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Families covered: Sharrock of Gately, Sharrock of Walton-in-le-Dale

Ralph Sharrock of Walton-in-le-Dale
1. Ralph Sharrock (d 1626)
  m. Joanna Chorley (dau of ?? Chorley of Walton-in-le-Dale)
  A. Richard Sharrock (d 1643, 2nd son?)
  m. Katherine Sergeant (dau of Leonard Sergeant)
  i. Ralph Sharrock of Walton-in-le-Dale (b c1610, a 1664)
  m1/2. Jane Hudson (dau of Thomas Hudson of Bernoldswick)
  a. Richard Sharrock (b c1642, a 1664)
  m2/1. (sp) Elizabeth Jackson (dau of Robert Jackson of Hole, widow of John Cooper)
  B.+ other issue - William (dsp), Isabel



Vivian identifies the arms of the following family as "Per pale Arg. and Az., three fleurs-de-lis countercharged".
?? Shorrock
m. _ Dewhurst
1. Reginald Shorrock
  m. _ Bayley
  A. Robert Shorrock (a 1593)
  m. _ Adams of Middlesex
  Vivian spells the family name of the above generations as Shorrock but the later ones as Sharrock. Carthew starts with ...
  i. John Sharrock of Tregon, Cornwall (a 1620)
  m. Elizabeth Mathew (dau of William Mathew of St. Kew)
  a. John Sharrocl (b c1588, a 1620)
  (1) Robert Sharrock of Gately, later of East Meon in Hampsthire
  m. Elizabeth West (dau of Edmund West of Masworth)
  (A) Robert Sharrock of Gately (d before 27.05.1803_
  m1. Katherine Dickens (dsp 15.03.1781, dau of Ambrose Dickens of Ridlington & East Meon)
  m2. Susanne Norris
  (B) William Sharrock
  (i) Ann Sharrock
  m. John Dawson
  (a) Robert Sharrock Dawson
  m1. Deborah
  (C) Joseph Sharrock
  (D) Ann Sharrock
  m. John Godwin
(i) John Godwin
  (E) daughter
  m. George Marshall
  (i) George Marshall of Horsham (bur 12.10.1819, cleric)
  m. Elizabeth Vinale (bur 03.121793, dau of Guilford Vinale)
  (a) George Clough Marshall (bpt 24.07.1783, d 01.1830)
  (b) Elizabeth Butler Marshall (bpt 1791, d 10.1830)
  m. (07.07.1821) Frederick Bacon Clough (d 07.1826)
  (2) ?? Sharrock (younger son)
  (A) Robert Sharrock
  (3) daughter
  m. _ Stilgoe
  (4)+ other issue - William, Joseph
  b. Robert Sharrock (d 1684)
  (1) Robert Sharrock (a 1697, of the Inner Temple)
  m. _ West
  (A) Robert Sharrock of Gately (d c02.1707)
  (B) Elizabeth Sharrock (b 1666-7, d 07.06.1727)
  m. Patrick Segrave
  (C) Anne Sharrock (dsp)
  m. John Gould
  c. Matthew Sharrock (b c1605)
  m. Philippa (bur 30.06.1632)
  (1) Philippa Sharrock (bpt 31.05.1632)
  d. Anne Sharrock
  m. John Tucker of Kingsale, Ireland
  e.+ other issue - Phillipa (a 1610), Elizabeth

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, 'Sharrock of Walton')
(2) For lower section : 'The Hundred of Launditch and Deanery of Brisley' (G.A. Carthew, 1877, Part 3, p197), Visitation (Vivian, Cornwall, 'Sharrock of Veryan', p425)
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