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Families covered: Salvin (Salvain) of Croxdale, Salvayne of Herswell, Salvayne of North Duffield, Silvayne of Norton, Salvayne of Thorpe Salvin, Silvayne (Silvan) of Woodhouse

This is one of those families whose name has been spelt in so many ways over the centuries that searching for it within a database such as ours is difficult!
Osbert Silvan of Norton & Woodhouse, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (a 1140, 1175)
1. Ralph Sylvane of Norton & Woodhouse
  m. Margeria mentioned by Commoners but not by BLG1952 which states that the following Sir Osbert is "said to have been son of Ralph Silvayne and grandson of Osbert Silvan
  A. Sir Osbert Silvayne of Norton & Woodhouse (a 1245)
  i. Ralph Salvayne of Woodhouse & Thorpe Salvyn, Yorkshire
  Commoners shows 2 generations of Ralphs between Sir Osbert and Sir Robert (2nd son), the 2nd Ralph being married to ...
  m. Margerie Mallorie (sister/coheir of Nicholas Mallorie of Northallerton)
  a. Sir Anketine Salvayne of Thorpe Salvin
  (1) ?? Salvayne
  (A) Sir Nicholas Salvayne of Thorpe Salvin (a 1355)
  b. Sir Robert Salvayne of North Duffield (a 1280)
m. Sibilla Beeston (dau/coheir of Robert Beeston of Wilberfoss)
  (1) Sir Gerard Salvayne of North Duffield, Herswell, etc., Sheriff of Yorkshire (d before 13.03.1320)
  Commoners shows Gerard as father of the following John (dvp). BLG1952 shows that Sir John was his brother and (just) predeceased him.
  (2) Sir John Salvayn (d 1320)
  m. (1312-3) Margaret (dau of Robert, Lord Ros of Werk)
  (A) Sir Gerard Salvayne of North Duffield, Herswell, etc., Sheriff of Yorkshire (b c1312, d c1370)
BLG1952 identifies Sir Gerard as ancestor by his first marriage "of the Salvins of Herswell, and the Salvins of Croxdale" and by his second marriage "of the Salvins of Newbiggin" but, for the next generation, mentions Sir Gerard of Herswell whose 4th son Gerard m. Agnes of Croxdale. Commoners names his children as John, Robert & Richard + Gerard, showing John (dvp) as father of Sir Gerard of Herswell whose 4th son Gerard m. Agnes of Croxdale, thereby inserting another generation. Provisionally we follow BLG1952 in leaving out John (dvp).
  m1. Agnes (Anne) Mauleverer (dau of Sir Robert Mauleverer)
  (i) Sir Gerard Salvayn of Herswell & North Duffield, Sheriff of Yorkshire
  m. Alice
  (a) Sir Roger Salvayn of Herswell (d 07.03.1422)
  m. ?? Hilton (dau of Sir Robert Hilton of Swine)
  ((1)) Roger Salvayn of Herswell (a 1429)
  m. Margaret Bolton (dau of John Bolton, alderman of York)
  ((2)) John Salvayn of Herswell (dsp 04.05.1440-1)
  ((3)) Alice Salvayn or Salvin
  m. Henry Wilton
  ((A)) John Wilton alias Salvin (b c1427, d c1443)
  ((B)) Henry Wilton alias Salvin
  (b) Sir John Salvayn of North Duffield (d 19.01.1432)
  m. Joanna (a 01.1432)
  (c) Thomas Salvayn
(d) Gerard Salvayn (d 1422)
  m. Agnes de Rissaby of Croxdale (dau of William de Rissaby (by Joanna, dau of Robert de Walton of Croxdale), m2. John Mauleverer)
  ((1)) Gerard Salvain of Croxdale (dvm 08.05.1442-3)
  m. Jane Scargill (dau of William Scargill of Thorp)
((A)) Gerard Salvin of Croxdale
  m. Elizabeth
  ((i)) Gerard Salvin of Croxdale (a 1476)
  m. Eleanor Coigniers (dau of Sir Roger Coigniers of Wynyard)
  ((a)) Gerard Salvin of Croxdale (d 1563)
  m. Johanna
  (e) Muriel Salvayn (d 1441-2)
  m. Sir Gerard Soothill of Soothill Hall (d 08.1410)
  (ii)+ other issue (a 1348) - Robert, Richard (dvp)
  m2. Alice
  (iv) Gerard Salvayn or Salvin
  (B) Jane Salvayne shown by Commoners as sister of John
  m. Thomas Maleverer
  c. Agnes Salvayne

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Salvin of Croxdale), Commoners (vol 1, 'Salvin of Croxdale', p532+)
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