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Families covered: Pitt of Blandford Forum, Pitt of Boconnoc, Pitt of Camelford, Pitt of Chatham, Pitt of Londonderry
[The Boconnoc line was previously shown within Pitt01. It was moved here to facilitate review & expansion of this family.]

Thomas Pitt of Blandford, Dorset
m. Priscilla Searle
1. John Pitt (b 1609-10, d 25.04.1672, rector of St. Mary's, Blandford)
  m. Sarah Jay (d 02.12.1664, dau of John Jay of Witchampton)
A. Thomas Pitt ('Diamond') of Blandford & Boconnoc, Governor of Fort St. George in Madras, Governor-General of Jamaica (bpt 01.07.1653, d 28.04.1726, 2nd son) the first mentioned by BE1883
  m. Jane Innes (dau of Sir James Innes of Reid Hall)
  i. Robert Pitt of Boconnoc (d 20/1.05.1727)
  m. Harriet FitzGerald-Villiers (d 21.10.1736, dau of Edward FitzGerald-Villiers of Dromana)
  a. Thomas Pitt of Boconnoc (d 17.07.1761, MP)
m(1). Christian Lyttleton (dau of Sir Thomas Lyttleton, Bart of Hagley)
  The following is supported by TCP ('Camelford') & BE1883 ('Pitt, Barons Camelford').
  (1) Thomas Pitt of Boconnoc, 1st Lord Camelford (b 03.03.1736/7, d 19.01.1793, MP)
  m. (29.07.1771) Anne Wilkinson (b 05.10.1738, d 05.05.1803, dau of Pinckney Wilkinson of Burham)
  (A) Thomas Pitt of Boconnoc, 2nd Lord Camelford (b 19.02.1775, d unm 10.03.1804)
  (B) Anne Pitt (d 13.06.1864)
  m. (1792) William Wyndham Grenville, Lord Grenville, Pime Minister (b 24.10.1759, dsp 12.01.1834)
  (2) Amelia Pitt
  m. William Spry
  (3) Christian Pitt
m. Thomas Saunders, Governor of Fort St. George
  b. William Pitt 'the Elder', 'The Great Commoner', 1st Earl of Chatham (b 15.11.1709, d 11.05.1778, Secretary of State)
  (1) The following is supported by TCP ('Chatham') & 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, 'Pedigree of Pitt Earl of Chatham', p962).
(2) Although often thought of as having been Prime Minister, William 'the Elder' never actually held that position (the formal leader of the Government during his period of greatest influence being the Duke of Grafton) but he was recognised as the dominant personality of the Government for some years.
  m. (15.11.1574) Hester Grenville, Baroness Chatham (b c1732, d 02.04.1803, dau of Richard Grenville of Wootton)
  (1) John Pitt, 2nd Earl of Chatham (b 10.09.1756, dsp 14/24.09.1835)
  m. (10.07.1783) Mary Elizabeth Townshend (b 02.09.1762, bur 30.05.1821, dau of Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Syndey)
  (2) William Pitt 'the Younger', Prime Minister (b 28.05.1759, d unm 23.01.1806)§E
(3) Hester Pitt (b 08.10.1755, d 20.07.1780)
  m. (19.12.1774) Charles Stanhope, 3rd Earl Stanhope (b 03.08.1753, d 15.12.1816)
  (4) Harriet Pitt (b 18.04.1758, d 09.1786)
  m. Edward James Eliot, younger of St. Germans
  c. Harriet Pitt
  m1. Sir William Corbet, 5th Bart (dsp 15.09.1748)
  m2. (21.05.1753) Robert Needham
  d. Elizabeth Pitt
m. (1743) George Tomlinson
  e. Sarah Pitt
  ii. Thomas Innes Pitt, 5th Earl of Londonderry (d 12.09.1729, Colonel, MP)
  The following is supported by TCP ('Londonderry') & BE1883 ('Pitt, Earl of Londonderry').
  m. (10.03.1716/7) Frances Ridgeway (b c1702, d 18.05.1772, dau/coheir of Robert Ridgeway, 4th Earl of Londonderry, m2. Robert Graham)
  a. Thomas Pitt, 6th Earl of Londonderry (b c1717, d unm 24.08.1734)
  b. Ridgeway Pitt, 7th Earl of Londonderry (b 1722, d unm 08.01.1765)
  c. Lucy Pitt
  m. Pierce Meyrick (of Bodorgan family)
  iii. John Pitt (Lt. Colonel, MP)
  m. (04/5.04.1721) Mary Belasyse (dau of Thomas Belasyse, 3rd Viscount Fauconberg)
  iv. Lucy Pitt (b 1692, d 24.02.1722-3)
m. (24.02.1713) James Stanhope, 1st Earl Stanhope (b 1674, d 05.02.1720-1)
  iv Essex Pitt
  m. (1714) Charles Cholmondeley of Vale Royal (b 1684, d 1759)
  B.+ other issue - John (bpt 18.09.1649, a 1670), George (bpt 04.07.1654), Richard (bpt 05.04.1659), Robert (bpt 20.11.1662), Edward (bur 06.10.1664), Sarah, Dorothy (bpt 12.08.1656)
2. William Pitt, Mayor of Dorchester (d 1687)
  'The Pedigree Register' shows that William osp (dsp). Thanks to a contributor (RH, 26.06.23) for drawing our attention to William's will (here) which, with support from the Dorset Visitation, shows that that should have been "dspm" as he had the following family.
  m. Jane (bur 06.02.1690/1)
  A. Priscilla Pitt
  m. (18.08.1674) John Chappell
  i.+ issue - William, John
  B. daughter
  m. Thomas Deane of Wimborne
  i.+ issue - David, Jane
  C. Mary Pitt
  m. (30.05.1678) George Gould
3. Robert Pitt of Blandford Forum (b c1622, d before 11.03.1688/9, MD)
  m. Margaret Guy (dau of John Guy of Brianstone)
  A. Robert Pitt of Blandford Forum (b 1653, d 1713, MD)
  m. (c02.1685/6) Martha Nourse (dau of John Nourse of Wood Eaton)
  i. Martha Pitt
  B. Thomas Pitt (a 1682, Master in Chancery)
  m. (c06.1684) Margaret Seward of London
  i.+ issue - Robert (a 1702), William (b c1700, d 05.04.1730), Christoipher, Katherine
  C. John Pitt
  i.+ issue - Robert (a 1737, rector of Cheselborne), Robert, Priscilla
  D. Christopher Pitt of Blandford Forum (b 1662, d 02.08.1723, MD)
  m. Elizabeth (b c1674, d 22.10.1743)
  i. Robert Pitt (dvp 1730, Rector of Overmoigne, Canon of Lichfield)
  m. Mary
  a. Mary Pit
  ii. Christopher Pitt (b 1699, d 1748, Rector of Pimperne)
  iii. Henry Pitt (b c1705, d 13.02.1733, rector of Wilton)
  m. Susan Barford (dau of Richard Barford)
  iv. Elizabeth Pitt
  m. William Goldwyre of Blandford (Surgeon)
  a. Mary Goldwyre
  m. _ Muston (Captain RN)
  b. Jane Goldwyre of New Sarum (bur 1800)
  c. Margaret Goldwyre
m. Edward Butt of Wimborne Minster (d 1781, Rector of Aldbourne, Headmaster of New Sarum Grammar School)
  d. Martha Goldwyre (bur 1762)
  m. James Talman (a 1756, Vicar of Christchurch)
  v. Mary Pitt
  m. George Whitmarsh of Wilton (apothecary)
  vi. Lucy Pitt
  m. John Baskett of Lincolnshire (clerk)
  E. Priscilla Pitt
  m. (c07.1672) John Dennett of London
  F. Margaret Pitt (d 04.09.1749)
  m. William Lowth of London (b 1660, d 1732, rector of Buriton)
3. daughter
  m. _ Cradocke
4. daughter
  m. _ Thorne
5.+ other issue - Edward, Christopher of London (d before 10.10.1684)

Main source(s): 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 24 (March 1913), 'Pitt of Blandford', p374+), BE1883 ('Pitt, Barons and Earl of Chatham'), Visitation (Dorset, 1677, 'Pitt', with input from the Harleian editor) with input/support as reported above
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