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Families covered: Radford of Okeford, Radford of Rockbeare, Radford of Whitchurch

Vivian shows the following family as having the following Arms: "Sa., three lampreys or man tigers in pale Arg.".
Richard Radford of Okeford, Devon
m. Joane (dau of _ Hill alias Spurway)
1. Grigorie Radford of Okeford
m. Willmote Prescott (dau of Roger Prescott)
  A. Richard Radford (dsp 09.08.1569)
  B. John Radford of Okeford (b c1554, d 03.06.1622)
  m. Dorothy Beare (bur 01.10.1635, dau of John Beare of Beare)
  i. John Radford (d before 26.12.1650)
  m. Susan Nutcombe (d before 24.06.1656, dau of John Nutcombe of Nutcombe)
  a. Mary Radford (a 1654)
  m. Thomas Syderfyn (a 1654)
  b.+ other issue - John (bpt 23.08.1614, a 1660, had issue), William (bpt 2.04.1618, a 1654), Gregory (bpt 25.12.1620, a 1656)
  ii. Thomas Radford of East Anstey (bpt 06.11.1586, d before 26.12.1650)
  m. (02.11.1612) Thomasine (d before 27.04.1660, dau of John Hill alias Dodscombe)
  a. Dorothie Radford (a 1660)
  m. (26.11.1641) John Elworthy (a 1660)
  b. Agnes Radford (a 1660)
  m. (18.07.1649) Andrew Elworthy (a 1660)
  c.+ other issue(a 1660) - Thomas (b c1616), Richard
  iii. Dorithy Radford (bpt 10.10.1589, a 1622)
  m. (04.06.1618) Abraham Towle of Dulverton
  iv. Mary Radford (bpt 06.10.1600)
  m. (04.10.1622) Nicholas Bromford
  v.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 18.02.1592, a 1622), Gregory (bpt 26.01.1595-6), Agnes (bpt 14.01.1583-4, a 1622), Johane (bur 07.02.1587-8), Johane (bpt 08.01.1588-9)



Shown as having the same Arms as the above family was ...
John Radford of Rockbeare, Devon (d 04.10.1575)
1. Lawrence Radford 'of St. Leonards' of Rockbeare & Mount Radford (b c1552, d before 11.11.1590, prothonotary)
  m. Margaret Raleigh (dau of Walter Raleigh, sister of Sir Walter, m2. George Hull of Larkbeare)
  A. Bridget Radford (a 1590, d before 1657)
  m. Edward Yard of Clyst Honiton
  B. Katherine Radford (bpt 02.07.1581, a 1590)
  C. Sophia Radford (a 1590)
  m. Thomas Pomfrey of Divelish
  D. Mary Radford (a 1590, 1647) who married ...
  m. Robert Yarde of Staplefitzpaine (a 1633)
2. John Radford of Chudleigh, Devon (a 1575)
  m. (20.04.1562) Mary Bennet (dau of Richard Bennet of Chudley)
  A. William Radford (bpt 16.02.1562-3, a 1575)
  B. Robert Radford of Whitchurch, Devon (a 1620)
  m. Alice Leich (dau of William Leich of Kingstanton)
  i. Robert Radford of Whitchurch (2nd son) had issue
  m. (c12.1636) Judith Cann of Holbeton
  ii.+ other issue - George, Richard, Rose, Joane, Margaret



Samuel Radford of Chester (d 1699)
m. (01.01.1689) Eleanor Henry (b 23.07.1667, d 23.08.1696, dau of Rev. Philip Henry)
1. Daniel Radford
  m. _ Harris
  A. Mary Radford
  m. Thomas Rogers
  i. Daniel Rogers of Worcestershire (d 02.1629)
  m. _ Bowles
  a. ?? Bowles (Master of Walsall Grammar School, cleric)
  ii. Mary (or Sarah) Rogers
  m. John Towgood of London (banker)
a.+ issue - John, Charles, George, Samuel, Maria, Caroline, Lucy
  iii. Sarah (or Martha) Rogers
  m. Sutton Sharp
  a. Mary Sharp
  m. Edwin Wilkins Field
  b.+ other issue - Sutton, Samuel, Henry, William, Daniel
  iv.+ other issue - Thomas (d unm), Samuel (d unm 1855, banker & poet), Henry, Martha
2. Mary Radford
  m. Paul Mitchel
  A. Mary Mitchel (d unm)
3. Catherine Radford
  m. J. Bingham
  A. A. Bingham (d unm)
4. Sarah Radford (d unm)



William Radford (cleric)
m. Anne
1. son (dvp)
2. Vertue Radford (b 18.01.1657/8, d 1694, Recorder of London)
  m1. (c01.1678/9) Jane Everson (bur 07.10.1684, dau of John Everson of London)
  A.+ 2 daughters
  m2. (25.05.1687) Susan Wright (b 21.04.1664, bur 12.04.1730, dau of Chief Justice Robert Wright of Wangford)
  C. Robert Radford (bpt 07.08.1688, d young)

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