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Families covered: Roscarrock of Crawne, Roscarrock of Roscarrock, Roscarrock of Trehane

Walter de Roscaroc (d by 1202) possibly father (or grandfather?) of ...
1. Geoffrey Roscarrock
  A. William de Roscarocknure
  m. Isolda (a 1302, dau of Ewerwynus de St. Columb Major)
  i. Richard Roscarrock (a 1302)
  m. Isold Gifford (dau of Ralph Gifford)
  a. William Roscarrock
  m. Eve Arundel (dau of Lawrence Arundel of Bleybell)
  (1) John Roscarrock
  m. Alice Chenduit (dau of William Chenduit of Bodanan by Elizabeth)
  (A) Thomas Roscarrock (d by 1434)
m. Anne Penwarren (dau of Walter Penwarren, widow of John Penance)
  (i) Thomas Roscarrock (b c1397)
  m. Isabell Bodlesgate (dau/coheir of Stephen Bodlesgate)
  (a) John Roscarrock (b c1448)
  m. Alice Pentier (dau of John Pentier)
  ((1)) John Roscarrock of Roscarrock
  m. Elianor Clemens (dau/coheir of Thomas Clemens, m2. Thomas Bere)
  ((A)) John Roscarrock of Roscarrock (d 26.10.1537) - continued below
  m1. Agnes Grenvile (dau of Sir Thomas Grenvile)
  m2. Mary Cavell (dau of Nicholas Cavell)
  i(i) Katherine Roscarrock
  m. Nicholas Cavell
  ii.+ other issue (a 1302) - Baldwin, Geoffrey, William



John Roscarrock of Roscarrock (d 26.10.1537) - continued above
m1. Agnes Grenvile (dau of Sir Thomas Grenvile)
1. Richard Roscarrock of Roscarrock (b c1507, d 26.10.1575)
  m. Isabel Trevenor (dau/coheir of Richard Trevenor alias Dewy by Jane Boscawen)
  A. Thomas Roscarrock of Roscarrock (b c1531, d 13.02.1587)
  m. Jane Pentier (b c1534, dau/heir of William Pentier of Pentune)
i. John Roscarrock of Roscarrock (b c1557, d 24.11.1608)
  m. Catherine Trevanyan (dau of Hugh Trevanyan of Carryhaye. sister of Charles)
  a. Charles Roscarrock of Roscarrock (b c1590, 15.01.1627)
  m. Dorothy Thynn (a 1642, dau of Sir John Thynn of Wiltshire, m2. _ Grenville)
  (1) Charles Roscarrock of Roscarrock 'of Trevenna' (b 23.07.1616, bur 10.10.1665)
  m. Margaret Mohun (bur 12.05.1670, dau of Sir Reginald Mohun, Bart)
  (A) Elizabeth Roscarroc (a 1687)
  m. _ Hunt
(B)+ other issue - Charles (bpt 14.07.1644, bur 13.12.1647), Dorothy (bur 18.12.1643), Arabella (a 1670), Christian (a 1665), Dorothy (bpt 03.08.1645), Mary (a 1665)
  (2) Chamond Roscarrock (dsp before 27.06.1689)
  m. (10.10.1669) Grace
  (3) Joane Roscarrock probably the Joane who married ...
  m. Walter Langdon of Keverell
  (4)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne (d before 15.01.1627), Dorothy (bpt 20.12.1613), Bridget (bpt 08.05.1614)
  b. Isabell Roscarrock
  m. William Mathew of Tresunger
c.+ other issue - Nicohlas, Joane, Jane
  ii. William Roscarrock of Padstow (a 1616)
  m. Anne Shelton of London
  a. Jane Roscarrock
  iv. Margaret Roscarrock
  m. Littleton Trenance
  v. Katherine Roscarrock probably of this generation
  m. John Tanner of Court in Brannell (b c1559, bur 25.01.1623)
vi. Elizabeth Roscarrock probably of this generation
  m. Lewes Wallis alias Darte of Mevagissy (bur 12.04.1632)
  vii. Agnes Roscarrock probably of this generation
  m. William Menwynick (bur 27.10.1627)
  viii.+ other issue - Francis (a 1620), Thomas, Richard, Henry, Jane
  B. Hugh Roscarrock of Endellion (dsp bur 26.12.1616)
  m1/2. Phillipa Boswaro (heir)
  m2/1. Margaret Lippingcott (dau of Philip Lippingcott of Wibbury)
  C. Anthony Roscarrock of Crowne
  m. Isabell Stone (dau of John Stone of Trevigo)
  i. John Roscarrock of Crawne, Cornwall (d 1645)
m. Elizabeth Hinckston (dau of Thomas Hinckston of Parlhate & Durworthy)
  a. William Roscarrock of Crawne (b c1612, a 1654)
  b.+ other issue - Humfrey (bpt 08.10.1615), Thomas (bpt 25.03.1617), John (bpt 26.05.1618, bur 24.12.1644), Anthony (bpt 19.11.1620, bur 24.04.1625), Edward (bpt 10.06.1621), Robert (bpt 19.01.1623), Frances, Philpp(a) (bpt 24.10.1619), Elizabeth (bpt 29.12.1630)
  ii. Frances Roscarrock
  m1. Gilbert Michell
  m2. John Sanders of Bodman (Bodmin)
  D. Humphrey Roscarrock of Pincheley in Carindham (dsp 20.10.1616)
  m. Phillipa Kendall (dau of Nicholas Kendall of Pelyn, widow of Richard Michell of Bodmin)
  E. Jane Roscarrock
  m1. William Tremaine of Upcott (d before 08.08.1576)
  m2. Humphrey Nicoll of Penvose
  F. Katherine Roscarrock (bur 23.03.1621)
m. Francis Penkevill
  G.+ other issue - Nicholas, Trevener, Mary (d unm before 25.06.1575)
2. William Roscarrock
m2. Mary Cavell (dau of Nicholas Cavell, m2. Digory Grenvile of Penheale)
3. John Roscarrock possibly father of ...
  A. John Roscarrock of Trehane in Trevalge (d by 1606)
  i. Walter Roscarrock of Trehane
  m. (15.10.1606) Anne Bonython (dau of John Bonython of Bonython)
  a. John Roscarrock of Trehane (d before 11.11.1648)
  m. Elizabeth Samuel (bur 15.06.1692, dau of John Samuel of Restormell)
  (1) Samuel Roscarrock (dvp, bur 29.12.1640)
  ii. Mary Roscarrock (bpt 06.10.1582)
4. Elizabeth Roscarrock
  m. John Hore of Trenouth
5.+ other issue - Otes, Mary

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Roscarrock of Roscarrock)
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