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Families covered: Trevanion of Caerhayes (Caerhays), Trevanion of Trevalster, Trevanion of Trevanion

Sir John Trevanion of Trevanion, Cornwall (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377, MP)
m. Johanna de Beaupre (dau/heir of Stephen de Beaupre or Belloprato)
1. Robert Trevanion of Trevanion
  m. _ Archdekne (heir)
  A. Robert Trevanion of Trevanion
  m. Johanna Arundel (dau of Otho Arundel of Tremblith)
  i. Robert Trevanion of Trevanion
  m. _ Carminowe (heir)
a. Robert Trevanion of Trevanion & Caerhays
  m. Johanna Arundel (dau/(co)heir of Rodolph Arundel of Garyhayes or Caerhays)
  (1) Thomas Trevanion of Caerhayes
  m. Matilda or Jane Petit (dau/coheir of John Petit of Ardevora, m2. John Killigrew of Arwennack)
  (A) John Trevanion of Caerhayes (a 1482)
m. Jennet Trefry (a 1518, dau of Thomas Trefry of Foye or Fowey)
  (i) Sir William Trevanion of Caerhayes, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 29.09.1518)
  m. Anne (Agnes) Edgecombe (dau of Sir Richard Edgecombe of Cothele)
  (a) Sir Hugh Trevanion of Caerhayes - continued below
  m1. Elizabeth Pollard (dau of Sir Lewis Pollard)
  m2. Anne Hache (dau of Thomas Hache of Wooley, widow of Baldwin Mallet)
  (b) John Trevanion
  Shown by Commoners as the John of Trevalster (m. _ Holland) whom, following Vivian, we show a generation earlier (just below)
(c) Jane Trevanion
  m. Reginald Mohun of Hull (d 22.04.1567)
  (ii) John Trevanion 'of Trevalster' (a 1518) see note just above
  m. Radigan Holland (bur 23.08.1564)
  (a) John Trevanion of Trevalster
  m. Mary Somaster (dau of John Somaster)
  ((1)) John Trevanion
  ((A)) John Trevanion (dsp)
  ((2)) Mary Trevanion
  m. Richard Trefusis
  ((3)) Joan Trevanion
m. William Bligh
  ((4)) Alice Trevanion (bur 18.09.1580)
  m. Nicholas Boscawen (bur 10.05.1626)
  (2) Richard Trevanion or Arundell
  m. Johanna
  (A)+ issue - Stephen of Carhays, Johanna
  ii. Johanna Trevanion
  m. John Simons of Crowan
2. Sir John Trevanion (dsp)
  m. Jone le Sergiaux (dau of Richard Le Sergiaux)
3. Joan Trevanion
  m. Stephen Trerwarthenick



Sir Hugh Trevanion of Caerhayes (Kerhayes or Carryhayes, etc.), Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1500, d by 1562) - continued above
m1. Elizabeth Pollard (dau of Sir Lewis Pollard)
1. Sir Hugh Trevanion of Caerhays or Caerhayes, Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1522, d 29.12.1571)
  m. Sybilla Morgan (a 1579, dau of Sir Thomas Morgan, sister of wife of 1st Lord Hunsdon)
  A. Edward Trevanion of Caerhays (b c1550, dsp 08.10.1576)
  B. John Trevanion of Caerhays (dsp 29.03.1580)
  C. Hugh Trevanion of Caerhays (dsp before 16.07.1588)
  D. Charles Trevanion of Caerhays (d 11.11.1601, Vice Admiral)
  m. Jone Wichalse (dau/heir of Robert Wichalse or Wichhalse of Devon)
i. Sir Charles Trevanion of Caerhays, Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1585, a 1644)
  m. Amia or Anne Mallet (dau of Sir John Mallet of Enmor)
  a. John Trevanion (b 1613, dvp Bristol before 17.10.1643, Colonel)
  m. Anne or Mary Arundel (dau of John Arundel of Trerice, sister of 1st Lord, m2. Sir John Arundell of Lanherne)
(1) Charles Trevanion of Caerhayes (bur 02.12.1703)
  Commoners identifies Charles's wife as a daughter/coheir of Sir Adam Drummond. Vivian identifies her as ...
  m. Jane Drummond (d before 15.06.1710, dau/coheir of Sir Maurice Drummond by Dorothy, dau of Sir William Llower of Treventy)
  (A) John Trevanion of Caerhayes (b c1667, d 15.08.1740, MP)
  m1. Anne Blake (dsp before 12.11.1725, dau/coheir of Sir Francis Blake of Northumberland)
  m2. (29.03.1726) Barbara Berkeley (d 16.03.1776, dau of William Berkeley, 4th Lord of Stratton)
  (i) William Trevanion of Caerhayes (b 15.03.1727, dsp 24.01.1767)
  m. (19.05.1758) Ann Barlow (dau/heir of George Barlow of Stebech, m2. John Symons of Lansiunon)
  (ii) Frances Trevanion
m. John Bettesworth
  Caerhayes passed into the Bettesworth family. Their grandson assumed the name Trevanion-Bettesworth.
  (iii) Sophia Trevanion
  m. (08.08.1748) John Byron (Admiral, son of 4th Lord)
  (B)+ other issue- Charles (dsp 16.03.1736-7), Mary Winifred (d unm 01.1698-9)
  (2) Richard Trevanion of Caerhayes (d befoer 13.08.1720, 4th son)
  (A) Anne Trevanion
  m. _ FtizWilliams (d by 1719)
  (i)+ issue - Charles, William, Anne
  (3) Amy Trevanion
m. Joseph Sawle of Penrice (d 1708)
  (4)+ other issue - John (bpt 02.04.1638), Hugh of Newham (dsp bur 20.09.1696), Mary (d unm c02.1709-10)
  b.+ other issue - Charles of Crego in Cuby (dp), Mary
  ii. Katherine Trevanion Commoners suggests that Catherine d unm by Vivian shows that she married ...
  m. (08.05.1622) Francis Godolphin
  iii.+ other issue - John, Mary
  E. Anne Trevanion
m. John Killiowe of Lansallos
  F. Beatrice Trevanion
  m. John Trelawny
  G. Elizabeth Trevanion (d by 07.1641)
  m1. Sir Henry Woodrington of Northumberland (d before 15.02.1592/3)
  m2. (20.08.1593) Robert Carey, 1st Earl of Monmouth (b 1560, d 12.04.1639)
  H. Katherine Trevanion
  m. John Roscarrock of Roscarrock
2. John Trevanion (dsp)
3. Richard Trevanion of Tolverne, later of Tregarthen (Cornwall)
  m. Margaret Chamond (dau/coheir of Thomas Chamond of Tregarthian, widow of Thomas Arundell of Talvarne)
4. Jenopher Trevanion
  m. Thomas Hearle of Prideaux Hearle
m2. Anne Hache (dau of Thomas Hache of Wooley, widow of Baldwin Mallet)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Trevanion of Carhayes), Commoners (vol 1, Trevanion of Caerhayes)
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