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Families covered: Smallacomb of Smallacomb (Smallcombe of Smallcombe), Strechleigh of Stretchleigh (Stretchley of Stretchley), Strobridge of Modbury, Stert of Maristow, Stert of Yeolmbridge

William Smallcombe of Lifton (a 07.1517)
m. _ White (dau of John White)
1. John Smallcomb of Smallacomb, Devon
  m. Elizabeth Westcott of Fernehill
  A. William Smallacomb of Smallacomb
  m. Alice Bidlake (dau of Henry or Thomas Bidlake of Bidlake)
  i. John Smallacomb of Smallacomb (b c1585, bur 14.05.1656)
  m1. Mary Penecock of Chimley
  a. John Smallacombe (b c1608, bur 06.04.1676)
  m. Hannah (bur 19.02.1685-6)
  (1) William Smallacombe (bur 18.09.1686)
  (A) Theophila Smallacombe (bpt 18.05.1680)
  m. (11.12.1705) John Harris (rector of Stowford)
  (B) Frances Smallacombe (bpt 24.01.1682-3)
  m. (01.02.1703-4) Jonathan Hawke
  (C)+ other issue - Joan (bpt 16.04.1677, bur 10.08.1724), Mary (bpt 14.11.1678, bur 02.08.1741)
  (2)+ other issue - Joseph (bpt 15.10.1667), Hanna (bpt 02.11.1656)
  m2. Anne Furse (dau of Robert Furse of Dene Prior)
  b.+ other issue (a 1620) - William (b c1611), Thomas (b c1613), Robert (b c1619)
  ii.+ other issue - Grace, Elizabeth



William de Strechleigh (d 1269-70)
1. Richard de Strechleigh
  A. Matthew de Strechleigh (a 1288)
  i. Walter de Strechleigh
a. William de Strechleigh (dsp)
  b. Walter de Strechleigh
  (1) Robert Strechleigh of Stretchleigh, Devon
  m. Joan Prideaux (b c1409, dau of John Prideaux of Adestone (by Joan (sb Isabella?) Bromford), sister/heir of John)
(A) John Strechleigh of Stretchleigh
  m. Ellinor Reynell (dau of Walter Reynell of Malscombe)
  (i) William Strechleigh of Stretchleigh
  Vivian (p716) identifies William's wife as Anne, dau of William Chichester of Raleigh, but crossrefers to p176 where she is identified as ...
  m. Agnes Chichester (dau of Richard Chichester of Hall)
(a) Frauncis Strechleigh of Stretchleigh
  m. Alice Strowde (dau of Richard Strowde of Plimpton)
  ((1)) William Strechleigh 'of Ermington' of Stretchleigh (d 21.07.1583)
m. Anne Golde (dau of Thomas Golde of Seyborough, sister/coheir of John)
  ((A)) Christina Strechleigh
  m1. (05.02.1559-60) Christopher Chudleigh of Ashton (bur 30.10.1570, son of Sir Richard)
  m2. (09.04.1573) George Cary of Clovelly (d 10.07.1601)
  ((2))+ other issue - Edward, Anne
  (b) Amye (Anne) Strechleigh
  m. Nicholas Speccott
  (c) Joane Strechleigh
  m. Christopher Thorne of Thorne
  (B) William Strechleigh



John Strobridg of Colleton, Devon
1. John Strobridg of Bigburie, Devon
  m. Cicilie Giles
  A. Arthur Strobridge of Modbury (d 06.01.1628)
  m. Mary Heale (dau of John Heale of Luston)
  i. John Strobridge of Modbury (b c1590, a 1628)
  m. _ Finch
  a.+ issue - Arthur, Walter, daughter
  ii. Mary Strobridge
  m. _ Sippott
  iii. Anne Strobridge
  m. _ Slowley
  iv.+ other issue (a 1628) - Walter, Roger



Thomas Stert of Maristow (bur 07.09.1664)
m. Mary (bur 19.03.1665-6)
1. Thomas Stert of Maristow (bur 26.09.1674)
  m. Philippa (bur 13.05.1678)
  A. Thomas Stert (bur 28.08.1686)
2. Philip Stert (bur 04.03.1694-5)
m. Margaret Coryndon (dau of Thomas Coryndon of Winkleigh, m2. John Cory of Cory)
  A. Thomas Stert of Bratton Clovelly (bpt 17.06.1692, d before 04.12.1730)
  m. Alice Mill (dau of Hugh Mill of West Putford)
  i. Thomas Stert of Yeolmbridge (bur 20.11.1777)
  m. Elizabeth Wood (b 1715, bur 12.04.1793, dau of Joseph Wood of Orchard)
  a. Philip Stert of Yeolmbridge (bpt 20.06.1753, d unm bur 1827, 3rd son)
  b. Thomas Coryndon Stert (bpt 24.09.1758, d 13.09.1831)
  m. Anne Cloke of Poundstock (b c1766, d 18.01.1864)
  (1) Mary Ann Stert (bpt 1803, d 1868)
  m. (12.06.1822) William Brendon of Tettaridge (b 27.05.1794, d 1837)
  (2) Margaret Stert (b 28.04.1806, d 18.08.1891)
  m. (02.01.1833) Riochard Brendon of Tettaridge (b 06.08.1803, d 01.09.1879)
  (3) Maria Stert (b 13.09.1808, d 13.02.1882)
  m. (05.02.1833) William Milnes of London (d 1885)
  (4)+ other issue - Philip (b c09.1811, bur 26.11.1811), Elizabeth (bpt 1801, bur 19.05.1803), Elizabeth (b 16.03.1804, d 22.05.1889)
  c. Elizabeth Stert (bpt 03.09.1740)
  m. (25.04.1777) Gerard Hussey
  d. Margaret Stert (bpt 29.12.1742)
  m. (11.11.1772) Daniel Harvey
  e.+ other issue - John Wood (bpt 03.09.1738, bur 02.02.1739-40), Thomas Wood (bpt 21.01.1745-6, bur 01.12.1746), Mary (bpt 27.11.1748)
  B. Grace Stert (d young)
3.+ other issue - Henry (b 02.03.1659-60), Mary (b 27.10.1654), Margery (b 20.05.1658)

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