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Families covered: Senhouse of Netherhall (aka Alneburgh & Ellenborough)

Commoners reports that "The family De Sewynhouse, De Sevenhouse, or De Senhouse, derives its surname from Hall Sevenhouse, or Senhouse, a district of Cumberland."
Walter de Sewynhouse (a c1200)
1. Walter de Sevenhouse
  A. Nicholas de Sevenhouse
  i. Nicholas de Sevenhouse of Newton or Seascale (a 1321)
  m. _ De Ponsonby, heiress of Newton
a. Nicholas de Sewynhouse or Senhouse (a 1390)
  m. _ de Coupland (dau/heir of Alan de Coupland of Coupland & Seaton) presumed mother of ...
  (1) William de Sevenhouse
  m. _ Lucy (descended from Sir John de Lucy (a 1300), son of Alice de Lucy, dau/coheir of Richard de Lucy of Egremont by Ada de Morville)
  (A) Thomas de Senhouse (a 1433)
  m. ?? Hudleston (dau of Sir Richard Hudleston of Millum Castle)
  (i) Thomas Senhouse
  m. Eleanor Lamplugh (dau of John Lamplugh of Lamplugh)
(a) John Senhouse (d 1568)
  m. (1528) Elizabeth Eglesfield (dau of Gawen Eglesfield of Alneburgh Hall, sister/coheir of Richard)
  ((1)) Thomas Senhouse
  m. Dorothy Vaux (dau of John Vaux of Catterlen)
  ((A)) John Senhouse of Seascale Hall (d 1636)
  m. Mary Fleming (dau of William Fleming of Rydal)
  ((i)) John Senhouse of Seascale
m. Anne Bimpson (dau/coheir of John Bimpson of Shevington by sister/coheir of Sir Edward Wrightington of Wrightington)
  ((a)) John Senhouse (dvpsp)
  ((b)) Wrightington Senhouse of Seascale Hall (a 1660)
  (((1))) John Senhouse, last of Seascale Hall, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1704) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Bellingham (dau of John Bellingham of Levens)
  ((2)) Peter Senhouse of Elllenborough Hall (a 1562, d unm)
  ((3)) John Senhouse of Elllenborough Hall (d 1604) - continued below
  m. Anne Ponsonby (dau of John Ponsonby of Hail Hall)
  ((4)) Richard Senhouse (incumbent of Claughton)
  (b) Anthony Senhouse
  (c) Margaret Senhouse
  m. John Stanley of Dalegarth



John Senhouse of Elllenborough Hall (d 1604) - continued above
m. Anne Ponsonby (dau of John Ponsonby of Hail Hall)
1. Peter Senhouse of Alneburgh or Elenboroguh Hall aka Netherhall (d 1654)
  m1. Frances Skelton (dau of Lancelot Skelton of Armathwaite Castle)
  A. John Senhouse of Alneburgh Hall (d 1667)
  m. Elizabeth Wharton (dau of Humphrey Wharton of Gillingwood)
i. John Senhouse of Netherhall (d 1667, Captain)
  m1. Elizabeth Tolhurst (dsp, dau of Jerom Tolhurst, Lt. Governor of Carlisle)
  m2. Mary Huddleston (dau of Andrew Huddleston of Hutton John)
  a. John Senhouse of Alneburgh Hall (b 1660, d 1694)
  m. Jane Lamplugh (dau of Richard Lamplugh of Dovenby Hall, m2. Charles Orfeur of Plumbland)
  (1) Mary Senhouse
  m1. Francis Skelton of Branthwaite
  m2. Richard Butler of Rocliffe
  (2) Jane Senhouse
  m. John Stephenson of Baldaool, Isle of Man
(3) Grace Senhouse (b c1695, d 10.05.1755)
  m. (01.1720/1) Richard Boyle, 2nd Viscount Shannon (b c1674, d 20.12.1740, Field Marshal)
  (4) Isabel Senhouse
  m. John Fletcher of Clea Hall
  (5)+ other issue - Frances (d unm), others (d young)
  b. Peter Senhouse (4th son)
  m. Catherine Skelton of Branthwaite
(1) John Senhouse 'of Whitehaven'
  (A) Peter Senhouse (d unm)
  (B) Catherine Senhouse
  m. William Ponsonby of Whitehaven
(i) Isabella Ponsonby
  m. Humphrey Senhouse (Major) @@ below
  c. Humphrey Senhouse of Netherhall (Ellenborough), Sheriff of Cumberland (d 1738)
  m. Eleanor Kirby (dau of William Kirby of Aslack)
  (1) Humphrey Senhouse of Netherhall, Sheriff of Cumberland (d 1770, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Fleming (dau of Sir George Fleming, Bart of Rydal, Bishop of Carlisle)
  (A) Humphrey Senhouse of Netherhall (d 1814, Lt. Colonel, MP)
  m. (1768) Catherine Wood (dau of Thomas Wood of Beadnell)
  (i) Humphrey Senhouse of Alneburgh aka Ellenborough aka Nether Hall, Sheriff of Cumberland (b 27.11.1773, d 09.08.1842) had issue
  m. (29.09.1803) Elizabeth Frances Greaves (d 16.07.1844, dau/coheir of Robert Charles Greaves, later Ley, of Ingleby Hill)
  (B) William Senhouse (b 1741, d 1800, Surveyor General of Barbadoes & Leeward Islands)
  m. Elizabeth Wood (dau of Samson Wood of Barbadoes, Speaker)
  (i) Samson Senhouse of Newton & Seascale (dsp?, 2nd son)
  m. (1801) Mary Le Mesurier (dau/coheir of Nicholas Le Mesurier of Guernsey)
  (ii) Humphrey Fleming Senhouse (Captain RN) had issue (2 daus)
  m. (1810) Elizabeth Manley (dau of Vice Admiral John Manley of Plymouth)
  (iii) Edward Hooper Senhouse (RN, younger son) had issue
  m. (1815) Elizabeth Bishop Spooner (dau of John Spooner of Barbadoes)
  (iv) James Lowther Senhouse (curate of Sawley, rector of Gosforth)
  m. (1824) Elizabeth Brooks
  (v) Mary Ward Senhouse
m. John Barrow of Barbadoes
  (vi) Elizabeth Senhouse
  m. Francis Ford Pinder of Barbadoes
  (vii)+ other issue including William Wood (dvp 1800, RN), George Septimus (d unm 1808, RN), Johanna, Sarah
  (C) Sir Joseph Senhouse (b 1743, d 1829)
  m. Mary Ashley (dau/coheir of John Ashley of Ashley Saint Legers)
  (i) Maria Senhouse
  m. Joseph Gaitskell of Bath (cousin)
  (ii)+ other issue - Joseph Ashley, Michael le Fleming, Humphrey Dykes Ballantyne, William, George, Thomas Caldercot (d young), Catherine, Jane, Elizabeth (d young), Sarah
  (D) Mary Senhouse
  m. Robert Gale of London
  (2) Bridget Senhouse (bur 27.09.1749)
  m. (14.05.1717) John Christian of Unerigg Hall
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - Joseph Richard (dvp 1718), William John (dvp 1727)
  d. Dorothy Senhouse
  m. Petricius Senhouse (cousin) @@ just below
  e. Mary Senhouse
  m. Richard Richmond of Crosby
f.+ other issue - Andrew, Dudley
  ii. Patricius Senhouse (4th son)
  m. (1655) Elizabeth Bromfield (dau/heir of Thomas Bromfield of Hames Hall, relict of Henry Dalton of Bregham)
  a. Petricius Senhouse probably of this generation
  m. Dorothy Senhouse (cousin) @@ just above
  b. ?? Senhouse could be Petricius
  (1) ?? Senhouse
  (A) Humphrey Senhouse of Bridgfoot, Cumberland (d 1829, Major)
  m. Isabella Ponsonby (dau of William Ponsonby of Whitehaven by Catherine, dau/coheir of John Senhouse of Whitehaven) @@ above
  (i) Catherine Senhouse
  m. Ralph Cook of Cammerton Hall
  (ii)+ other issue - Humphrey (Captain, had issuse), William of Lincoln's Inn (d 1829), Mary
  iii. Margaret Senhouse (d 1691)
  m. Henry Eglesfield of Cross Canonby
  iv. Elizabeth Senhouse
  m. William Nicholson
  v.+ other issue - Humphrey (dvpsp), Richard
  B. Thomas Senhouse of Long Newton, Cumberland
  m. _ Whelpdate
i. ?? Senhouse
  a. John Senhouse of Tangier House (d unm)
  Commoners adds by note: "This Peter Senhouse seems to have married a second wife ..." who is not mentioned by BLG1952.
  m2. ?? (Mrs. Eglesfield)
  C. Anthony Senhouse of Thornhaugh, Northamptonshire
  m. Mary Banks (dau of John Banks)
  i. Peter Senhouse (vicar of Kempey & Linton-cum-Lee, eldest son)
  a. Peter Senhouse of Barnesley, Gloucestershire (a 1738, d unm)
  b. Elizabeth Senhouse
  m. (William) Caldecott
2. Leonard Senhouse of Isel, later of Wigton (a 1591, d 1638, youngest son?) possibly illegitimate?
  Strangely, Leonard is reported by Commoners by note rather than in the text of the article. BLG1952 reports that his parents had "with other issue, two sons and three daus.".
  A. John Senhouse
  i. ?? Senhouse
a. Joseph Senhouse
  m. _ Tiffin (dau/heir of John Tiffin of Calder Abbey)
  (1) John Senhouse of Calder Abbey, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1757)
  (A) Joseph Tiffin Senhouse of Calder Abbey
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Waters (dau/heir of Robert Waters of Linethwaite)
  m2. Sarah Sunderand (dau of Thomas (probably not John) Sunderland of Cartmel)
  (i) Mary Senhouse of Calder Abbey
  m. (1823) Thomas Irwin (Captain)
  (ii) Eleanor Senhouse
  m. (1824-5) Samuel Irton of Irton
  (iii)+ other issue - Sarah, Elizabeth
  B. Janet Senhouse
3. Eleanor Senhouse
  m. Henry Fletcher of Moreseby Hall
4. Jane Senhouse
  m. _ Blennerhassett of Flimby
5. Elizabeth Senhouse
  m. William Briscoe of Crofton
6.+ other issue - Simon, Richard (Bishop of Carlisle)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol I, Senhouse of Nether Hall) supported by BLG1952 (Pocklington-Senhouse of Netherhall)
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