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Families covered: Sparrow of Bodychen, Sparrow of Red Hill
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John Sparrow of Red Hill, later of Bodychen, Sheriff of Anglesey (d 02.11.1746)
m1. (sp) Jane Bodychen of Bodychen (dsp, dau/coheir of Richard Bodychen of Bodychen)
m2. Elizabeth Boys (b c1680, d 1765, relict of the eldest son of Sir Edward Moreton of Slaugham Park)
1. Bodychen Sparrow, Sheriff of Anglesey (b 1708-9, dsp 22.03.1768)
  BLG1879 suggests that Bodychen d unm but Griffth suggests that he married ...
  m1. Elizabeth Midwinter
  m2. Frances Arthrington of York
2. Henry Sparrow of Red Hill, Sheriff of Anglesey (b c1718, d 1777)
m. Barbara Williams (b c1738, bur 24.11.1813, dau of Rev. William Williams, of Pabo)
  A. John Bodychen Sparrow of Red Hill, Sheriff of Anglesey (bpt 25.03.1754, d 01/02.02.1823)
  m. (14.05.1772) Ann Lewis (bpt 13.07.1754, dau of Ambrose Lewis, son of Trysglwyn)
  i. William Wynn Sparrow of Red Hill & Bodychen, Sheriff of Anglesey (b 10.11.1792, d 1858, 5th son) had issue
  m. (18.05.1820) Frances Emma Sparrow (b c1790, d 19.09.1864, dau of Bodychen Sparrow of Leamington) @@ below
  ii. Barbara Sparrow (b 14.01.1777, d 31.12.1824)
  m. (07.06.1803) Hugh Robert Hughes of Bache Hall
  iii. Ann Sparrow (bpt 04.03.1780, d 08.04.1859)
  m1. Evan Lloyd of Maes y porth
  m2. (11.03.1824) John Price of Cadnant
  iv. Grace Sparrow (bpt 02.01.1775)
  m1. (08.09.1806) Robert Shaw of Holyhead (d 1810, sea captain)
  m2. Charles Wynn of Plas Newydd
  v. Mary Jane Sparrow (bpt 07.11.1782, d 1846)
  m. (1808) Thomas Winfield (d 1812, rector of Finmere)
  vi. Martha Eliza Sparrow (d 09.12.1835)
m1. (26.11.1811) Joseph Goddard of Carnarvon
  m2. (06.12.1825) Henry Pingle
  vii.+ other issue - Henry James Bodychen (d 1774), Henry Holland (bpt 30.01.1788, d young), John Bodychen (bpt 05.04.1780, d young), John Bulkeley (b 1791, d young), Margaret (bpt 01.1775, d young), Emma (bpt 23.06.1783, bur 08.07.1783), Frances (bpt 26.01.1786, d 09.01.1859), Catherine (bpt 29.04.1789, d 17.01.1861)
  B. William Sparrow in Beaumaris (b 1758-9, dsp 12.03.1835) not mentioned by BLG1879
m. Ann Briscoe (dau of James Briscoe)
  C. Bodychen Sparrow (bpt 07.12.1759, d 15.01.1836)
  m. (08.03.1787 (sb 1797?)) Martha Elizabeth Meyrick (dau of Owen Meyrick of Bodorgan)
  i. Edmund Sparrow (b 1797, 2nd son) had issue (1 son), mentioned by BLG1879 but not by Griffith
  m. Valetta Carea (dau of Colonel _ Carrea)
  ii. Ellen Elizabeth (bpt 09.03.1788) probably the Hester Elizabeth shown by BLG1879 as married to ...
  m. James Duff Watt of Cape of Good Hope
  iii. Frances Emma Sparrow (bpt 26.03.1789, d 19.09.1864)
  m. (1820) William Wynn Sparrow (b 10.11.1792, d 1858) @@ above
  iv. Georgiana Anne Sparrow mentioned by BLG1879 but not by Griffith
  m. Charles Malpas (d by 1879)
  v. Meriel Elizabeth Sparrow mentioned by BLG1879 but not by Griffith
  m1. Henry Pringle
  m2. Horatio Clarence Carey (d by 1879)
vi.+ other issue - Meyrick (bpt 25.08.1791, RN), Henry William (d 1829), Anna Elizabeth, Martha (bpt 18.10.1787, bur 22.10.1787), Charlotte Ann (bpt 18.10.1805, d 06.11.1890)
  Henry William & Anna Elizabeth mentioned by BLG1879 but not by Griffith. Martha mentioned by Griffith but not be BLG1879.
  D. James Sparrow in Beaumaris (bpt 18.08.1771, bur 17.05.1813, surgeon)
  m. (23.12.1794) Margaret Lewis (dau of William Lewis of Llanddyfnan)
  i. Margaret Sparrow (bpt 04.06.1798, bur 01.04.1798)
  E. Ann Sparrow
  m. (06.05.1771) William (not Thomas) Lloyd of Llwydiarth
  F. Emma Sparrow (bpt 25.02.1766)
  m1. (27.11.1788, sp) Henry Lloyd of Tregayan
  m2. William Meyrick (dau of Owen Meyrick of Bodorgan)
  G. Frances Sparrow
  BLG1879 identifies Frances's husband as William Pugh, Rector of Llan. Griffith names him ...
  m. Richard Pugh of Pabo
  H.+ other issue - Henry (bpt 31.12.1760), Thomas (bpt 01.1762), Charles (bpt 03.08.1763), Hugh (bpt 30.03.1767, bur 01.05.1767), Catherine (bur 11.08.1771), Barbara (bpt 24.10.1764, bur 12.1769), Pierce (bpt 10.08.1768, d 1808)

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees ('Bodychen & Red Hill', p99), BLG1879 ('Bodychen-Sparrow of Red Hill')
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