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Families covered: Smytheot (Smythcot) of Buckland, Smethcote of Montgomery, Smethcote of Smethcote

Stephen de Boulers (a 1066)
1. Baldwin de Boulers of Montgomery & Suffolk (d 1150)
  m1. (1102) Sibyl de Faleise
  A.+ 2 daughters
  m2. Margaret de Lymeseye
  C. Stephen de Boulers of Montgomery (d 1162)
  m. Martha (a 1190) possibly parents of ...
  i. Sir Robert de Bullers of Montgomery, Yorkshire, Salop, etc. (dsp 1203)
  m. (before 1191) Hillaria Trussbut (a 10.1203, dau of William Trussbut)
  ii. Baldwin de Boulsers of Montgomery (dsp before 1207)
m. Wenthlian Tee
  D. Galfried de Boullers of Cornwall & Suffolk (a 1166, 1177)
  i. Baldwin FitzGalfrid (d 1166)
  m. Beatrice of Suffolk (a 1166)
  ii. Robert FitzGalfrid of Suffolk (a 1166, d c1203)
  a. Baldwin FitzRobert of Ragdon & Devon, later of Smethcote (a 1170, d c1233)
  m. (1202-3) Margery de Smethcote (d 1253, dau/coheir of William de Smethcote)
  (1) Roger de Smethcote of Tenby, Scotton & Montgomery Castle (d 1253-4)
  (A) Philip de Smethcot (b 1230-1, a 1283)
  (i) Roger de Smethcot (a 1290, d by 1323)
(a) William de Smethcot (a 1330)
  ((1)) William de Smethcot, Provost of Shrewbury (a 1333, 1353)
  ((A)) John de Smethcot (a 1371, Abbot of Haughmon)
  ((2)) John de Smethcot (a 1328, 1346)
  ((A)) William de Smethcote (a 1355, 1366) possibly father of ...
  ((i)) William de Smethcote (a 1393, 1434) possibly father of ...
  ((a)) John Smythcote alias Chamberlyn (a 1434, d 1479) - continued below
  m. Agnes Chevening (d 1489)
  ((b))+ other issue - other issue - Robert (a 1427, Chamberlain of Rotherfield Chase), Walter (d 1468)
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas (a 1323, 1342), Philip, Roger (a 1380)
  (b)+ other issue - Roger (d 05.08.1337, Rector of Smethcote), Philip (a 1323)
  (2) Stephen (a 1255-6)
  (A) Roger (a 1284)
  E.+ other issue



John Smythcote alias Chamberlyn (a 1434, d 1479) - continued above
The spelling of the family name seems to have been even more variable than normal for these times! The reference to Chamberlyn appears to have been office-driven.
m. Agnes Chevening (d 1489, sister of Sir William Chevening)
1. John Smythcote alias Chamberleyn (b after 1458, a 1483) possibly father of ...
  A. Bartholomew Smytheot or Smythcot of Buckland, Newington River, etc. (d by 1523)
  m. Joane (a 1523)
  i. Thomas Smythet (d 1563-4) this generation (including Thomas's siblings) omitted by 'The Pedigree Register'
  m. Joane (bur 10.09.1595)
  a. Thomas Smythcot (d 1620)
  m1. Cislye (Cyslie) (bur 22.03.1617)
  (1) Thomas Smytheat (b 1586, d 1633-4)
  m1. ??
  (A) George Smytheat (b 1605, bur 09.05.1641)
  m. Ann (b 1602)
  (B) Marie Smytheat (b 29.09.1613)
  m. (15.07.1639) Thomas Beere
  (C)+ other issue - John (b 16.08.1607), William (b 06.02.1619, d 1642)
  m2. (16.12.1629) Elizabeth Crauford
  m2. Parnell (a 1634)
  (2) John Smytheat (b c1619, a 1634)
(3) Jane Smytheat (b 1614-5)
  m. (16.06.1634) John Stowe of River
  b. Andrew Smytheot of Buckland, Newington River, etc. (d before 21.04.1610)
  m1. (09.01.1576) Amy Nethersole of Kingston
  (1) Thomas Smithet (Smithcott) of Sittingbourne & London (a 1609, 1638)
  m. (c1615) Elizabeth Ladd (dau of Vincent Ladd of Barham)
  (2) other issue - Richard (a 1644), Fraunces (b 19.09.1578), Elinor (b 19.04.1583), Afra (b 09.1587)
  m2. (16.12.1603) Elizabeth Pett (d 1631, widow)
  (6) Andrew Smithet (bpt 02.02.1607)
  m. (06.10.1646) Christian Jenkins
  (7) Margaret Smytheot (b 16.12.1604, d by 1661)
  (8) Marie Smytheot (b 1610)
  m. (02.08.1631) John Gwynne of Sittingbourne
  c.+ other issue - Richard (bur 15.10.1611), Alice (a 1563), Magdalen (a 1563)
  ii. John Smytheot (d before 10.09.1556)
  m. Joane (bur 10.09.1595) Chrystiane (d before 10.05.1559)
  iii.+ other issue (a 1552) - Agnes, Johanne
2.+ other issue - Margaret, Alice
  Shown a generation later by 'The Pedigree Register'.

Main source(s): MGH (NS4 vol 5 (1914), 'Pedigree of the Family of Smithett', p165+) with some support from 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 1, No. 6 (September 1908), 'Smythcot: Smytheot: Smithett', p149+)
[Much of this page was originally shown within Smithett1 using 'The Pedigree Register' at which time, because its earlier pedigree included gaps, we started with "Possibly descended from Roger de Smethcot (d 1253-4), son of Baldwin fitzRobert of Ragdon by Margery, dau/coheir of William of Smethcote (co. Salop), was Robert Smithcot (a 1342, King's Commissioner) possibly father of" the John Smythcote alias Chamberleyne (a 1444, 1473) who married Agnes Chevening. The family was reviewed on 07.11.21 using MGH at which time the above was expanded and moved to this page.]
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