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Families covered: Trefusis of Trefusis, Trefusis Lords Clinton
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John Trefusis of St. Mabyn (bpt 1612, d before 15.02.1654)
m. (18.02.1638) Elizabeth Drake (bpt 16.01.1622, dau of Sir Francis Drake, Bart)
1. Francis Trefusis of Trefusis (b 08.07.1650, d 05.11.1680)
m. (23.07.1672) Bridget Rolle (d 28.08.1721, dau of Robert Rolle of Hainton Satchville by Arabella, dau of Theophilus Clinton, 4th Earl of Lincoln & 12th Baron Clinton)
  A. Francis Trefusis of Trefusis (bpt 04.05.1673, dsp bur 22.09.1692)
  B. Samuel Trefusis of Trefusis (bpt 06.10.1676, bur 04.04.1724)
BP1934 identfies Samuel's wife (and mother of Robert) as Elizabeth Affleck but does not identify the wife of their son Robert. BEB1841 (Cotton of Connington) identifies the husband of Alice Cotton (dau/heir of Robert Cotton of Hatley St. George, brother of Sir John, 3rd Bart) as Robert, with them having a son Robert. Furthermore, BP1934 (Affleck) identifies Elizabeth Affleck as married (1737) to Robert Cotton Trefusis (of the next generation). However, Vivian shows Samuel's wife as Alice, dau/heir of Sir Robert Cotton, Bart (1st or 6th?), and their son Robert as husband of Elizabeth Affleck. The additional details provided by Vivian (on dates, etc.) lead us to follow Vivian rather than Burke's on the order of the wives but we suspect that BEB1841 was correct in identifying Alice Cotton as ...
  m1. (13.12.1702) Alice Cotton (dau of Sir Robert Cotton of Hatley St. George)
i. Robert Trefusis of Trefusis (bpt 01.04. 1708, bur 28.08.1742)
  m. (16.03.1737) Elizabeth Affleck (d before 09.07.1748, dau of Gilbert Affleck (MP for Cambridge), m2. Charles Charleton of Kensington Gravel Pits)
  a. Robert Cotton Trefusis of Trefusis (b 21.01.1739, bur 07.08.1778)
  m1. (04.05.1761) Anne St. John (b 1738-9, d 07.3.1776, dau of John St. John, Lord of Bletsoe)
  (1) Robert George William Trefusis, 17th Lord Clinton (b 05.10.1764, d 28.08.1797)
  m. (28.04.1786) Albertina Marianna Gaulis (d 07.02.1798, dau of John Abraham Rodolph Gaulis of Lausanne, Switzerland)
  (A) Robert Cotton St. John Trefusis, 18th Lord Clinton (b 28.04.1787, dsp 10.1832, Colonel)
  m. (04.08.1814) Frances Selina Poyntz (b c1796, dsp 29.08.1875, dau of William Stephen Poyntz of Cowdray Park)
(B) Charles Rodolph Trefusis, 19th Lord Clinton (b 09.11.1791, d 10.04.1866) had issue
  m. (25.10.1831) Elizabeth Georgiana Kerr (b 25.09.1807, d 19.03.1871, dau of William Kerr, 6th Marquess of Lothian, by Harriet Scott)
  (C) George Rolle Walpole Trefusis (b 08.04.1793, d 05.1849, Captain RN) had issue
  m. (08.01.1839) Mary Frances James (d 06.03.1845, dau/coheir of John James of Houghton Lodge)
  (D) Anne Matilda Trefusis (d 24.02.1876)
  m. (27.03.1827) Edward George Moore (b 18.08.1798, d 08.02.1876, canon of Windsor)
  (E) Louisa Trefusis (b c1789, d 20.11.1885)
m. (24.09.1822) John, Lord Rolle (dsp 03.04.1842)
  (2) John Trefusis (rector of St. Columb)
  m. Elizabeth Cory (dau of Rev. James Cory of St. Breock)
  (3) Anne St. John Trefusis (b 26.03.1763)
  m. (04.07.1792) Thomas Maxwell Adams of Barbados
  (4)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 16.01.1762, bur 14.08.18058), Barbara
  m2. Mary Anne Coppinger of St. Austell
  b. Elizabeth Trefusis (b 24.01.1738, d 19.12.1799)
  m. Sir Herbert Mackworth, 1st Bart of Gnoll Castle (b 01.01.1736-7, d 25.10.1791)
  ii. Gertrude Trefusis (a 1744)
  m. Israel Pellew of Flushing (d by 1742)
  m2. (09.07.1719) Margaret Craggs (dau of James Craggs of London, m2. Sir John Hind Cotton, Bart)
  C. Dorothy Trefusis (a 1699)
  D. Elizabeth Trefusis
  m. (21.09.1704) Arthur Arscott of Tetcot
  E. Bridget Trefusis
  m. (after 1698) John Worth of Tremough
2. Jane Trefusis (a 1690)
  m. George Ley
3. Sarah Trefusis (a 1699)
  m. Sidney Blight
4.+ other issue - Dorothy (bpt 07.10.1646, d 12.04.1699), Bridget (a 1699)



Thomas Trefusis (bur 01.05.1645)
m. Mary Tubb (bur 10.11.1628, dau/heir of Rev. Thomas Tubb of Gwennap)
1. Samuel Trefusis (bpt 15.09.1609, a 1657)
  m. (26.11.1635) Honor (widow of _ Stone)
  A. Jane Trefusis (bpt 28.01.1636, bur 17.09.1657)
  B. Mary Trefusis (bpt 08.07.1639)
m. (09/10.11.1657) Nicholas Munday of Mawnan
2. Henry Trefusis (bpt 1613, bur 23.03.1688)
  m. (27.10.1642) Ann Trenearth (bur 07.09.1692, dau of James Trenearth)
  A. Henry Trefusis (a 1692)
  m. Elizabeth
  i. Thomas Trefusis (bpt 16.08.1687, d 21.04.1754, MP for Grampound, 2nd son)
  m. (1716) Hannah Addis of Mevagisey
  a. Hannah Trefusis (b 1717-8, d 18.04.1766)
  m. (28.10.1742) Sir John Rogers of Westhoe (sb Wisdome?), Bart (bpt 31.08.1708, dsp 20.12.1773)
  b. Elizabeth Trefusis (bpt 17.09.1717)
  ii. Sybella Trefusis (bpt 23.07.1702)
  m. (25.02.1733) William Mohun
  iii.+ other issue - Henry (b 16.09.1672), Henry 9bpt 07.07.1690, bur 13.09.1690), Henry (b 02.07.1697, bur 03.08.1699), Samuel (bpt 26.10.1700, bur 05.05.1703), Trenearth (bur 06.04.1703), Ann (b 06.05.1704, bur 19.04.1715)
  B. James Trefusis (b 14.03.1650, a 1692, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Worth
  i. James Trefusis of London (d before 02.03.1707)
  m. Susannah
  ii.+ other issue - William (d before 02.08.1691), Mary (bur 26.05.1703)
  C. Anna Trefusis (a 1692)
m. Robert Mollett
  D. Mary Trefusis (bpt 24.109.1652, a 1692)
  m. _ Daniell
  E.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 18.036.1647, bur 28.03.1653), James (bpt 13.03.1649), Thomas (b 25.05.1654, bur 29.11.1669), William (b 24.11.1658, d unm before 21.04.1692), Elizabeth (a 1692)
3. Thomas Trefusis
  m1. (01.11.1626) Mary Mohun (bur 20.01.1629, dau of William Mohun)
  m2. Ursula Trefry (d before 13.02.1660, dau of William Trefry of Fowey)
4. Honor Trefusis (a 1644)
  m. Walter Quarme (rector of Mawnan)
5. Jane Trefusis (a 1659)
  m. (22.07.1624) Nathaniel Mohun (b c1594)
6. Mary Trefusis (a 1659)
  m. (28.11.1622) Richard Squire of St. Keverne
7. Katherine Trefusis (bpt 18.11.1611, a 1659)
  m. (24.10.1632) Robert Quarme
8.+ other issue - William (bpt 09.02.1615), John (bpt 13.02.1617, a 1659), Richard (bur 20.05.1619), Richard (bpt 22.09.1619), Grace (bpt 25.04.1607), Anne (a 1659), Rebecca (a 1659)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Trefusis of Trefusis) with some support for the upper section from BP1934 (Clinton)
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