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Families covered: Skory in Cornwall, Skory in Herefordshire, Skory (Skorie) of Whalesborough

John Skory of Whallesburgh, Cornwall
1. John Skorie of Whalsborough
m. Maude De la laune (dau/coheir of Robert de la laune (by Alice, dau of Sir Thomas Boscawen), son of Edmond (by Maud, dau of Sir Richard Bluett), son of Sir Richard de la laune)
  A. John Skory of Whalsburge
  m. Margaret Lanion (dau/coheir of Robert Lanion)
  i. Robert Skorie of Whalsburge
  m. Grace Trevenor (dau of Hugh Trevenor)
  a. John Skorie 'of Whalesborough'
  Vivian reports that Visitation (Herefordshire, Harl. MS. 1140 & 1545), which we have not seen, identifies John's wife as ...
  m1/2. Jane Kendall (dau of Richard Kendall)
  Nevertheless, Vivian gives precedence to showing John's wife, and the mother of his children, as ...
  m2/1. Grace Redris (dau/coheir of Robert Redris)
  (1) John Skorie
  m. Katherine Trevisa (dau of Henry Trevisa)
  (A) Richard Skorie
  (i)+ 2 daughters
  (B) John Skorie
  m1/2. _ Trewynt
  (i) Thomas Skorie or Skory
m. Jane Collard
  (a) Thomas Skorie or Skory
  m. Alice Tregonell (dau of John Tregonell)
  ((1)) Stephen Skorie or Skory of Treworgie Skorie in St. Cleer (d before 19.11.1576)
  m. Elizabeth Trubodie (a 1576, dau of John Trubodie)
  ((A)) John Skorie or Skory of Llanlivery, Cornwall (a 1620)
  m. Elizabeth Samuell (dau of William Samuell)
  ((i))+ issue (a 1620) - John (b c1598), Walter (b c1602), Bridget (b c1596)
  ((B))+ other issue (a 1566) - Johanna, Thomasine, Katherine, Margery, Elizabeth, Alice, Honor
m2/1. Maria Shelton (dau of Thomas Shelton of Norfolk)
  (ii) John Skory, Bishop of Hereford (d 1585)
  m. Elizabeth Clement (d 08.03.1592, dau of Robert Clement of Surrey)
  (a) Sylvanus Skory of Wormesley, Herefordshire
m. Alice Walsh (dau of Francis Walsh of Sheldesley)
  ((1)) Sir John Skory 'of Herefordshire'
  m. Elizabeth Horford (dau of Anthony Horford of Bosbury)
  ((A)) Anne Skory
  m. Chaloner Chute of The Vyne
  ((B))+ other issue - Silvanus, Elizabeth, Catherine, Maria
  ((2)) Sir Edmond Skory (d 09.07.1632)
  m. Sylveter Capps (dau of James Capps of Jews)
  ((3)) Margaret Skory (dsp)
  (b) Sara Skory
  m. Giles Alleyn of Hallesley
  (C)+ other issue - Robert, Henry, Michael, Thomas

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Skory of Lanlivery)
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