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Families covered: Trussell of Billesley

William Trussell of Billesley, Warwickshire
1. William Trussell
  A. Theobald Trussell
  i. Sir Alured or Amery Trussell the first mentioned by Visitation (Warwickshire)
Visitation (Nottinghamshire) shows only one marriage for Allured (sic), with Catherine shown as mother of William, but Visitation (Warwickshire) shows that he married twice with children allocated as follows.
  m1. Katherine Trussell (dau/heir of Sir William Trussell of Warmincham by Maud Venables)
  a. Elizabeth Trussell
  m. Sir Baldwyn Frevill
  m2. ??
  b. William Trussell of Billesley
(1) John Trussell of Billesley
  This may possibly be the John who (or his son Thomas) married Elizabeth Burley, dau of Sir William Burley of Bromcroft.
  (A) Thomas Trussell of Billesley
  m. Joane
  (i) William Trussell of Billesley
m. Cicely Curson (dau of John Curson of Ketelston)
  (a) Avery (Addreis) Trussell of Billesley
  m. Margaret Fulwood (dau of Robert Fulwood of Tamworth)
  ((1)) John Trussell of Billesley
  m. Mary Grimston
  ((A)) Thomas Trussell of Billesley
  m. Dorothy Boughton
  ((B)) Margaret Trussell
  m1. Henry Cappe
  m2. Francis Cave of Leicestershire
  ((C)) Katherine Trussell
  m. Reynold Peckham of Kent
  ((D))+ other issue - Henry, George, Anne
  ((2)) Dorothy Trussell
  m. Adam Palmer
  ((3)) Mary Trussell
  m. John Gilthorps or Gelsthorp
  ((4)) Ciciley Trussell
  m. Giles Kempshe or Kempster
  ((5)) Ursula Trussell
  m. James Roche or Routh
  ((6)) Margaret Trussell
  m. Richard Waterman alias Dixon
((7))+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Henry, William, Edward, Anne
  (b) John Trussell of Cosshall, Nottinghamashire
  m. Bridget Marmion (dau of Henry Marmion of Nottinghamshire by Isabell, dau/heir of John Egerton)
  ((1)) William Trussell (2nd son)
  m. Catherine Ithell
  ((2)) Sara Trussell
  m. _ Ketlewood
  ((3)) Edith Trussell
m. Thomas Lewes
  ((4)) Mary Trussell
  m. John Holme ## possibly here ##
  ((5)) Joane Trussell
  m. John Squire of Staffordshire
  ((6)) Ursula Trussell
  m. Thomas Harecourt
  ((7)) Elizabeth Trussell
  m. John Harmer of Winchester
  ((8))+ other issue - Henry, Anne
  (ii) Thomas Trussell
  (iii) Margaret Trussell possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Fulwood of Clay Hall

Main source(s): Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Trussell), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Trussell)
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