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Families covered: Ramsay of Balmounth, Ramsay of Balanbriech, Ramsay of Brechin, Ramsay of Burnturk, Ramsay of Colluthie, Ramsay of Derchester, Ramsay of Wester Ogil , Ramsay of Wyliecleuch
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Alexander Ramsay of Derchester (a 1485)
1. Robert Ramsay of Derchester and Wyliecleuch, Berwickshire (a 1514) presumed father of ...
  A. Robert Ramsay of Wyliecleuch (a 1532)
  i. Thomas Ramsay of Wyliecleuch (d before 02.1598-9)
  m. Alison Home
  a. Sir Robert Ramsay of Wyliecleuch (a 1609)
  (1) Robert Ramsay (dvp17.06.1598)
m. (25.05.1593)
  (A) Isobel Ramsay
  m. Robert Dickson of Peill
  (B)+ other issue - Margaret, Jonet
  (2) John Ramsay, Viscount of Haddington, Earl of Holdernesse (b c1580, d 06.12.1618)
  m1. (08/20.02.1608) Elizabeth Ratclife (d 06.12.1618, dau of Robert Ratcliffe, 5th Earl of Sussex)
  (A)+ issue - James (d infant 28.02.1617-8), Charles (bpt 17.05.1618, bur 25.03.1621), daughter (d infant)
  m2. (c07.1624) Martha Cockayne (bpt 26.05.1605, d 07.1641, dau of Sir William Cockayne of Rushton, Lord Mayor of London)
  (3) Sir George Ramsay of Newtonlees, later of Wyliecleuch (d before 22.06.1635)
  m. Margaret Ker
  (A) John Ramsay (d c1667)
  m. Alice
  (i) George Ramsay (dvp c1658)
  m. Mary Widdrington (dau of Henry Widdrington)
  (a) George Ramsay
  (b) Mary Ramsay (dsps 03.1680-1)
  m. (before 04.08.1676) Rallph Williamson
  (c) Elizabeth Ramsay (b c1656)
  m. (c03.1678-9) Edmund Aston of London
  (ii) Margaret Ramsay
  m. Luke Collingwood
  (iii) Elizabeth Ramsay (b c1639, d after 1668)
  m. (c1668) _ Elderton
  (iv) Jane Ramsay (b c1641)
  m. (c1672) John Lovell
  (v)+ other issue - John (b c1636, m c1668), William, Robert (b c1644, d unm 1678), Dorothy (b c1640, d before 1678), Mary (b c1644, d before 1678)
  (B) Margaret Ramsay
  m. (mcrt 16.05.1631) James Hoppringle of that ilk
  (4)+ other sons - Nicholas (bur 04.1634), Alexander (a 06.1628), Thomas, Patrick and possibly Andrew, Patrick, William
  b. Elizabeth or Alison Ramsay
  m. (mcrt 21.04.1565) Robert Cranstoun, younger in Legertwood
  c. Margaret Ramsay
  m. (mcrt 17.01.1578-9) Alexander Hoppringle (of Coldstream family)
2. Thomas Ramsay (a 06.1514)



'Fife (P&H)' reports that "It is probable that the first mansion of Colluthie was built by William Ramsay, or Rameseye as it was then spelled, who became Earl of Fife through his marriage with Isabella, Countess of Fife, previous to 1357. ..." (## see here ##) "... As he died without heirs the title lapsed, and the estate of Colluthie became the property of his next-of-kin."
David Ramsay of Colluthie, Fife
m. Margaret Lundy (dau of ?? Lundy of Balgony)
1. David Ramsay of Colluthie (a 1508, 1540)
  m. (before 15111) Jonet Balfour
  A. Henry Ramsay of Colluthie
  i. Henry Ramsay of Colluthie
  m. Marjory Kirkaldy (dau of Sir James (not John) Kirkaldy of Grange (Lord High Treasurer))
  a. Elizabeth Ramsay of Colluthie (d c02.1566/7)
  m. David Carnegie of Parbride
  ii. Katherine Ramsay
  m. David Balfour of Balledmonth



John Ramsay of Burnturk & Balmounth (a 1483, a 1513?)
m. Margaret Sinclair probably widow of John, possibly mother of ...
1. John Ramsay (dvp Flodden 1513)
  m. Alison Sandilands ("probably of St. Monans", m2. Sir William Forbes of Rires) presumed mother of ...
  A. Alexander Ramsay of Burnturk & Balmounth
  m. (before 1526) Margaert Lindsay
i. Alexander Ramsay of Burnturk & Balmounth (d before 1596) probably of this generation
  a. Robert Ramsay of Burnturk & Balmounth (a 1607)
  (1) Thomas Ramsay of Balmounth (a 1612, dspm 1613?)
  m. ??
  (2) Alexander Ramsay of Drumroak, last of Balmounth (a 1621, d by 1625?)
  m. Jean Ogilvy (a 1625)
  (3) David Ramsay (a 1615)
  m. Agnes Laing
  (4) Robert Ramsay (a 1615)
  (5) Grissell Ramsay (d 22.02.1593/4) probably of this generation
  m. (1593) James Traill of Beley (b 1569, d 26.04.1635)
  ii. Isabella Ramsay (d before 1607)
  m. Alexander Clark



Possibly of (or just descended from) the Dalhouse family was ...
Alexander Ramsay of Brechin (b c1450, d c1520)
Alexander's wife has been identified as Janet, dau of William Guthrie of Hilton, but Blair suggests that she may have been ...
m. Janet Guthrie (dau of William Guthrie of Kinblethmont (by Dovay Leslie), brother of Sir David of that ilk)
1. William Ramsay of Brechin (b c1495, d c1565)
  m. Janet Lindsay (dau of Sir David Lindsay of Edzell (by Elizabeth Spens), m2. William Kinloch of Dundee)
  A. Alexander Ramsay of Brechin (b c1532, d c1589, Captain)
  m1. Matilda Annand (dau of Andrew Annand of Persie (son of Thomas of Persie by Catherine Raitt, possibly dau of David Raitt of Drumnager, later of Hallgreen) by Helen, dau of Robert Strachan of Brigton by Catherine Rait of Halgrene)
  i. Alexander Ramsay of Brechin (b c1550, d c1615) possibly father of ...
  a. James Ramsay of Brechin
  m. (c1620) Christian Leitchabout
  (1) John Ramsay (bpt 24.02.1622) possibly the John whose widow was ...
  m. Grisel Maule
  ii. John Ramsay (a 1631, Major General in Sweden)
  a.+ 5 sons ("all fell in action in the Swedish Service")
  iii. James Ramsay of Wester Ogil
  m. Christina Dempster
  a. James Ramsay of Wester Ogil
  m. Isobel Elliot 
  (1) John Ramsay
  m. Janet Dempster
  b. Agnes Ramsay
  m. _ Forbes
  m2. Margaret Crammond (Cramond) (b c1565, d c1645, possibly of family of Hailmylne)
  iv. John Ramsay of Easter Balanbriech (b by 1590?, d c1635)
  m1. (sps) Margaret Baldovie (b c1592, dau of David Baldovie of Montrose by dau of James Baldovie of that ilk)
  m2. Margaret Collace
  a. Alexander Ramsay of Balanbriech (bpt 06.08.1629, d c1690)
  m. Magdalene Skymmer
  (1) Alexander Ramsay of Balanbriech (b c1650, d unm? c1698?)
  b. Anna Ramsay
  m. (c1655) Thomas Ogilvy of Bellaty
  (1) Thomas Ogilvy of Bellaty (b c1666, d c1730)
  (2) Magdalene Ogilvy
  m. Alexander Ferguson of Bellechandy
  (A) Adam Ferguson (a 1775, minister of Moulin)
  partner unknown
  c. James Ramsay (d 28.08.1640)
  B. daughter
  m. John Kinloch
  i. David Kinloch of Aberbothrie (b 1560, d 1617, physician to King James VI)

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