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Families covered: Cantilupe of (A)Bergavenny, Cantilupe (Cauntelo) of Cantilupe, Cantilupe of Greseley (Greasley), Cantilupe of Ilkeston, Creake of North Creake, Custance of Weston, Cavell of Trehaverock

William de Cantilupe, Steward, Sheriff of Herefordshire (d 1238-9)
1. William de Cantilupe, Steward (d 1250-1)
  m. (c1215) Milicent de Gournai (dau of Hugh de Gournai)
  A. William de Cantilupe, Lord of Abergavenny (d 25.09.1254)
m. Eve de Braose (d 07.1255, dau of William de Braose of Brecknock and Abergavenny)
  i. Sir George de Cantilupe of Bergavenny & Haryngworth (b 29.03.1252, dsp 18.10.1273)
  m. Margaret de Lacy (dau of Edmund de Lacy, 2nd Earl of Lincoln)
  ii. Milicent de Cantilupe
  m1. John de Montalt
  m2. Eudes la Zouche (a 1273)
  iii. Joan or Eve de Cantilupe
  m. Sir Henry de Hastings of Ashill (d 1268)
  B. St. Thomas de Cantilupe, Bishop of Hereford (d 1282, canonised, 3rd son)
  C. John de Cantilupe
  i. William de Cantilupe
  D. Juliana de Cantilupe HY
  m. (before 01.08.1245) Robert de Tregoz (d before 24.09.1268) HY
  E. Agnes de Cantilupe
m. Robert St. John (d 1267)
  F. daughter
  m. Robert Gregonet
  G.+ other issue - Hugh (archdeacon of Gloucester), Nicholas (d 1266)
2. Walter de Cantilupe, Bishop of Worcester (d 1266)
3. John de Cantilupe of Snitterfield
  m. Margaret or Margery Cummin (dau of William Cummin of Snitterfield)
  A. John de Cantilupe (d c1324)
  m. Margaret Mohun (dau of John de Mohun, 6th of Dunster)
  i. John Cantilupe (dvpsp)
  ii. Eleanor Cantilupe
  m. Sir Thomas West (d 01.11.1343/4)
4. Nicholas de Cantilupe of Ilkestone (d before 24.09.1266)
  m. Eustachia (dau of Ralph FitzHugh, sister of Hugh FitzRalph, lord of Greseley or Greasley)
  A. William de Cantilupe, 1st Lord (b 02.04.1262, d 1308)
  m1. (before 1285) Maud d'Arches (dsps, dau of Osbert d'Arches of Aston and Kereby)
  m2. Eve de Bolteby (a 1313, dau of Adam de Bolteby of Ravensthorpe & Bolteby)
i. William de Cantilupe, 2nd Lord (b 1293, dsp)
  ii. Sir Nicholas de Cantilupe of Ilkeston, Greseley, etc , 3rd Lord (d 31.07.1355)
  m1. Typhania
  a. William de Cantilupe, 4th Lord (Joan de Welle (d after 07.1375, dau of Sir Adam de Welle of Well)
  BE1883 reports that William dvp but TCP reports that he outlived his sons who had held title to the family estates before him.
  (1) Nicholas de Cantilupe of Ilkeston, Greseley, 4th Lord (b by 1343, dvpsp c1371)
  m. Katherine (d before 06.07.1375)
  (2) Sir William de Cantilupe of Ilkeston, Greseley, 5th Lord (b by 1345, dvpsp 31.03.1375)
  m. Maud
  m2. Joane (dsp 16.10.1362, widow of Sir William de Kyme, Lord Kyme)
5. Thomas de Cantilupe, Lord Chancellor (a 1264)
6. daughter Y
  m. Thurstan de Montfort (d 1216) Y



Bartholomew de Creke (d c1250)
m. Alicia de Cokefeld (dau of Robert de Cokefeld)
1. Robert de Creke of North Creake & Combs the first mentioned by TCP
  m1. Agnes de Glanville (dau of William de Glanville)
  A. Bartholomew de Creke of North Creake & Combs
  m. Margery
  i. Sarah de Creke
  m. Roger FitzPiers FitzOsbert
  a. Margery (d young)
  ii.+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, Geoffrey, John
  B. Margaret de Creke
  m. John de Thorpe (a c1230)
  C. Isabel de Creke
  m. John de Valoines
  m2. Richmay



Robert Custance of Norfolk (d 1549)
BLG1952 moves from Robert to his grandson, William (m. Cicely Athill). Commoners provides not one but two intervening generations between Robert and that William, as follows:
1. William Custance (b 1533, d 06.09.1601)
  m. Frances Bacon (dau of Thomas Bacon)
  A. William Custance (b 1570, d 1621)
  m. Katherine Bacon (dau of Clement Bacon of Gresham, cousin)
  i. William Custance (b 1599, d 28.06.1649)
  m. Cicely Athill (dau of Richard Athill of Cawston)
  a. William Custance (b 17.06.1632)
m. Bridget Atkins (dau of Rev. _ Atkins)
  (1) William Custance had issue "which is now extinct"
  (2) John Custance of Weston (d 31.05.1752, alderman of Norwich)
  m. Sarah Hambleton (d 22.11.1756, dau/coheir of John Hambleton of Banham)
  (A) Hambleton Custance of Weston, Sheriff of Norfolk (b 1715, d 15.04.1757)
m. Susanna Press (dau/heir of John Press, alderman of Norwich)
  (i) John Custance of Weston (b 1749, d 13.08.1822)
  m. Frances Beauchamp Proctor (dau of Sir William Beauchamp Proctor, Bart of Langley Park)
  (a) Hambleton Thomas Custance of Weston (b 12.02.1779, d 1845) had issue
  m. (11.02.1809) Mary Bower (d 06.01.1850, dau/heir of Miles Bower, niece of John Bower Jodrell of Henbury Hall)
  (b) Neville Custance (b 28.02.1790, d 14.09.1880, Captain, 5th son) had issue
m. (13.11.1833) Frances Weston (d 25.11.1874, dau of Charles Weston of Thorpe)
  (c) Frances Anne Custance
  m. Robert Marsham of Stratton Strawless
  (d) Emily Custance (dsp 1864)
  m. Bartholomew Edwards (d 1889, rector of Ashill)
  (e)+ other issue - George (d unm 1814, Lt. Colonel), William (b 18.09.1781, d 1862), John (b 06.05.1787, d 1868, rector of Blickling & Erpingham), Charlotte (d young)
  (ii) Susanna Custance (d 09.12.1833)
  m. (1773) Sir Thomas Durrant, 1st Bart of Scottow (d 06.09.1790)
  (B) Sarah Custance
  m. (1736) Anthony Norris of Barton Tuft
2. Edmund Custance
  m. Cicely Palmer (dau of John Palmer of Winter Barningham)



Henry Cavell in Deliamour (a 1307, 1327)
m. Alice (d by 1342)
1. Peter Cavell in Deliamour
  m. Anne Bodulgatt (dau of John Bodulgatt)
A. Stephen Cavell
  m. Jane Boniface (dau/coheir of Robert Boniface)
  i. Robert (or Henry) Cavell
  m. Sibell Trevaherock (dau/coheir of John Trehaverock)
  a. Nicholas Cavell 'of Trereke'
  m1/2. Katherine Roscarrock (dau of Thomas Roscarrock)
  (1) Isabell Cavell
  m. William Carnsewe of Bokelly
  m2/1. Alice Trecarren (dau/heir of John Trecarren, widow of William Carnsewe)
  (2) John Cavell in Trehaverock (d 14.12.1460, prebendary)
  (3) Henry Cavell (d 02.11.1485)
  m. Jane Trevillan (dau of John Trevillian of Nettlecombe)
  (A) Nicholas Cavell (b c1475)
m. Thomasin Knight (dau/heir of William Knight of Fowey)
  (i) John Cavell of Trehaverock (d 10.01.1602)
  m. Phill(ippa) Courtney (dau of Lawrence Courtney of Ethy)
  (a) William Cavell of Trehaverock 'of St. Kue' (bpt 25.11.1569, bur 19.12.1647, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Pomeroy (bur 26.06.1652, dau of William Pomeroy)
  ((1)) Francis Cavell (dvp bur 20.11.1607)
  ((2)) Mary Cavell (a 1652)
  m. (18.04.1615) John Vivian of St. Collumb
  ((3)) Joane Cavell
  m. (10.08.1618) John Hore of Trenouth
  (b) Thomasin Cavell
m. (14.01.1595) Roger Kellie
  (c)+ other issue - Nicholas (dvpsp before 09.05.1594), Margaret/Margery, Elizabeth, Frances, Elizabeth, Dorothy
  (ii) Dorothy Cavell
  m. Thomas Woods
  (iii) Mary Cavell possibly fits here
  m1. John Roscarrock of Roscarrock (d 26.10.1537)
  m2. Digory Grenvile of Penheale
  (iv)+ other issue - Andrew of Creed (d 1608), Ann (dsp), Phillipa
  (B) Alice Cavell
  m. Henry Nicholls of Perin (Penryn)
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Richard, Henry, John, William
2. Henry Cavell
  m. Isabella
3. Johanna Cavell

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