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Families covered: Repps of Mattishall, Repps of Repps, Repps (Reppes) of Thorp Market, Repps (Reppes) of West Malton

Ralph de Repps in Norfolk (a temp William I who r. 1066-1087)
1. Bartholomew de Repps or Repps
  A. (Sir) Robert de Repps
i. (Sir) Bartholomew de Repps
  a. Sir Robert de Repps
  m. Sibill Repps (dau/coheir of Laurence Repps)
  (1) Richard de Repps
  m. Agnes
  (A) Sir John de Repps (a 1383)
  (i) Sir Henry Repps
  m. Joan Fastolf (dau of Sir John Fastolf)
  (a) Henry Repps or Reppes of Thorp Market - continued below
  m. Ann Holditch (dau of Richard Holditch of Didlington or Dudlington)
  The following comes from BHO ('An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk', Francis Blomfield, vol 8, 'North Erpingham Hundred: North Repps and South Repps') which identifies the following John as 2nd son of Sir Robert and brother of Sir Bartholomew.
  ii. John de Repps presumed of this generation
  a. Sir John de Repps of Buxton
  m. Amicia de Levenshaw (dau of Sir Henry de Levenshaw)
  (1) Thomas de Repps (2nd son)
  (A) Thomas de Repps
  (i) Henry de Repps
  m1. Catherine
  (a) Catherine de Repps
  m2.Alianor Morley (dau of Robert, Lord Morley, m2. William Lovel)
  (B) Christian de Repps
  m. William Bawde of Ipswich
  (2)+ other issue = Sir John (dsp), Sir William (a 1314), Ralph
  b. Beatrice de Repps
  m. Nicholas Atte Lound
  B.+ other issue - Warin, Bartholomew



Henry Repps or Reppes of Thorp Market, Norfolk - continued above
m. Ann Holditch (dau of Richard Holditch of Didlington or Dudlington)
1. Henry Repps or Reppes of Thorp Market
  m. Elizabeth Jermy (dau of Sir John Jermy of Metfield, widow of Ed(mond) Garneys)
  Blomfield disagrees with the Visitation over the next generation, showing Henry & Elizabeth as parents of Henry of Thorp Market (m. Elizabeth Grymston, father of the Henry of Mendham who dsp) & John of West Walton (m1. Margaret Smyth, m2. Thomazin Dereham). Visitation shows them as parents of Henry of Mendham (dsp), Francis (father of the John who m1. Margaret Smith, m2. Thomasine Derham) and a John. We combine these sources, indicating that Blomfield (which focuses on the West Walton line) omitted a generation on the Thorp Market line and Visitation omitted a generation on the West Walton line.
A. Henry Repps or Reppes of Thorp Market 'of South Repps'
  m. Elizabeth Grymston (dau of Edmond Grymston of Rushangles)
  i. John Reppes of Mendham, Suffolk (dsp)
  m1. Elizabeth Holland (dau of Thomas Holland of Swinestead)
  m2. Ann Wotton (dau of John Wotton of Tudenham, m2. Sir Thomas Woodhouse, m3. Sir Bass. Gawdy)
  ii. Francis Reppes of Wysbych, Isle of Ely
  m. Katherine Leman (dau of Thomas Leman of Walpole)
  a.+ issue - John of Wysbich, Thomazin
  iii. John Reppes of Walpole in Marshland
  m. Dorothy Sydner of Suffolk
  a. John Reppes of Walpole
  iv. Anne Reppes
  m. Sir William Woodhouse of Hykling
  v. Alice Reppes
  m1. John Everard of Newton
  m2. Augustyn Steward of Norwich
  vi. Dorothy Reppes
  m. William Elmes of Rakey
  vii. Margaret Reppes
  m1. William Crope of Thorpe Market
m2. James Hartys(tr)onge
  B. Francis Repps
  m. Catharine Lumner (dau of Thomas Lumner of Walpole)
  i. John Repps or Reppes of West Walton in Marshland, Norfolk
m1. Margaret Smith (dau/coheir of Henry Smith of Walpole)
  a. Henry Repps or Reppes of West Walton (d 10.10.1566)
  m1. Dorothy Jenney (dau of Sir Chrishopher Jenney of Cressingham)
  (1) Margaret Repps or Reppes
  m2. (02.01.1557) Elizabeth Lovell (dau of Sir Francis Lovell of Harling, m2. Sir Henry Weston)
  (2) John Repps or Reppes of West Walton (d before 17.02.1612)
  m1/2. Margaret Lambert (dau of Richard Lambert of London)
  (A) Henry Repps of West Walton (d 23.03.1628/69)
  m. Ann Cotterell (d before 28.07.1631, dau of Robert Cotterell of South Repps)
  (i) John Repps of West Walton (b c1611, d 20.07.1672)
  m. Ann Howlet (d 29.03.1681, dau of Nicholas Howlet)
(a) Francis Repps of Mattishall, Norfolk (d 17.12.1692, 5th son) this generation given by Visitation but omitted by Blomfield
  m1. Lucy Calybut (b c1658, d 11.11.1681, dau of Richard Calybut of Saham)
  ((1)) John Repps of Mattishall (b c1678, bur 10.1723) last generation given by Visitation
  m. Dorothea Fountain (bur 03.1760, dau of James (not John) Fountain of Salle)
  ((A)) John Repps of Mattishall (d 1750)
  m. Vertue Boreman (dau/coheir of _ Boreman, Mayor of Lynn)
  ((i)) Frances Repps
  m. Rev. _ Baldwin (rector of Brand Parva)
  ((ii)) Dorothy Repps
  m. George Schulz (son of Augustus (privy purse keeper to King George II))
  ((iii)) Vertue Repps
  m. Edward (probably not John) Hase (Hays)
  ((2)) Anne Repps (b c1676, d 23.03.1766)
  m. William Russell of Norwich
  ((3)) Frances Repps (bpt 1681)
  m2. Mary Leman (b c1654, d 1727, dau of John Leman of Brampton)
  (b) Mary Repps
  m. Riches Browne
  (c) Ann Repps
  m. John Stowe
  (d) Ursula Repps
  m. Rev. George Wright
  (e)+ other issue - Henry (dsp 1666), Nicholas (dsp 1689), John (b c1635, dsp 1696), Clement (dsp 1723), Charles (dsp 1666), Luke
  (ii) Henry Repps of Walsoken had issue
  m. Elizabeth
  (iii) Edward Repps had issue
  m. Margaret Hardy (dau of Christopher Hardy of Yaxham)
  (iv) Anne Repps
  m. John Browne
  (B) Weston Repps had issue
  m2. Ann Weston (dau of Sir Henry Weston)
  (3) Francis Repps or Reppes
  m. (1586) Jane Guybon (dau of Humphrey Guybon)
  (A) Elizabeth Repps
  m. _ Michelbourne (son/heir of Sir Edward Michelbourne)
  (4) Thomazin Repps or Reppes
  b. Katherine Reppes or Repps
  m. Robert Everard of Walpole
c. Jone Reppes or Repps
  m. John Richardson of Tatilshall, Lincolnshire
  (1) Margery Richardson
  d. Elizabeth Reppes or Repps
  m. Raufe Stannow of Bedingfield, Suffolk
  (1)+ issue - Edward, 4 daughters
  e. Winifred Reppes or Repps
  m1. William Ugard or Ogard of Emneth in Marshland
  m2. Thomas Hewar of Uxborough, Norfolk
  f. Bridget Reppes or Repps
  m1. John Cawdron of Heckenton, Lincolnshire
  (1)+ issue - Henry, Jane, Elizabeth
  m2. William Balden of Islington, Marshland
  (4) Henry Balden
  m2. Thomazin Dereham (dau of Thomas Dereham of Derham)
  g. John Reppes or Repps
  C. John Repps of Emneth
  m. Dorothy

Main source(s): BHO ('An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk', Francis Blomfield, vol 9, 'Freebridge Hundred: West Walton') with input/support for the lower section from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, 'Reppes'), Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, 'Repps of West Walton') and some other input as reported above
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