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Families covered: Hamer of Hamer, Hamer of Liverpool

fThe early generations of this family are obscure. The following Bertin my possibly have been son or grandson of either Henry de Hamer of Honorsfeld (a 1487) or Benard Heymar of Honorsfeld, both possibly being sons of Henrywho was possibly son of Robert de Hamer of Hunresfeld (a 1380).
Bertin Hamer of Hundersfeld (a 1523) possibly father of ...
1. Giles Hamer (d before 1515)
  m. Ann
  A.+ issue (a 1515) - Samuel, Abraham (bur 1585), Eliza
2. Henry Hamer of Hamer (a 1572)probably of this generation
  m. Alys (b 1485, bur 1573)
  A. Ellis Hamer of Hamer (bur 27.09.1590, yeoman)
  m. Margaret Whitehead (bur 10.08.1598, dau of Arthur Whitehead of Dearnley)
  i. Edmund Hamer of Hamer (bur 10.02.1597-8, yeoman)
  m. Alice
  a. Samuel Hamer of Hamer Hall (bur 12.09.1667, yeoman)
  m. Mary Butterworth (dau of Ralph Butterworth of Wild House)
(1) Samuel Hamer of Wild House & Hamer Hall (b 08.11.1627, bur 02.03.1709-10)
  m. Jane Newbold (bur 09.02.1714-5, dau of Edward Newbold of Newbold)
  (A) James Hamer of Hamer & Liverpool (d 1704, 2nd son)
  m. Margaret Hallowes (d 1710/40, dau of Matthew Hallowes of Ashworth Hall, m2. Nathaniel Gaskell of Manchester, m3. Rev. Joseph Mottershead of Manchester)
(i) Samuel Hamer of Newbold & Hamer Hall (b 1702, d before 01.12.1755)
  m. Mary Ibbetson (d 21.06.1783, dau of Henry Ibbetson of Red Hall)
  (a) Samuel Hallowes Hamer of Hatfield
  m. Mary Walker of Rotherham (d 10.0.1779)
  ((1))+ issue (dsp?) - Samuel, George, James, Henrietta
  (b) James Hamer of Hamer Hall (d 1785)
  Fishwick identifies James's wife Sarah as dau of Richard Wordsworth of Wakefield but she was probably ...
  m. (18.07.1758) Sarah Wordsworth (dau of John Wordsworth of Horbury)
  ((1)) James Hamer of Hamer Hall (b 08.03.1765, d 11.10.1838, Major)
  m. (11.08.1791) Elizabeth Greenwood (dau of John Greenwood of Liverpool)
  ((A)) Everilda Hamer (b 14.02.1804, d 01.05.1865)
  m. (30.09.1834) Joshua Rawdon (son of Christopher of Liverpool)
  ((B))+ other issue - John Greenwood (b 29.05.1792, d young?), Henry Wordsworth (d unm 18.08.1817, RN), James of Liverpool (d unm 09.01.1869)
  ((2)) Susanna Hamer (d 04.09.1789)
  m. (24.04.1788)Thomas Hind (rector of Henley-on-Thames, son of vicar of Rochdale)
  ((3)) Everilda Hamer
  m. _ Frazer (General)
  ((4)) Sarah Hamer
  m. Rev. Baldwin Rygbie (son of Rev. Thomas of Chester)
  ((5)) Elizabeth Hamer (d unm)
  (c) George Hamer of Heybrook
  m. Margaret Bamford (dau of William Bamford of Bamford Hall)
  ((1)) Samuel Bamford Hamer of Preston
((A)) Everilda Hamer
  m. John Swabey (Captain)
  (d) Henry Hamer of Halifax (bpt 15.05.1734) had issue
  m. Margaret Royds (dau of John Royds of Halifax)
  (e) Peggy Hamer (bpt 05.02.1732)
  m. Thomas Wolrich of Leeds
  (f) Mary Hamer (d 27.07.1793)
  m. Samuel Oates of Leeds (b 1722, d 1789)
  (g) Alice Hamer
  m1. (sp) Robert Gartside of Manchester (d 1776)
  m. Robert Hyde of Ardwick
  (h)+ other issue - Ibbetson (bpt 29.08.1739, Captain), Thomas Dunster (D young), Matthew (bpt 24.06.1735, d unm 1766), Ann of Manchester (d 1746), Betty (d unm before 20.11.1762)
  (ii) James Hamer (b 1704, d infant)
  (iii) Mary Hamer (d 1761)
  m. Sir Henry Ibbetson of Denton Park, Bart (?)
  (B) Henry Hamer (4th son)
  (i) Samuel Hamer (a 1715)
  (C) Jane Hamer (bpt 16.02.1667-8)
  m. J.W. Davenport
  (D) Alice Hamer (bpt 06.101.1670)
  m. William Hurst of Liverpool
  (E)+ other issue - Samuel (b c1663, d unm 1689), Edward (bpt 18.08.1678), Mary (bpt 30.11.1665)
  (2) Judith Hamer (d 07.12.1718)
  m. (03.10.1675) Thomas Hindley of Manchester (d 1709)
  (3) Jane Hamer (bpt 15.09.1639)
  m1. Edward Leigh (son of Edward of Rochdale, stapler)
  m2. Edmund Whitehead of Birchinley
  (4) Alice Hamer
  m. Laurence Tattersall (a 1609)
  (5)+ other issue - Edward (bpt 09.09.1621, d infant), Henry of Lower Place (bpt 18.06.1623, d before 1667), Ellis (d infant), Ralph (bpt 26.05.1646, a 1699), James (bpt 04.11.1632, a 1676), Mary (bpt 22.08.1625)
  b. Mary Hamer
  ii. Alice Hamer
m1. Giles Hamer
  m2. Gabriell Garside of Oakenrod (a 1598)
  iii.+ )other issue (a 1598) - Samuel, Sarah, Rebecca, Judith
  B. Giles Hamer (d before 1573)
  m. Ann
  i. Abraham Hamer (bur 1583)
  ii. Giles Hamer (bur 1572)
  m. Alice
  C. daughter
  m. Arthur Buckley (a 1572)
  D. Alice Hamer
  m. Edmund Haworth
  i.+ issue - Edmund, Randle



Henry Hamer of Liverpool (a 1700)
1. Henry Hamer of Liverpool (d 03.1768)
  m. Elizabeth Richmond (b 1713-4, d 04.04.1786, dau of Rev. Henry Richmond of Walton-on-the-Hill & Garstang)
  A. Henry Hamer of Liverpool (b 1747, d 11.09.1787)
  m. Elizabeth Crosbie (b c1751, d 12.10.1809, dau of James Crosbie, Mayor of Liverpool)
  i. Henry Hamer of Liverpool (b 1783, d 21.11.1842) had issue
  m. (13.04.1810) Martha Price (dau of Rev. James Price)
  ii.+ other sisue - James (b 1784, d unm 24.05.1822, minister in Liverpool), Richard (d infant), William (b 1787, d 23.02.1830), Elizabeth (d infant)
  B. Mary Hamer
  m. (1790) Jervis Thorpe of Stockport
  C.+ other issue (d unm - Sarah, Alicia (d 1806)

Main source(s): 'History of Rochdale' by Henry Fishwick (1889) with thanks to a contributor, CV (21.09.15), for bringing this to our attention
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