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Families covered: Trenance of Cornwall, Trebartfoote of Poundstock, Tredinham of Philleigh, Tredenham of Tregonan, Trehane of Trehane, Trenerth of Constentin (Constantine), Trenerth of Trenerth

Vivian shows the arms of theis family as "Sa, a fess between three swords erect Arg., in chief a crescent for difference".
Bartholomew Trenance
1. John Trenance of Lastilion ('Lostwithiel')
m. Elinor Littleton (dau of Edward Littleton, sister/heir of Thomas of Lanhidrake)
  A. Thomas Trenance of Lanhidrack (Lanhidrock)
  m. Jone Kendall (dau of Nicholas Kendall of Penkevill)
  i. Littleton Trenance of Bodmin, Cornwall (a 1620)
  m. Margaret Roscarrock (dau of Thomas Roscarrock of Roscarrock)
a. Jane Trenance
  m1. (20.01.1623-4) Stephen Sprey
  m2. John Perry
  b.+ other issue (a 1620) - Thomas (b c1598), Mary (b c1596), Frances, Katherin, Cheston (bpt 26.01.1603-4)
  ii. Constance Trenance
  m. (23.01.1576-7) George Courtney of Penkevill
  iii. Willmot Trenance
m. Richard Gerveis of Benethleck
  iv. Thomazin Trenance (bpt 01.10.1569)
  m. (14.10.1590) John Coryn
  v.+ other issue - Loveday (bpt 03.06.1561, bur 01.04.1566), Philippa (bpt 23.12.1573)
  B. Blanch Trenance
  m. (14.10.159) Thomas Heliar of Lestithiell
  C. Elizabeth Trenance
  m1. Richard Rawe
  m2. _ Couch
  D. Petronell Trenance
  m. (20.12.1561) John Tredinnick



Thomas Trebartfoote of Poundstoke (bur 29.08.1598)
m. Agnes Tole of Devon
1. John Trebartfoote of Poundstock
  m. Margaret Penfound (dau of William Penfound of Poundstocke)
  A. William Trebartfoote of Trebarfoote (bur 24.10.1628)
  m. (05.07.1602) Mary Bobage (bur 02.07.1616, dau/coheir of John Bobage of Northtawton)
  i. John Trebartfoote (b c1605, bur 03.05.1630)
  m. Grace
  a. Mary Trebartfoote
  m. _Burgoyne
  (1) Robert Burgoyne of Poundstock
  (A) Mary Burgoyne (dsp)
  m. James Venning (cleric)
  (2) ?? Burgoyne
  (A) Joan Burgoyne
  m. Richard Watts of Liskeard
  (i) Richard Watts had issue
  ii. Honor Trebartfoote
  m. (c01.1634) Robert Martyn of St. Glennys
  iii.+ other isuse - William, Margaret
  B. Digory Trebartfoot (a 1632, 3rd son?)
  i.+ issue - William (bpt 06.01.1592), Humphry (a 1632), Mary (bpt 14.09.1594)
  C. Humphry Trebartfoot (a 1633)
  m. Honor (bur 20.12.1653)
  i.+ issue - John (bpt 26.01.1614), William (bpt 1615), HUOmphry (bpt 21.11.1631), Honor (a 1632)
  D.+ other issue - Roger of Poundstock (d before 11.04.1610), Richard (d before 13.05.1633), Jame (a 1609)



Robert Tredinham of Tredinham
1. Robert Tredinham of Tredinham
  m. Florence Enys (dau/coheir of Thomas Enys)
  A. Thomas Tredinham of Philleigh (3rd son)
  m. Sibell Tresteane (dau of Martyn Tresteane of Tresteane)
i. John Tredinham of Philleigh (d before 17.09.1656)
  m. Elizabeth Molesworth (dau of John Molesworth of Pencarrow)
  a. Sir William Tredenham of Tregonan in St. Ewe (dsp 12.05.1662, 2nd son)
b. Sir Joseph Tredenham of Tregonan (b 1741-2, dsp 25.04.1707, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Seymour (d 13.02.1730, dau of Sir Edward Seymour of Bury Semour, Bart)
  (1) John Tredenham of Tregonan (bpt 28.03.1668, d 1710)
  m. Anne Lloyd (dau/heir of Sir John Lloyd of the Forest, Bart)
  (A) Elizabeth Tredenham (dvp unm)
  (2) Seymour Tredenham (bpt 14.01.1669, dsp before 15.01.1696)
  m. (1693) Margaret Lewis (dau of Thomas Lewis of Westminster, widow of Sir Richard Tufton of Westminster (cousin of the Earl of Thanet), m3. Rev. Alexander Wills, m4. Phlip Farwell)
  (3) Elizabeth Tredenham (bpt 14.07.1672)
m. (24.07.1701) John Nicholls
  (4) Mary Tredenham (bpt 09.09.1674)
  m. (after 1703) Francis Scobie (Scobell) of Menaguins
  c. Katherine Tredenham (a 1656)
  m. Thomas Penhallow
  d.+ other issue - John (dvp), Charles( a 1656, d young), BEnjamin (d 18.01.1672, of the Middle Temple), Elizabeth (a 1656)
  ii. Anne Tredinham
  m. William Lagau or Legoe
  B.+ other issue - Robert, William
2. John Tredinham of Lamorran
3. Elizabeth Tredinham
  m. Roger Arundell ## see here ##



Otes Trehane of Trehane in Probus, Cornwall
m. _ Lahere
1. John Trehane of Trehane
m. Amy Tregallest
  A. John Trehane of Trehane (a 1620)
  m. Elizabeth Merret (dau of John Merret of Probus)
  i. Elizabeth Trehane
  m. John Scawyne of Trehane
  ii. Mary Trehane
  m. Nicholas Kendall of Luxillian
  iii. Amy Trehane
  m. Peter Courtney of Penkevell
  iv. Katherine Trehane
  m. John Vernon of Lamarron
  B. Agnes Trehane
  m. Stephen Polewheele
2. Mary Trehane



Gerans Trenerth of Trenerth
m. Mary Kestell (dau of Edward Kestell of Cornwall)
1. John Trenerth of Trenerth
m. Mary Tresuggan (bur 21.08.1565, dau of John Tresuggan)
  A. Gawen Trenerth of Constentin (Constantine), Cornwall
  m. Amy Collerian (dau of Michael Collerian of Cornwall)
  i. James Trenerth of Constentin (Constantine) (bpt 04.01.1591, bur 11.11.1661)
  m1. (03.09.1615) Mary Tooker (bur 27.11.1624, dau of John Tooker of Cardinham)
  a. Anne Trenerth (bpt 07.05.1620, bur 07.09.1692)
  m. (27.10.1642) Henry Trefusis
  b. Julian Trenerth (bpt 17.11.1621, bur 22.11.1621)
  m2. Pernell (bur 23.05.1657)
  ii+. other issue - William (bpt 10.05.1595, bur 07.10.1602), Gerance (bpt 12.03.1599-1600, bur 16.08.1688)
  B. James Trenerth of Constantine (bur 28.03.1601)
  m. (1580) Christian
  C.+ other issue - Mary (bur 21.08.1564), Jane (bur 01.11.1568)

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