  m. Mary Hunt (b 161, d 18.09.1711)
A. Isaac Wordsworth (b c1698, d 1700)
  B. Hannah Wordsworth
  m. Richard Matthewman of Cliff Top
2. John Wordsworth of Wakefield & Horbury (b 1655, d 18.05.1690)
  m. (06.12.1682) Cambdena (Camdena) Kirby (b 20.11.1653, dau of Joshua Kirby of Wakefield)
  A. John Wordsworth of Horbury & Peniston (b 11.02.1685, a 1717)
  m. Ann Sunderland (bpt 05.12.1711, bur 28.08.1749, dau/coheir of Peter Sunderland of Fetherston by Ann Tornhill, m2 Thomas Sunderland of Bigland)
  i. Sarah Wordsworth
m. James Hamer (son of Samuel by sister of Sir Henry Ibbotson)
  ii.+ other issue (d unm) - Richard, Elizabeth, Everilda, Jane, Ann, Sarah
  B. Kirby Wordsworth of Rotterdam (b 07.05.1688, d 1735?)
  m. Ann (d 11.1735?)
  C. Welcome Wordsworth (b 05.10.1683)
  m. _ Dixon of Elland
  i.+ issue - Joseph, Isabella, Sarah
3. Sarah Wordsworth
  m. ?? Morton



Ralph Wordsworth of Water Hall, Peniston (b 1591, d/bur 14.08.1663)
m. Elizabeth Micklethwaite (b 1597/1607, bur 10/11.11.1665, dau/coheir of Richard Micklethwaite of Swathe Hall, sister of Margaret (m. Richard Elmhirst of Houndhill))
1. John Wordsworth of Swathe (Swaithe) Hall, Peniston (b c1626?, d 1690)
  Hunter (FMG) reports that John married 4 times but names just 3: Sarah Spencer, Mary Rodes & Debora Hyde and reports "I know not which wives were mothers to his children." MGH shows as follows.
m1. Deborah Hyde (dau of Robert Hyde of Denton)
  A. Eliasaph Wordsworth (b 24.06.1652, dvp bur 26.08.1689, rd son)
  m. Mary or Mercy Jackson (dau of Peter Jackson of Leeds, m2. Thomas Whitaker of Leeds)
  i. child (bur 08.10.1678)
  B. Elizabeth Wordsworth (b 02.03.1654)
  m. (18.04.1678) John Nettleton of Dewsbury
  C. Mary Wordsworth
m. Samuel Sykes of Hull
  D.+ other issue - Joshua (bpt 26.12.1648, bur 26.07.1667), John (b 01.12.1650)
  m2. (15.12.1664) Sarah Spencer (bpt 06.03.1637-8, dau of William Spencer of Attercliffe)
  m3. (01.08.1665) Sarah Rich
  m4. (sp) Mary Rodes (d 14.10.1673, dau of Sir Edward Rodes of Great Houghton)
2. Josias Wordsworth of Water Hall (b 1628, d 18.02.1709)
  m. (1656) Sarah Beaumont (b 1625, d 16.02.1691, dau of George Beaumont of Darton, sister of George of York)
  A. John Wordsworth of Burton Grange & Water Hall (b 08.02.1657-8, d 18.02.1709)
m. (04.02.1685-6) Ann Milner (b c1660, d 15.03.1711-2, dau of William Milner of Burton Grange)
  i. Josias Wordsworth (bpt 30.04.1691, a 02.1748)
  m. Mary Ludlow of London
  a. Josias Wordsworth of Sevenscore (Kent) & Wadworth (Wordsworth) (b 1718-9, d 16.07.1780)
  m. (02.02.1749) Ann Robinson (b c1722, d 19.11.1814, dau/heir of Arthur Robinson in Sunderland)
  (1) Mary Wordsworth (b 1751, d 17.09.1817)
  m. (20.05.1771) Sir Charles Kent, Bart
  (2) Ann Wordsworth (b c1756, d 04.121835)
  m. (20.12.1770) Harry Verelst of Aston Hall & Sevenscore (b 1731, d 24.10.1785)
  b. John Wordsworth (dsp)
  m. (Judith) Townsend (dau of Chauncy Townsend, m2. Rev. _ Haweis of Aldwinkle) ## see here ##
  c. Mary Wordsworth
  m. William Henry Chauncy of Edgcote (b 1727-8, d 22.03.1788, m2. Elizabeth Voyce)
  ii. Sarah Wordsworth (bpt 30.01.1686-7, d 05.11.1729)
  m. (20.06.1729) Robert Pierse of London
iii.+ other issue Ann (b 1677-8, d 04.01.1748), Elizabeth (b 27.04.1694, d unm 21.12.1756)
  B. Josias Wordsworth of London (bpt 29.01.1661, bur 05.07.1736, Director of the East India Company)
  m. Mary (bur 01.10.1770)
  i. son (Director of the East India Company)
  C. Samuel Wordsworth (b 23.01.1667, d 1704)
  D. Elias Wordsworth of Sheffield (b 1663-4, d 20.07.1723)
  m1. Ruth Bays (b c1672, d 30.11.1712, dau of Joshua Bays of Sheffield)
  i.+ issue - John (bpt 04.08.1692, dvp bur 03.05.1721), Elias of Sheffield (b 13.04.1695, unm 14.11.1740), Sarah (b 30.03.1694, bur 13.01.1695-6)
  m2. Ann Milner (a 1739, dau of William Milner of Burton Grange)
  iv. Josias Wordsworth (bpt 20.05.1716, d 24.04.1726)
  v. Ann Wordsworth (b 30.07.1717, d 30.11.1791-4)
  m. (after 1738) Peter Christopher Algehr (d 20.11.1776, from Sweden)
3. Elias Wordsworth (b 1635, bur 19.11.1660)
4. Mary Wordsworth (b 1631-2, d 06.06.1704)
  m. (23.04.1652) Sylvanus Rich of Bullhouse
5. Martha Wordsworth (b 1637, bur 12.02.1716)
  m. Francis Haigh of Hazlehead



FMG starts with an unnamed father of John & Thomas + 2 unnamed daughters. MGH shows that this was ...
Josias Wordsworth of Cumberworth & Walton Hall (d after 28.02.1670)
m. Mary
1. John Wordsworth of Nostal & Monk Bretton (b 1657, d 10.08.1721)
  m. Mary Wood (b 1657, d 25.01.1707, dau of Robert Wood of Monk Bretton)
  A. John Wordsworth of Walton & Hermit Hill in Tankersley
  m. Matrha Mokeson (dau of _ Mokeson of Mill Farm)
  i. John Wordsworth of Walton
  m. _ Goodier
  a. John Wordsworth of Walton
m. _ Wood of Okenshaw
  b. William Wordsworth
  m. _ Wood of Okenshaw
  i. Thomas Wordsworth of London
  m. Anne Smith (cousin) @1@ below
  a.+ issue - Thomas (had dau d infant), John (had dau d infant), Mary (d unm)
  ii. Frances or Mary Wordsworth
  m. _ Wright
  iii. Mary or Frances Wordsworth
  m. _ Kaye
  B. Elias Wordsworth of Monk Bretton (b 1698, d 04.07.1734)
  m. Rebecca Wood (b 24.12.1702, d 30.08.1787, dau of William Wood of Monk Bretton)
  i. John Wordsworth of Monk Bretton (b c1723, d 1755)
  m. Elizabeth Pearson (b c1724, d 1775, dau of Joshua Pearson of Wortley by Mary, dau of Anthony Cawood) @2@ below
  a. John Wordsworth of Nottingham & Monk Bretton (d 24.06.1789)
  m. Mary Henson of Nottingham (d 08.08.1791)
  (1) William Wordsworth of Nottingham & Monk Bretton (b 05.11.1784, d 15.05.1869, cleric) had issue
  m. Frances Taylor (b 1796-7, d 12.05.1826, dau of William Taylor of Nottingham)
  b.+ other issue (a 1807, d unm) - Thomas of Monk Bretton, William of Monk Bretton
  ii. Francis or Thomas Wordsworth of Barnsley (b 1734, bur 12.1774) named Francis by FMG, Thomas by MGH
  m. Elizabeth Leetham of Barnsley
a. Elizabeth Wordsworth (d (unm?) 1840)
  C. Josias Wordsworth of London (d unm)
  D. Anne Wordsworth
  m. Thomas Smith of Wakefield
  i. Anne Smith
  m. Thomas Wordsworth of London @1@ above
  E. Eleanor Wordsworth
  m. (25.10.1716) Nathan Laverick of Sykehouse
  i. Robert Laverick
  E.F daughter
m. Thomas Wainwright of Ragstone
2. Josias Wordsworth (a 1670)
3. Thomas Wordsworth of New Lathes (Laithes) in Carlton (a 10.1719)
  m. Anna
  A. William Wordsworth of New Lathes (Laithes) (a 1734)
  m. (06.12.1722) Ann Stead (b 1701-2, d 26.04.1762, dau of Thomas Stead of Onesacre)
  i. William Wordsworth of New Laithes (b 1738-9, d 14.05.1765)
  B. Elizabeth Wordsworth (b 1703, bur 04.01.1741)
  m. John Matson of Royston
  C.+ other issue - Mary, Anne, Jane
  It seems that one of these daughters married _ West and (another) _ Swinden.
4. Mary Wordsworth
  m. John Hutchinson of Royston
  A.+ issue - John, Martha
5. Elizabeth Wordsworth
m. Anthony Cawood
  A. Mary Cawood
  m. Joshua Pearson of Wortley
  i. Elizabeth Pearson (b c1724, d 1775)
  m. John Wordsworth of Monk Bretton (b c1723, d 1755) @2@ above
  B.+ other issue - John, Martha

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