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Families covered: Crompton of Breightmet, Crompton of Chorley Hall, Crompton of Derby, Crompton of Driffield, Crompton of Duffield, Crompton of Gainsborough , Crompton of Hounslow, Crompton of Prestolee, Crompton of Skerne, Crompton of Woodend

Possibly son of John son of John was ...
(John) Crompton (d 1502)
m. Johanna
1. John Crompton of Farnworth in Prestolee (b c1490, d 20.08.1554)
  m. Katherine Hulton (possibly dau of (Alan? sb Adam?) Hulton of Farnsworth Hall)
  A. John Crompton of Prestolee & London
  Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1912, Crompton), which starts with this John and then provides just a little support for the next 2 generations, identifies John as 'of London' and his wife as Anne, dau of Raffe Ashton of Greate Leaver. The Crompton web site identifies her as Eleanor, dau of Ralph Assheton of Gt. Lever. The Assheton records show an Anne but not an Eleanor as a daughter of the Ralph who is probably of the relevant generation.
  m. Anne (or Eleanor) Assheton (dau of Ralph Assheton of Gt. Lever in Whalley (by Eleanor, dau of Adam Hulton))
i. John Crompton of Beverely (d c1604)
  ii. Thomas Crompton of Driffield & Bishop Burton (Yorkshire) & Hounslow (Middlesex) (d before 18.02.1601/2)
  Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665-6, Crompton of Great Driffield & Crompton of Sunderlandwyke) start with Thomas and provide some support for the following.
  m. Mary (or Margaret) Hudson (dau of Henry Hudson of Surrey)
  a. Sir Thomas Crompton of Driffield, Skerne (near Driffield) & Hounslow (Middlesex) (b c1579, d 1608)
  m. (23.10.1597) Muriel Carey (sister (not dau) of Henry Carey, Lord Falkland)
  (1) Catherine Crompton (d 24.06.1666)
  m. Sir Thomas Lyttleton, Bart of Frankley (d 22.02.1649)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, John, Anne, Margaret, Barbara
  b. Sir John Crompton of Skerne (d 08.12.1623)
  m. Frances Crofts (dau of Sir Henry Crofts of Sussex)
  (1) Sir Robert Crompton of Skerne (d 1669)
  (2) John Crompton of Skerne (d 1670)
m. Charles Holland (sister of Sir John Holland of Norfolk, m2. Henry North of Suffolk)
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1617), Charles (b 1618), Francis (b 1621), Anthony (b 1623)
  c. Robert Crompton of Great Driffield (d 04.09.1646)
  m1. (07.08.1610) Jane Culverwell of Cherry Burton
  (1) Mary Crompton
  m. George Fairweather of Cottingham
  m2. Ann Haldenby (dau of Francis Haldenby of Haldenby or Holdenby)
  (2) Thomas Crompton of Great Driffield (b 1619, d 15.09.1666)
m. (15.01.1641) Mary Remington (dau of Richard Remington of Lund)
  (A) Thomas Crompton (b 1641-2, a 09.1666)
  m. Ann
  (B) Elizabeth Crompton Dugdale shows 1 daughter but names her Anne
  m. Thomas Holman
  (3) John Crompton
  m. Ann
  (A)+ issue - John (b 1660), Mary (b 1653)
  (4) Frances Crompton
  m. _ Williamson of Cottingham
  m3. (30.09.1628) Ceziah Strickland (dau of Walter Strickland of Boynton)
  (5) Walter Crompton of Sunderlandwyke (b 1632-3, d 31.03.1714)
  m. Anne Pearson (dau of John Pearson of Settrington)
  (6) Robert Crompton
  m. Anne Wheale of Hingerwell
  (7) Cessia Crompton (b 16.01.1631, bur 05.02.1673)
m. Englebert Leedes of North Milford
  (8) Anne Crompton (bur 1701)
  m1. (c1650) William Metcalfe (alderman of York)
  m2. (c1655) Arthur Jegon of Wansworth
  (9) Margaret Crompton not mentioned by Dugdale
  m. _ Hutton
  d. Elizabeth Crompton
  m. Roger Raute and/or John Brewster
  e. Mary Crompton
  m. Sir William Gee of Bishop Burton
  f. Frances Crompton
  m. Sir Robert Pen or Fen
g.+ other issue - Edward, Magdalen (Maudlyn), Alice, Margaret, Suzan, Sara
  iii. Richard Crompton of Hacking Hall (d 1598)
  m. Ann
  a. James Crompton of Breightmet, Lancashire (d c1600, 2nd son?)
  The following is supported by the web site at www.jjhc.info and FMG (vol 1, MS10, 'Crompton', p20+).
  m. Ann
  (1) Abraham Crompton of Breightmet (d c1638) the first mentioned by FMG
  m. (1605) Alice Roscoe of Middleton
  (A) Henry Crompton of Breightmet (bpt 15.02.1606-7, a 1639)
  m. (10.01.1638) Rebecca Crompton (dau of John Crompton of Hacking Hall) @1@ below
  (i) John Crompton (b 16.01.1639, d 13.08.1703, minster at Cockey)
  m. Mary (b 1648, d 1678)
  (a)+ issue - John, Grace
  (ii)+ other issue - Henry, Alice, Rebecca, Grace
  (B) John Crompton (bpt 29.09.1611, d 09.01.1668/9, rector of Brailsford then vicar of Arnold)
  Other than to identify him as younger son of Abraham of Breightmet, BLG1886 & BLG1952 start with this John and then follow the line of his eldest son.
  m. Mary
(i) Abraham Crompton of Derby & Chorley (bpt 08.04.1649, d 13.02.1724-5)
  m. (14.08.1677) Elizabeth Bourne (b 1653, d 11.01.1690)
  (a) Samuel Crompton of Derby (b 28.06.1679, d 18.04.1757, banker)
  The jjhc.info site appears to have confused this Samuel with his uncle Samuel.
  m1. (03.04.1710) Ann Rodes (d 16.05.1724, dau of William Rodes or Rhodes of Long Houghton Hall)
((1)) Samuel Crompton, Mayor of Derby, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 1714, d 09.06.1782, 2nd son?)
  m. (08.05.1744) Elizabeth Fox (b 1717-8, d 29.04.1789, dau of Samuel Fox of Derby son of Timothy)
  ((A)) Samuel Crompton of Woodend, Mayor of Derby (b 04.1750, d 10.10.1810)
  m. (1783) Sarah Fox (dau of Samuel Fox of Derby)
  ((i)) Sir Samuel Crompton of Woodend, Bart (b 07.1785, d 1848) had issue (daughters)
m. (03.11.1829) Isabella Sophia Cathcart (dau of Hon. Rev, Archibald Hamiltoin Cathcart)
  ((B)) John Crompton of Lillies in Duffield, Mayor of Derby, Sheriff of Derbyshire (d 1834)
  m. (1784) Elizabeth Bell (d 03.1807, dau of Archibald Bell of Manchester)
  ((i)) John Bell Crompton of Duffield Hall (b 12.01.1785, d 1859) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (08.09.1810) Jane Wilmot-Sitwell (d 17.12.1852, dau of Edward Sacheverell Wilmot-Sitwell of Stainsby)
  ((ii)) Gilbert Crompton of Durant Hall, Chesterfield (b 09.1786) had issue
  m. (1817) Deborah Catherine Bossley (dau of Rev. George Bossley of Chesterfield)
((iii)) Elizabeth Crompton
  m. (12.1810) Thomas Kirkpatrick Hall of Hollybush
  ((iv)) Sarah Maria Crompton
  m. (10.1827) Rev. Charles Robert Hope
((C)) Joshua Crompton of York & Beal (b 25.08.1754, d 13.02.1832)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 (Stansfield of Esholt Hall) & BLG1952 (Crompton-Stansfield (now Crompton) formerly of Esholt Hall).
m. (28.02.1786) Anna Maria Rookes (d 05.06.1818, dau/heir of William Rookes of Roydes Hall by Ann, sister/heir of Robert Stansfield of Bradford then Eshalt Hall)
  ((i)) William Rookes Crompton, later Crompton-Stansfield of Esholt Hall & Frimley Park (b 03.08.1790, d 1871)
  m. (17.06.1824) Emma Markham (d 28.10.1875, dau of William Markham of Becca Hall, son of William, Archbishop of York)
  ((ii)) Joshua Samuel Crompton of Azerley Hall & Sion Hill (b 17.09.1789, d 1881) had issue
  m. (02.09.1834) Mary Alexander (dau of Claude Alexander of Ballochmyle by Helenora, dau of Sir William Maxwell, Bart of Springkell)
  ((iii)) Maria Anne Crompton
  m. (04.07.1814) Henry Preston of Moreby Hall (d 12.08.1857)
  ((iv)) Mary Frances Crompton
m. (04.12.1828) Sir William Lewis Herries (Lt. Colonel)
  ((v)) Caroline Rachel Crompton
  m. F.G. O'Reilly
  ((vi))+ other issue - Robert Edward of Azerley Hall (b 08.08.1804, d 1834), Elizabeth Jane, Henrietta Matilda, Margaret Sarah
  ((D)) Gilbert Crompton of Nun Munkton, Yorkshire (b 1755)
  m. Eliza Johnson (dau of Rev. George Johnson of Loftus & Norton)
  ((i)) Samuel Gilbert (or Gilbert Samuel) Crompton of Carlton (minister) had issue
  m. Clara Down (dau of Richard Down of Halliwick Manor House by Rose, dau/heir of Henry Neale)
  ((ii))+ other issue - George (d 01.1815, Captain), Robert, William, Anne
  ((E))+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 06.06.1745, d unm), Ann (b 04.04.1747, d infant)
((2)) John Crompton of Derby (b 1713, d(sp?) 1788)
  m. (04.04.1753) Antonia/Antonina Woodhouse (dau of William Woodhouse of Reresby)
  ((3)) Joshua Crompton of Derby (d 02.1770)
  The jjhc.info site suggests that Joshua purchased Maplewell Hill in Leicestershire which then passed to his son Peter then his son Sir Charles. That is not mentioned by BLG1886/1952.
  m. (1758) Elizabeth Colthurst (d 1778, dau/heir of Rev. Thomas Colthurst of Whitchurch/Chester)
  ((A)) Peter Crompton of Eaton House, Liverpool (b c1760, d 23.01.1833, 2nd son)
  m. (20.03.1787) Mary Crompton (dau of John Crompton of Chorley) @2@ below
  ((i)) Sir Charles Crompton (b 12.06.1797, d 30.10.1865, judge, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1832) Caroline Fletcher (d 1882, dau of Thomas Fletcher of Liverpool)
  ((ii)) Caroline Crompton (bpt 27.06.1793, a 1835)
  m. Robert Hutton of Putney Park
  ((iii))+ other issue - Edward (b 1788), Henry (b 1792), Stamford (b 1793, d 1830), Albert (d 1841), Mary (b 1789, d 1825), Emma (b 1792)
  ((B))+ other issue - Thomas (b 1759, dsp 1781), William (b 1761, d 1769)
  ((4)) Mary Crompton (d 1749) not mentioned by BLG1886/1952
  m. (sp) Edward Lawrence of London
  ((5))+ other issue - Abraham (b 08.01.1710-1, d 10.07.1714 not mentioned by BLG1886/1952), Rebecca (b 1720-1, bur 15.03.1788)
  m2. Martha Rich (dau of Elkana Rich of Bullhouse, widow of Richard Rodes) not mentioned by BLG1886/1952
((7)) Elkanna Crompton (dsp c1756)
  (b) John Crompton of Chorley Hall (b 09.08.1682, d 05.04.1750)
  m1. (06.04.1719) Hannah Mather (d 1723, dau of Joseph Mather of Shipley)
  ((1)) John Crompton of Chorley Hall (b 27.07.1722, bur 04.06.1780, 2nd son)
  m. (13.07.1756) Catherine Wharton off Liverpool
  ((A)) Abraham Crompton 'of Chorley Hall' (bpt 15.07.1757, d 03.05.1829)
  m. (1788) Alice Hayhurst of Liverpool
  ((i)) Ellen Crompton (b 1789)
  m. (27.04.1812) Henry Booth
  ((ii)) Catherine Crompton (b 1790)
  m. Adam Thornborow
  ((iii)) Hannah Crompton (b 1791)
  m. John Armstong
  ((iv)) Jessy Crompton (b 1801, d 1891)
  m. Edmund Potter (d 1883, MP)
  The following comes from Wikipedia ("Beatrix Potter").
((a)) Rupert William Potter (b 1832, d 1914)
  m. (08.08.1863) Helen Leech (b 1839, d 1932)
  (((1))) Helen Beatrix Potter (b 28.07.1866, d 22.12.1943, author)
  m. (1913) William Heelis
  ((v))+ other issue - Francis (b 1793), George (b 1799), Brooks (b 1804, d 1881), John Allington (b 1806, d 033.03.1831, had dau), John (b 1809), Elizabeth (b 1793), Susan (b 1794), Lucy (b 1797, d 31.05.1830), Sarah (b 1799), Janet/Susan (b 1802), Laura (b 1802, d 01.02.1815)
  ((B)) Mary Crompton
  m. Peter Crompton @2@ above
  ((C))+ other issue - John, Catherine (d 1826)
  ((2)) Hannah Crompton (b 25.01.1720, d 06.1788)
  m. Thomas Stanford of Derby (b 1712, d 1817)
  ((A)) Hannah Stanford (b 1753, d unm 1832)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Stanford (d 09.04.1831)
  m. James Caldwell of Linley Wood (b 1759, d 1838)
  ((3))+ other issue - Abraham of Chorley(b 1720, d unm), Joseph (d young), Rebecca
  m2. Margaret Rigby (dau of Roger Rigby Chowbent)
  ((6)) Edward Crompton of Bolton (b 1743, youngest son)
  m. Ann Bury
  ((A)) Margaret Crompton
  ((7))+ other issue - Samuel (b 1734), Margaret (b 1732), Mary (b 1737), Rebecca (b 1739, d young?), Deborah
  (c) Abraham Crompton of Chorley Hall (b 1690, d unm 12.1766-7)
  BLG1886/1952 suggest that Abraham was older than his brother John but the dates given by the web sites suggest otherwise.
  (d) Elizabeth Crompton (b 06.08.1678, dsp 11.1757)
  m1. (06.09.1703) Henry Coape of Duffield Hall (d 1707)
  m2. (04.04.1711) Samuel Hacker of Derby (d 1724)
  (e) Mary Crompton (b 1680, bur 25.08.1728) not mentioned by BLG1886/1952
m1. Henry or Samuel Seal of Horninglow
  m2. (14.11.1722) John Heslop of Stand
  (ii) Samuel Crompton (bpt 16.02.1650, d 1734, minister in Doncaster)
  m1. (c1689) Mary Cranmer of Nottinghamshire
  (a) Mary Crompton (b 1690, d 10.09.1760)
m1. John Darling of Thorne
  ((1)) Elizabeth Darling
  m. (05.1735) Thomas Whitaker
  m2. William Moult (d 1727)
  m2. (24.09.1695) Elizabeth Wharam of Long Houghton (bur 15.08.1726)
  (b) John Crompton of Gainsborough (b 1702)
m1. (28.02.1735) Elizabeth Woodhouse (b 1711, d 30.10.1738, dau of William Woodhouse of Reresby)
  ((1)) Samuel Crompton of Gainsborough & Clapham
  m. Hannah Woodhouse (b 1748-9, d 23.03.1817, dau of John Woodhouse of London)
  ((A)) Woodhouse Crompton of Warwick (d 1807)
  m. Mary Twamley
  ((i)) Elizabeth Crompton
  m. (01.09.1821) H.H. Stansfield of London
  ((ii)) Mary Crompton
  m. (09.1823) Nathaniel Gould
  ((iii)) Frances Crompton
  m. (11.1826-7) Charles Bischoff
  ((iv))+ other issue - Samuel (d unm), John of Leeds, Charles of London
  ((B)) Joseph William Crompton of Birmingham (a 1820)
  m. Martha Webster (dau of Joseph Webster of the Penns)
  ((i)) Dickinson Crompton
  m. (05.1833) Catherine Woolley (dau of Rev. H. Woolley of Middleton)
  ((ii)) Martha Crompton
  m. (1840) _ Dowson of Norfolk
  ((iii)) Woodhouse Crompton of Liverpool
  m. Lucy Fletcher (dau of Robert Fletcher of Liverpool)
((iv)) William Morgan Crompton of Stourbridge
  m. _ Solly (dau of Thomas Solly)
  ((v)) Dorothea Crompton
  m. (24.02.1824) James Yates of Birmingham (son of John of Liverpool)
  ((vi))+ other issue - Joseph of Norwich, Susan, Sarah
  ((C))+ other issue (d unm) - Dorothy (d 06.05.1831), Elizabeth
  ((2)) Elizabeth Crompton
  m1. William Whitaker of Leeds
  m2. George Bischoff of Leeds
  m2. Dorothy Wyndlow (dau/coheir of James Wnyldow of York by dau of Joseph Rokeby)
  (c) Hannah Crompton (d 1744)
m. Hubbert Woodhouse
  (d) Ann Crompton (b 1699, d 1733)
m. Robert Moody
  (iii) Mary Crompton (bpt 08.05.1653)
  m. Samuel Brentnall
  (iv)+ other issue - Joshua, Rebecca (bpt 23.01.1647), Elizabeth (bpt 14.01.1654)
  (C) Alice Crompton
  (2) William Crompton of Breighmet (Breakmet) possibly fits here
  (3) James Crompton of Breighmet (Breakmet) possibly fits here
  b . Ellis Crompton of Hacking Hall (d 1632)
  (1) John Crompton of Hacking Hall (dvp 1625)
  (A) John Crompton (b 1611, d 1669)
  m. (1635) Cecilia
  (B) Rebecca Crompton (b 1620, bur 17.11.1698)
  m. (1638) Henry Crompton of Breighmet @1@ above
  (C)+ other issue
  (2)+ other issue
  c.+ other issue - John (b 1553, a 1610), Thomas of Breighmet (d 02.02.1628), Robert, Jane, Catharine, Ellen, Gertrude, Alice

Main source(s): the web site at www.rgcrompton.info with support as reported above from BLG1886 (Crompton of Lilies), BLG1952 (Inglefield (formerly Crompton) of Flower Lilies) and other support as reported above
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