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Families covered: Wedderburn in Dundee, Wedderburn of Easter Powrie, Wedderburn of Kingennie, Wedderburn of Wedderburn

The family appears to have taken its name from the lands of Wedderburn in Berwickshire. The original lands passed via an heiress into the Home family. The family reported below was, acording to BP1934, one of 4 families of the name that were established in or around Dundee, Forfarshire, by the early 15th century. BP1870 reports that the Alexander shown below as husband of Janet Myln was 'of Tofts' and reports his ancestry differently from what we show. BP1934, which we follow, suggests that he was of a different line altogether, starting with ...
Robert Wedderburn (d c1518)
m. Janet Froster (dau of David Froster in Methven)
1. James Wederburn of Dundee (d 1544, MP)
  A. Robert Wederburn
  m. Elspeth Scrymgeour
  i. Robert Wederburn (dsp)
  B. Edward Wederburn
  m. Janet Inglis
  i.+ 3 daughters
2. Robert Wedderburn (d 1575)
  m. Janet Kyd
  A. Alexander Wedderburn of Dundee (d 28.06.1585)
  m. Janet Myln (d 19.06.1588, dau of James Myln)
  i. Alexander Wedderburn of Kingennie (b 1561, d 1626)
  m. (1582) Helen Ramsay (dau of Alexander Ramsay)
a. Alexander Wedderburn of Kingennie (a 1627)
  (1) ?? Wedderburn
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (A) Alexander Wedderburn of Kingennie and Easter Powrie
  This is possibly the Alexander of Kingenny who married ...
  m(1). (mcrt 29.12.1643) Margaret Fothringham (dau of John Fothringham, 2nd of Pourie)
  He may also have been the Alexander of Easter Powrie who married his cousin (order of marriages unknown) ...
  m(2). Grizell Wedderburn (dau of Sir Alexander Wedderburn of Blackness)
  Noting the dates, Alexander (father of Magdalene, not sure by which wife) is presumed to have been father also of ...
  (i) ?? Wedderburn
  In 1708, Easter Powrie was erected into a barony called Wedderburn.
  (a) David Wedderburn of Kingennie and Wedderburn (dsps 1761)
(ii) Magdalene Wedderburn, heiress of Wedderburn
  m. John Scrymgeour of Kirkton, de jure 2nd Earl of Dundee (d 1698)
  b. James Wedderburn in Dundee (b 1589, d 1627)
  m. (1608) Margaret Goodman (dau of James Goodman of St. Fort)
  (1) Sir Alexander Wedderburn of Blackness (b 22.03.1610, d 18.11.1675)
  m. Matilda Fletcher (dau of James Fletcher, Provost of Dundee)
  (2) William Wedderburn (d unm)
(3) Sir Peter Wedderburn of Gosford (b 1612, d 11.11.1659, Lord of Session as Lord Gosford)
  m1. (01.02.1649) Christian Gibson
  m2. (1653) Agnes Dickson (dau of John Dickson of Hartree, judge)
  m3. (1677, sp) Elizabeth Goldman (widow of Robert Cheplane)
  c. Peter Wedderburn (dsp 1629)
  m. Helen Lovell
  d. Sir John Wedderburn (d unm 1627, physician to King Charles I and II)
  e. Elizabeth Wedderburn
  m1. Colin (or John or Alexander?) Campbell (dsp)
  m2. Dr. Peter Bruce of St. Andrews
  f. Magdalene Wedderburn
  m1. Rev. William Wedderburn (son of Alexander of Pittormie)
  m2. Sir George Haliburton (lord of session as Lord Fodderance)
  g. Margaret Wedderburn
  m. Thomas Haliburton
  h. Marjory Wedderburn
  m. Robert Carnegie of Leuchland
  i. Jean Wedderburn
  m. Thomas Boytter
  j. Elspeth Wedderburn
  m. Alexander Fotheringham
  ii. David Wedderburn (d 1631)
  m. Matild Betoun (dau of James Betoun)
  a.+ issue - David (b 1599, dsp), James (b 1601, dsp, Lt. Colonel), Alexander (b 1602. d 1616), Henry (b 1610, d young), daughters
  iii. Robert Wedderburn (d 30.11.1593)
  m. Elspet Lovell
  a. Alexander Wedderburn
  m. Janet Newton
  (1)+ 2 daughters
  b. Helen Wedderburn
  m. Andrew Boyd
  iv. James Wedderburn (dsp 1644)
  m. Christina Lovell
  v. Margaret Wedderburn
  m. Peter Clayhills
  vi. Katharine Wedderburn
  m1. William Duncan
  m2. William Ferguson
  vii.+ other issue (dsp) - Peter (d 1623), William (d 1603)
  B. Peter Wedderburn of Dundee had issue
  m. Margaret Kinloch
  C. Robert Wedderburn (b 1546, d 1611)
  m. Margaret Myln (dau of Robert Myln)
  i.+ 4 sons (dvpsp)
  D. Barbara Wedderburn
  m1. David Guthrie
  m2. Peter Imbrie
  E. Janet Wedderburn
  m. James Thompson
  F. Elizabeth Wedderburn
  m. John Coustoun
3. David Wedderburn
  A. William Wedderburn in Aberdeenshire
4. Alexander Wedderburn
  m. Isabel Anderson
  A. Patrick Wedderburn in Dublin (2nd son)
  i. ?? Wedderburn
  a. Andrew Wedderburn (dspms 1683)
  B.+ other issue - Richard (to Elsignor, Denmark), 3 daughters
5. George Wedderburn (dsp)
  m. Eufame Fowlair
6. Elizabeth Wedderburn (d 1571-2)
  m1. Alexander Lovell
  m2. Alexander Ogilvy, Provost of Dundee
  m3. Archibald Campbell
  m4. Patrick Lyon of Dundee

Main source(s): BP1934 (Wedderburn)
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