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Families covered: Speccott of Anderton, Speccot of Penheale, Speccott of Speccott, Speccot of Thornbury, Speccott of Thorverton

The name of this family appears to have been spelt with every possible combination of single or double c and t.
Nicholas Specot (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
1. Sir Richard de Specot
  m. Matilda (dau/coheir of Baldwin Bellasta)
  A. William Specot
  i. Agneta Specot (a 1297)
  B. Edward Speccot (a 1297)
  m. Cicilia (dau of Ralph of Albominster)
  i. Ralph Speccot (a 1341, MP for Cornwall)
m. Beatrix Furneaux (dau of Sir Walter Furneaux)
  a. Richard Speccot
  m. Margaret Cornu (dau of Roger Cornu)
  (1) Nicholas Speccott
  m. Isabella Scobhull (dau/coheir of Robert Scobhull (by Elinor), son of Sir Thomas by Edith, dau of Roger Prideaux of Orcharton)
  (A) John Speccott (d 31.07.1460)
  m. Joanna Holway (dau of John Holway of Wotton)
  (i) John Speccot (b c1425)
m. Anna Boys (dau/coheir of John Boys of Buriton)
  (a) Nicholas Speccot (d 20.08.1517)
  m. Anne (Amye) Stretchley (dau of William Stretchley of Stretchley)
  ((1)) Edmund Speccott of Speccott 'of Thornbury' (b c1499, d 24.04.1557)
  m1. Jane Grenfeld (dau of Roger Grenfeld of Stow)
  ((A)) Humphrey Specott of Specott (b c1532, MP) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Walter (dau of John Walter of Broxburne)
  ((B)) John Speccott of Maerton (bur 24.02.1604-5)
  m. (23.02.1591-2) Julian Erisey (bur 21.06.1620, dau of James Erisey of Erisey)
  ((C)) Roger Speccott
  ((D)) Nicholas Speccott of Speccott (bur 17.08.1613)
  m. Elizabeth Palmer of Rickmansworth (bur 24.01.1619-20)
  ((i)) Thomas Speccott
  m. Ann (bur 30.10.1624)
  ((a)) Mary Speccott (bpt 05.11.1613)
  m. (c08.1631) Murrey Gibbons of Exeter
  ((b)) Elizabeth Speccott
m. (c09.1631) Richard Delbridge of Barnstaple
  ((c))+ other isssue - Humphry (bpt 06.05.1612), Margaret (bpt 06.07.1603, bur 10.09.1603), Margaret (bpt 05.12.1606, bur 15.08.1617)
  ((ii)) Humphry Speccott of Hatherleigh (bur 02.09.1654) had issue
  m1. (c03.1614-5, sp?) Grace (widow of _ Arthur of Thornbury)
  m2. (c01.1623-4) Jane Jourdaine of Exeter (bur 31.01.1672-3)
  ((iii)) John Speccott of Clawton had issue
m. (c27.10.1615) Margaret Coplestone (bur 04.08.1636, dau of Anthony Coplestone in Great Torrington)
  ((E)) Katherine Speccott
  m. William Langdon of Jacobstone
  ((F)) Ibbott Speccott
  m. Leonard Loveys of Ogbeare
  ((G)) Honor Speccott (b c1528, d 1606)
  m. John Fortescue of Fallopitt
  ((H)) Jane Speccott
m. William Snelling of Chadlewood
  m2. Elizabeth Periam (dau of Sir John Periam)
  ((2)) Thomas Speccott (a 1517)
  ((3)) Margaret Speccott (a 1517)
  m. Henry Barry of Winscott
  ((4)) Anne Speccott (a 1517)
  m. John Pollexfen possibly here?
  (B) Joanna Speccot
  m. Leonard Tylley
  ii. Matilda Speccot
  m. John de Luscot
  C. Sir Baldwin Specot of Belston
  m. Ann Ferrers (dau of Reginald Ferrers)
  D. Johanna Specot
  m. William Rous



Humphrey Specott of Specott 'of Thornbury' (b c1532, MP) - continued above
m(1). Elizabeth Walter (dau of John Walter of Broxburne, widow of John Arscott of Tetcott)
1. Sir John Specott of Specott 'of Penheale' 'of Thornborough', Sheriff of Cornwall (d before 13.10.1645)
  m1. Elizabeth Edgcomb (dau of Peter Edgcomb of Mount Edgcomb)
  A. Peter Specott of Thornbury (b c1595, d 25.03.1655, MP)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS1, vol 4 (1884), p100).
  m. (c06.1618) Elizabeth Mallett (bur 29.05.1655, dau of Sir John Mallett of Corrie Mallett)
  i. Charles Speccott (d 02.07.1655, 3rd son)
  m. Catherine Wyndham (dau of John Wyndham of Orchard, m2. John Tanner of St. Stephens in Brannel)
a. Elizabeth Speccott (bpt 13.09.1653, bur 26.01.1653-4)
  ii. Amy Speccott
  m1. Anthony Nicoll of Penvose (a 1659)
  m2. (24.05.1671) John Vivian of St. Columb and/or Trewan
  iii. Elizabeth Speccott (d 22.05.1662)
  m. (24.04.1656) George Reynell of Malston (d 08.04.1647)
iv. Mary Speccott
  m. (01/07.11.1654) John Harrington of Kelston (bpt 19.05.1627, d 1700)
  v. Rebecca Speccott (a 1680)
  m. Matthew Hals of Efford
  vi.+ other issue - John (b c1619, d before 1641), Peter (b 1619, a 1645, dvpsp before 1655), Bridget
  B. Paul Speccott of Penheale, Cornwall
  m1. Grace Halswell (bur 27.11.1636, dau of Robert Halswell of Halswell)
  i. John Speccott of Penheale (bur 10.01.1677-8, MP)
  m. (15.02.1663-4) Honor Eliot (bur 21.09.1692, dau of John Eliot of Port Eliot)
  a. John Speccott (dsp bur 20.07.1705, MP)
m. Essex Robartes (dau of John, Earl of Radnor)
  b. Dorothy Speccott
  m. John Beaumont
  c.+ other issue - Paul (bur 12.03.1671-2), Humphrey (d unm before 10.01.1705-6)
  ii. Elizabeth Speccott, later of Penheale (a 1659)
  m. Rev. Richard Long
  m2. Dorothy Wise (a 1659, dau of Christopher Wise of Totnes, m2. Henry Wills)
  C. Elizabeth Speccott (a 1641)
  m. Francis Fortescue of Preston
m2. Jane Mohun (dau of Sir William Mohun of Hall, widow of Humphry Courtenay of Molland)
  D. John Specott
  E. Anne Specott (a 1645)
  m1. Thomas Williams (a 1641)
  m2. _ Martin
  m3. Emeline Trosse (bur 23.03.1659-60, dau of Thomas Trosse, widow of Christopher Wise of Totnes)
2. Edmond Speccott of Anderton, Cornwall (d 06.05.1620)
  m. Elizabeth Strode (a 1620, dau of William Strode of Newenham)
  A. Edmond Speccott of Anderton (b c1616, d 06.10.1638)
  m. (02.02.1630-1) Elizabeth Walrond (dau of Henry Walrond of Bradfield, m2. Humphry Prideaux of Hankford)
  i. Edmond Speccott (bpt 02.08.1632, d infant)
ii. Elizabeth Speccott (b c10.1633)
  m1. Henry Spoure of Trebartha
  m2. John Baxter
  B.+ other issue - Nathaniel (bur 10.01.1650-1), William (bpt 16.04.1618)
3. Roger Specott of Thorverton (a 1620)
  m. Elizabeth Reinell (dau of Edmond Reinell of Malston)
  A. Henry Speccott of Thorverton
  m. (c05.1633) Margaret Turner (dau of Humphry Turner of Thorverton, m2. William Marshall of Thorverton)
  i. Elizabeth Speccott
  m. (c07.1661) Robert Henchman
  B. Rebecka Speccott
  m. (c08.1620) Anthony Turner of Thorverton
  C.+ other issue - Roger, John, Elizabeth
4. Mary Specott
  m. John Fortescue of Fillie (d 1605)
5. Elizabeth Specott (d before 28.02.1643) probably of this generation
  m. James Bisse of Batcombe, later of Foxcote (b c1568, d 08.08.1646)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Speccot of Thornbury)
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