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Families covered: Rodes of Barlborough, Rodes (Rhodes) of Great Houghton, Rodes of Sturton
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Sir Francis Rodes, 1st Bart of Barlborough, Derbyshire (d 02.1645)
m. Elizabeth Lassells (d 1666, dau/heir of Sir George Lassells or Lascells of Sturton & Gateford (Gatford), m2. Allan Lockhart)
1. Sir Francis Rodes, 2nd Bart of Barlborough (d 03.05.1651, 2nd son?)
  m. Anne Clifton (dau of Sir Gervase Clifton, Bart of Clifton, by Frances Clifford)
  A. Sir Francis Rodes, 3rd Bart of Barlborough, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b c1648, d 14.03.1675)
  m. (c05.1665) Martha Thornton (b c1643, d 25.10.1719, dau of William Thornton of Grantham)
i. Sir John Rodes, 4th Bart of Barlborough Hall (b c1670, d unm 10.1743)
  ii. Gerard Rodes (d young)
  iii. Anne Rodes
  m. William Thornton of Bloxham (cousin)
  iv. Frances Rodes
  m. (30.12.1690) Gilbert Heathcote of Cutthorp
  Barlborough passed into the Heathcote family, some of whom assumed the name Rodes.
  B. Frances or Jane Rodes (bpt 17.10.1650) BEB1841 & Visitation (Nottinghamshire) call her Frances, FMG & Commoners name her Jane
m. William Hussey (Captain)
2. Clifton Rodes of Sturton (4th son)
  m1. Lettice Clifton (dau of Sir Gervase Clifton of Clifton by Frances Clifford)
  A. Gervase Rodes (d infant)
  m2. Elizabeth Skrimshire (dau of John Skrimshire of Cottgrave)
  B. John Rodes (b 04.05.1662, dsp)
  C. Anne or Gertrude Rodes (bur 22.08.1721)
m. William Wintringham (rector of Retford)
3. John Rodes of Sturton (a 1695)
  m. Elizabeth Jessop (dau of Simon Jessop) family name given as Jason 'of Edial' by FMG
  A. John Rodes of Cornhill
  m. Mary Tigh (dau of William Tigh of London son of _ of Carlby)
  i. William Rodes (b c1689) possibly father of ...
  a. _ Rodes of London
  ii.+ other issue - John (b 06.10.1693, d c05.1694), Elizabeth (b c1680, a 09.1694), Rebecca (b 10.06.1692, d c09.1693)
  B. Anne Rodes
  m. Henry Harrison of Worksop
  C.+ other issue ("who married in America") - Francis, Charles
4. Penelope Rodes
  m. (17.04.1649) Henry Holme of Pall Holme
5. Elizabeth Rodes
  m. Thomas Booth of Goushill
6. Katherine Rodes
  m. Leonard Robinson of Newton Garth
7. Lenox Rodes
  m. (27.03.1649) John Trueman of Mansfield
8.+ other issue - Lassells (d infant), Peter (a 'divine'), George (d unm), Eleanor (d infant), Frances (d infant), Anne (d unm)



Sir Godfrey Rodes or Rhodes of Great Houghton (d c1634)
m1. Catherine Onley (dau of Edmund Onley)
1. Mary Rodes (d unm)
m2. Anne Lewknor (dau of Sir Edward Lewknor of Denham Hall)
2. Sir Edward Rodes or Rhodes of Great Houghton (b c1601, d 19.02.1666)
  m. (05.1629) Mary Whitchcote (b 1608-9, d 22.04.1681, dau of Hammond (Hamon) Whitchcote of Harpswell)
A. Godfrey Rodes of Great Houghton (bpt 05.10.1631, d unm 27.04.1681)
  B. William Rodes of Great Houghton (bpt 11.07.1639, d 13.12.1694, 3rd son)
  m. (17.11.1685) Mary Wilson (d 22.07.1726, dau of Richard Wilson of Leeds, m2. Joshua Rayner of Great Houghton)
  i. Godfrey Rodes of Great Houghton (bpt 23.08.1686, d unm 27.02.1709)
ii. Edward Rodes (bur 24.05.1690)
  iii. Richard Rodes of Great Houghton (bpt 24.09.1691, d 04.02.1720-1)
  m. Martha Riche (dau of Elkana Riche of Bull House in Peniston, m2. Samuel Crompton)
  a. William Rodes or Rhodes of Great Houghton (d unm 04.1740)
  b. Mary Rodes or Rhodes of Great Houghton (b 22.08.1714, d unm 14.03.1789)
  c. Martha Rodes or Rhodes (d 29.06.1802)
  m. Hans Buske of Leeds & Bullhouse
  iv. Ann Rodes (bpt 03.05.1688, d 16.05.1724)
  m. (03.04.1710) Samuel Crompton (m2. Martha Riche)
  v. Mary Rodes (bpt 09.08.1694)
  m. (27.01.1712-3) William Rookes of Rodes Hall
  C. Mary Rodes (dsp 04.10.1673)
  m. John Wordsworth of Swathe Hall
D. Anne Rodes (dsp)
  m. George Ellis of Brompton (Brampton)
  E. Milicent Rodes
  m1. (sp) Charles Hutton (son of Richard of Poppleton)
  m2. Robert Banks (d 03.11.1714, vicar of Hull)
  F.+ other issue - Edward (d unm), Hammond (d unm 05.06.1688, chaplain), Richard (d young), Samuel (d young), Milicent (d infant), Elizabtrh (d infant), Elizabeth (d unm bur 11.1.1714), Frances
3. Anne Rhodes
  m. John Nevill of Mattersey
4. Elizabeth Rhodes (d 10.04.1688)
  m. Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford
5.+ other issue - Godfrey (Dean of Londonderry), Frances (d unm)
m3. Margaret Astley (dau of John Astley, widow of Anthony Nevile of Mattersey)
m4. ?? (widow of Sir William Paunton)

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