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Families covered: Quicke of Newton St. Cyres, Quicke of Sandford
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John Quick of Sandford
m. Cecilia Whyddon (dau of Thomas Whyddon of Chagford)
1. Richard Quicke of Sandford
  m. Elizabeth Bidewell (dau of John Bidewell of Bidwell (Bidwell of Newton St. Cyres))
  A. Andrew Quicke of Newton St. Cyres (bur 09.09.1557)
  m. Alice Drew of Sharpham (bur 25.06.1586)
  i. Thomas Quicke of Newton St. Cyres (d 1611)
  m. Elizabeth Luscombe (bur 23.03.1605-6, dau of John Luscombe of Rattery)
  a. Andrew Quicke (bpt 20.11.1563, a 1615, dsps)
  m1. (01.07.1588) Jane Moore
  (1)+ issue (dvp?) - John (bpt 04.12.1593, bur 15.06.1615), Anne (bpt 08.05.1589), Mary (bpt 08.06.1591), Jane (bpt 13.06.1596), Alice (bpt 17.09.1599), Katherine (bpt 06.01.1601-2), Margaret (bpt 31.10.1604)
  m2. Wilmot (bur 21.09.1617)
b. John Quicke of Newton St. Cyres (bpt 27.12.1569, d 1606)
  m. Alice Sharland (dau of Roger Sharland or Sherland of Morchard. m2. John Short of Newton St. Cyres)
  (1) Andrew Quicke (b 13.07.1598, d unm bur 03.05.1653)
  (2) John Quicke of Newton St. Cyres (bpt 23.01.1601-2, bur 03.10.1677)
m. (24.09.1625) Juliana Undrell (bur 13.11.1666, dau of Lawrence Undrell or Underhill)
  (A) John Quicke of Newton St. Cyres (b c1629, d 23/5.04.1703)
  m. (11.10.1655) Elizabeth Southcote (d 16.11.1706, dau of Thomas Southcote of Buckland)
  (i) John Quicke of Newton St. Cyres (b 30.07.1656, d unm bur 13.12.1683)
  (ii) Thomas Quicke (b 16.05.1658, dsp bur 19.12.1701)
  m. (13.06.1689) Elizabeth Duke (dau of Richard Duke of Otterton)
  (iii) Andrew Quicke of Newton (b 24.03.1665-6, bur 04.07.1736, 5th son)
  m. (16.02.1685-6) Dorothy Northcote (bur 21.11.1728, dau of Sir Arthur Northcote, 2nd Bart of Hayne)
(a) John Quicke of Newton St. Cyres (d 1729)
  m. (1720) Rebecca Nutcombe (d 1733, dau of Richard Nutcombe of Nutcombe)
  ((1)) John Quicke of Newton St. Cyres, Sheriff of Devonn (b 27.03.1724, bur 07.06.1776)
  m. (1758-9) Jane Coster (dau of Thomas Coster of Bristol (MP), widow of Robert Hoblyn)
  ((A)) John Quicke of Newton St. Cyres, Sheriff of Devon (b 06.03.1759, d 12.06.1830)
  m. (1780) Emilia Cumming (bur 16.06.1842, dau of Alexander Cumming of Altyre)
  ((i)) John Quicke of Newton St. Cyres, Sheriff of Devon (b 06.01.1783, d 09.09.1859) had issue
  m. (14/24.10.1814) Frances Catherine Cumming (b 1787-8, bur 18.06.1862, dau of Thomas Cumming of Bathampton)
  ((ii)) Thomas Nutcombe Quicke (b c1792, bur 13.09.1830, Captain, 7th son) had issue
  m. (1823) Mary Sophia Evered (dau of John Evered of Hill House)
  ((iii)) Louisa Mary Quicke (b 18.01.1786)
  m. Rev. George Gunning
  ((iv))+ other issue - Andrew (b 18.07.1787, d 14.01.1864), George (bur 26.03.1789), Edward (d unm 03.01.1849), William Henry (d unm 1832, cleric), George (d unm 1838, Captain), Emilia Jane Grace (b 24.07.1784, d 1870),
  ((2)) Nutcombe Quicke of Exeter, later Nutcombe of Nutcombe (b 21.02.1727-8, d 1809, cleric)
  m. Ann Lavington (dau of George Lavington, Bishop of Exeter)
  ((A)) Frances Quicke
  ((B)) Jane Quicke
  m. John Gould
  ((C)) Anne Quicke
m. Rev. William Oxenham
  ((3)) Andrew Quicke of Ethy (b 08.09.1729, dsp)
  m. Mary Tullie (dau of Timothy Tullie)
  ((4)) Ann Quicke (b 27.02.1726)
  (b) Frances Quicke
  m1. Francis Hall of West Sandford
  m2. (1733) Sir John Chichester, 4th Bart of Raleigh and Youlston (bpt 02.01.1688-9, d 02.09.1740)
  (c) Elizabeth Quicke
  m. (1716-8) William Gould of Downes (d 1725)
  (d) Penelope Quicke
  m. (29.07.1735) Nicholas Gay (vicar)
(e)+ other issue - Thomas (bur 26.09.1711), Andrew (b 05.05.1704, bur 22.05.1704), Dorothy (d unm 1787), Mary (bur 17.06.1711)
  (iv) Frances Quicke (bpt 24.04.1664)
  m. (10.08.1682) Philip Duck of Ivybridge
  (v) Elizabeth Quicke (bpt 16.02.1669-70)
  m. (1693) Thomas Pyne of Dunsbear
  (vi)+ other issue - George (b 07.12.1659, bur 29.10.1669), Charles (bpt 04.09.1662), Richard (bpt 05.01.1667-8, bur 02.11.1683), Elizabeth (bur 27.05.1661), Anne (bur 12.05.1673)
  (B) Elizabeth Quicke
  m. (19.04.1670) Walter Elford of Devon
  (C) Alice Quicke (d 11.10.1658)
  (3) Elizabeth Quicke (bpt 24.02.1599-1600)
  m. John Burton of Righampton
  (4) Joanna Quicke (bpt 25.05.1604)
  m. (12.05.1625) John Hurell of Woodley
  c. Walter Quicke had issue
  m. (04.06.1586) Dorothy Hall
  d. James Quicke (bur 11.12.1611) had issue
  m. (01.06.1584) Agnes Skinner (bur 30.04.1599)
  e. Elinor Quicke (bpt 11.04.1565)
  m. (26.06.1587) William Babb alias Hext
  f. Elizabeth Quicke (bpt 20.05.1568)
  m. (23.10.1592) John Tuckfield
  g.+ other issue - Anne (bpt 24.08.1573), Alice (bpt 08.07.1584)
  B. John Quick of West Monckton, Somerset (a 1573)
  i. Humphry Quick
  a. Jane Quick

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Quicke of Newton St. Cyres', p854+ (in Addenda)), BLG1952 ('Quicke of Newton St. Cyres')
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