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Families covered: Trelawny of Coldrinick (Coldenerick), Trelawny of Ham, Trelawny of Plymouth, Trelawny of Trelawny, Trelawny of Tidiford (Tudyford or Tudiford)

Eduni of Treloen or Trelawny (a temp Edward the Confessor who r. 1042-1066)
1. Hamelin of Treloen or Trelawny
  A. Richard de Trelawny
  i. William de Trelawny
  a. John de Trelawny
  m. Joane Botrell (dau of Reginald Botrell or Botterell)
  (1) William de Trelawny
  m. Joan or Jane Trewynick (dau of Stephen de Trewynick)
(A) John de Trelawny
  m. Laura Sergaux (dau of Sir Richard Sergaux or Serjeaux)
  (i) William de Trelawny (a 1326)
  m. Margery (dau of Jo. de Rivers or Riparus or Reparijs)
  (a) William Trelawny
  m. Joan (dau of Richard Douggall or Doyngull)
  ((1)) Sir John Trelawny (a 1367)
  m. Matilda Mynwenyke (dau of Robert Mynwenyke or Menwynick)
  ((A)) Sir John Trelawny
  m. Agnes (dau of Robert Tregodack or Trogodeck)
  ((i)) Sir Richard Trelawny (dspm)
  ((ii)) John Trelawny, Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1471) - continued below
  m. Joan Heligan (dau of Nicholas Heligan of Helligan or Heligan)



John Trelawny, Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1471) - continued above
m. Joan Heligan (dau of Nicholas Heligan of Helligan or Heligan)
1. Sir John Trelawny of Trelawny
  m. Jane or Blanche Pownd (dau of John Pownd)
  A. John Trelawny of Trelawny
  m. Florence Courtenay (dau of Sir Hugh Courtenay of Boconnok)
  i. Walter Trelawny of Trelawny
m. Isabel Towze (dau of _ Towze of Taunton)
  a. John Trelawny of Trelawny (d 1537-8)
  m1. Margaret Lamelion (dau of Thomas Lamelion or Lamelyon)
  (1) John Trelawny of Trelawny, Sheriff of Cornwall
  m. Anne Reskymer
  (A) Sir Jonathan Trelawny of Trelawny, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 21.06.1604)
  m. Elizabeth Killigrew (dau of Sir Henry Killigrew)
  (i) Sir John Trelawny, 1st Bart of Trelawny, Sheriff of Cornwall (b 24.04.1592, bur 16.02.1664)
  m1. Elizabeth Mohun (dau of Sir Reginald Mohun, 1st Bart of Bolconnock)
m2. Douglas Gorges (dau of Tristram Gorges)
  (ii) Edward Trelawny of Coldrenick or Coldenerick or Coldrinick
  m. _ Gorges
  (a) Jonathan Trelawny of Coldrinick
  m. (27.01.1647) Philoclea Burell (dau of Arthur Burell)
  ((1)) Edward Trelawny of Coldrinick (Dean of Exeter)
  m. (1692) Elizabeth Darell (d 06.1736, dau of Thomas Darell of Chacroft)
  ((A)) Charles Trelawny of Coldrinick or Coldenerick (dsp 1764)
Coldrinick (Coldenerick) passed into the Darell family, the successors taking the name Trelawny.
  ((2)) Mary Trelawny
  m. Rev. Robert Beele of Dittisham
((A)) ?? Beele (dau)
  m. (John) Pendarves
  ((B))+ 3 daughters (dsp)
  ((3))+ 2 sons (dvpsp)
  (iii) Anne Trelawny probably of this generation
  m. (30.08.1620) Sir Francis Basset of Tehidy (d 19.09.1645)
  (iv)+ 2 daughters
  (B) Mary Trelawny probably of this generation
  m1. John Spring of Packenham (d 1601)
  m2. Sir Robert Gardiner
  m2. Lora Trescarrell
(2) John Trelawny
  m. Beatrice Trevanion
  B. John Trelawny of St. Germyns or Germans
  m. Margaret (dau of John Bickton of Bickton or Buckton of Buckton)
  i. Walter Trelawny of Tidiford (or Tudyford or Tudiford)
  m. Agnes Hawkins (dau of John Hawkins of Tavestock)
  a. Robert Trelawny of Tudyford (d 1627)
  m. Agnes Spry (dau of Thomas Spry of Quethiock) ## possibly here?
  (1) Edward Trelawny
  m. Mary Arscot (dau of Tristram Arscot of Annery)
  (2) Robert Trelawny, Mayor of Plymouth (d 1627)
  m1. (1597) Elizabeth Mayne (d 1602, dau of Alexander Mayne of Exeter)
  (A) Robert Trelawny of Ham (b 25.03.1598, d 1643)
  m. (06.01.1623-4) Anne Voga (d 08.04.1643)
  (i) Robert Trelawny of Ham, Mayor of Plymouth (b 10.1633, d 1704)
  m. Ann Amadas (bur 17.01.1696-7)
  (a) Samuel Trelawny of Ham (b 1683, d 1711)
  m. (1710) Elizabeth Edgecumbe (d 1733, dau of Thomas Edgecumbe of Plymouth)
  ((1)) Samuel Trelawny of Ham (b 1711, bur 10.08.1841)
  m1. Elizabeth Cross (dsp)
  m2. (1734) Mary Jones (bur 23.03.1759-60)
  ((A)) Samuel Pollexfen Trelawny of Ham (bpt 23.05.1737
m. (30.06.1761) Catherine Luce (bur 11.06.1765, dau of Thomas Luce of Whitleigh)
  ((i)) Mary Trelawny of Ham (d 04.09.1837)
  m. (22.04.1784) George Collins (b 29.10.1762, d 23.07.1826)
  (B)+ other issue (a 1620) - Edward, Elizabeth, Margaret
  m2. (1607) Judith Amadas (dau of John Amadas or Amadis of Plymouth)
  (E) John Trelawny (a 1620)
  b. John Trelawny of Plymouth
  m. Alice Kinge (dau of Thomas Kinge)
  (1) Francis Trelawny of Plymouth (a 1620)
  m. Ann Fortescue (dau of John Fortescue of Buckland Philly)
  (A)+ issue (a 1620) - John (b c1613), Ann
  C. Roger Trelawny
  i. Mary Trelawny
  m. William Hawkyns of Tavestock

Main source(s): BP1934 (Salusbury-Trelawny), Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Trelawny) with input from BLG1952 (Trelawny-Ross of Fulford Grange formerly of Ham), Commoners (vol i, Trelawny of Coldrinick)
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